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Booby trapped!

Dealing with a refrigerator bandit at work can be frustrating!  One woman who was sick and tired of having a co-worker take regular nips from the milk bottle she stored in the office fridge got even by posting

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Coast Music Museum

Coast Music Museum for July 19

In this episode find out which heavyweight boxer is so superstitious that he continued a tradition for years believing it helped him win fights.

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The Outrageous Costumes of Comic-Con 2016

San Diego’s Comic-Con is lit this year. The annual convention saw fans of comics and entertainment dress-up as zombie Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, to an army of mad hatters. Costumes of Comic-Con 2016 Via rss.cnn.com Comic-Con,

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DNC Attendees Debate Superdelegate Question

The Democratic National Convention has opened up with an attempt to end the superdelegate system being squashed. Superdelegates are appointed by party leaders and vote for whoever they choose, regardless of who wins the presidential primary in

Attendance Up At Silver Beach This Summer

Attendance at Silver Beach County Park is up this year, especially when it comes to visitors who live outside of Berrien County. That’s according to Berrien County Parks Director Brian Bailey, who says through the end of

West Michigan Pike Named Pure Michigan Byway

The West Michigan Pike has been named a state Pure Michigan Byway. Pure Michigan byways are routes designated by Travel Michigan as ways that visitors can experience historically significant, culturally active and naturally beautiful areas of the