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Does Texas’ Restrictive Abortion Law Cause an Undue Burden on Women?


Forthe first time in a generation, a major abortion case is back at the Supreme Court with Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt. The question is does the current abortion law that Texas has, impose an undue burden on women seeking an abortion procedure? Women who have been unable to comply with the law say that it imposes an unconstitutional burden on women, which hinders their right to have the procedure.Texas’ state solicitor general says the law’s restrictions are meant to keep women safe. ... [Read Full Story]

Officer Killed on First Patrol


Ashley Guindon, 28, of the Prince William County Police Department was fatally shot Saturday in Woodbridge, Virginia, while answering a domestic call in which two other officers were wounded and the suspect’s wife was killed, county police Chief Steve Hudson said at a news conference on Sunday. One officer was still in critical condition, while the other officer was listed as stable.... [Read Full Story]

Trump Nabs Nevada


Donald Trump won the Republican presidential caucuses in Nevada on Tuesday night, according to the Associated Press, giving the billionaire businessman three straight wins in the race for the GOP nomination.... [Read Full Story]