Meet “Deck Your Desk” Week 2 Winner “Mr. Goodman”

Guidance Counselor Paul Goodman at River Valley High School was today's recipient of our bread+bar by Bit of Swiss Deck Your Desk contest, and boy was he surprised! His students from the yearbook class that nominated him said he deserves it for all the work he does to keep them on track. Mr. Goodman also just so happened to be Zack's High School Guidance Counselor too! 

His desk is now complete with lights, garland, ornaments, hot chocolate and a gift basket from Bread + Bar by Bit of Swiss. Nominate one of your coworkers for Deck Your Desk by clicking here.

Here are just some of the posts from the 20+ nominations we received about "Mr. Goodman!"

"Mr. Goodman always seems like a Grinch and I think that he would actually secretly love his desk being decked out for the holidays. He does so much for us and deserves to have some holiday cheer in his life."
"Mr. Goodman is one of the nicest and caring people you will ever meet. He is always there when you need him and saving people lots of trouble at his own expense. Although, he is a big Grinch when it comes to himself and the holidays. He could really use some cheer and fun this year!"
"Mr. Goodman needs holiday cheer for all the good he does for our school. It's in his name he is a good man."

"Not only does this man need some Christmas spirit, this desk decorating would be a very nice and christmasy way of saying thank you for all the things he does for every single student at River Valley. Mr. Goodman constantly walks through the hallways on a mission to talk to struggling student about grades, or instructing seniors on the perfect college application. He is also there for personal issues students may go through. He puts the whole student body before himself. Though he is a bit of a grinch, a decorated desk just might change that."