They say that everything has its price – and that includes social media “likes.”

It seems that a growing number of Millennials are so desperate for approval in the Instagram universe that they’re hiring consultants to help harvest more thumbs-up reactions. The service isn’t cheap. According to the New York Post, an initial consultation can run up to $150 per hour – with more fees payable if the results are good.

Consultants are usually either photographers or designers who pitch in to help Instagrammers draw attention to their projects or products, but some people just want to be more popular – and re-style themselves as a “brand” instead of just a person.

Melody Wilding, a Manhattan-based psychotherapist, warns against overdoing the branding and says, “Instagram could be gone tomorrow. Who would you be if you can’t say you’re so-and-so from Instagram? It’s important to know the answer to that question.”