Court Order Could Lead To Thousands Of Deportations

Thousands of undocumented immigrants are worried that their sign up information for President Obama’s “Dreamers” program now could get them deported. Last month’s Supreme Court decision striking down parts of the president’s executive action means a federal judge’s pending order for the release of 50,00 immigrants’ names and addresses still is a threat. The order could be upheld at an August 22 hearing. Thomas Saenz, with MALDEF, says the order affects only some of the millions who registered for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or ‘DACA’ program.

“One of the things that the president announced in November 2014 was that, instead of two-year terms for the DACA deferred action, there would be three-year terms,” Saenze said. “So, it relates to those who received three-year grants.”

US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas ordered the data released as one of several sanctions against U-S Justice Department attorneys in a Texas-led lawsuit targeting Obama’s program. Immigrants’ rights supporters say the Supreme Court’s June 23rd decision has increased the deportation risk for those on the list.