Berrien Health Department Offering Help To Quit Smoking

A new year is a good time to start over, and the Berrien County Health Department is hoping some smokers will take the plunge and kick the habit finally. Substance Abuse Prevention Supervisor Kerri Teachout tells WSJM News another Freedom from Smoking program begins next Tuesday. The sessions are for seven weeks

“It’s more like a group session, and we learn from each other, they learn from me, but they learn from each other,” Teachout said. “So, not only are they learning about themselves, but it’s also like their own little support group, as well. So, what one person might find helpful for them, they can share and the group might find helpful, too.”

Teachout says Freedom from Smoking aims to offer all possible resources to folks seeking to quit. She notes a multi-pronged approach works much better than trying to go cold turkey. To find out about signing up, call her at 927-5668.