90 Year Old’s Tips for Fighting Loneliness

90-year-old Derek Taylor of Manchester, England, had just lost his wife and then his sister passed away shortly after. Naturally, he was feeling very lonely. So, he decided to do something about it.

Derek started by writing down a list of ways to make himself less lonely. He eventually shared that list with the Manchester City Council, which put it in a leaflet about the city’s “Age-Friendly” outreach program.

Here’s the list, which, frankly, is good advice for anyone feeling lonely – regardless of age.

  1. Make an effort to make new friends.
  2. Join a hobbies club.
  3. Visit your local community or resource center and find out what’s available.
  4. Learn to use a computer at your local library.
  5. Seek help from your local social service.
  6. Consider taking a lodger or paying guest.
  7. Use you phone more often to contact people; don’t wait for people to contact you.
  8. Contact friends and relatives you haven’t spoken to recently.
  9. Make friends with your neighbors.
  10. Do volunteer work if you are able to.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about Derek, he took his own advice and joined some coffee clubs and made friends. He’s now participating in all sorts of local activities including gardening.