The Sarah Diaries: One Perfect Date

In my last blog I told you about being in a funk. it should be no surprise that during that time I had zero dates. Can you blame them though? Going out with someone who’s personality is that of Jane or Daria doesn’t exactly scream “good times ahead!” (Props if you got the name reference!)
The last date I was on was actually pretty perfect. It was the beginning of May, and it was easy. Conversation flowed, there was a physical attraction, but our long term goals didn’t match. The biggest part of his job requires being able to uproot and move as quickly as 13 weeks after arriving. Just long enough to get settled in, then pack up and off you go on the next great adventure!
Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic way to see the world, but wow! That’s a lot of packing and unpacking in a short amount of time, over and over and over…
It wasn’t just the job and moving, we were also at two different points in our life. He’s been married and has kids, I’ve been rocking the single world and am looking to settle down and start a family.
Oh, did I mention the location of the next move? It was between two places, Alaska and Arizona. Not to say a LDR can’t or wont work because I have many friends who it has and does! I’m just not the most confident person in them. And yes, before you ask, we did have a frank discussion about trying to make it work, would I move, etc… but both agreed it didn’t feel right.
We ended our date, and I went on my way. We texted a little after, but after a series of failed second date attempts, we stopped chatting. Honestly, I’m pretty ok with how it ended. All things considered, I don’t think I would have changed anything with him. I’m a believer that God put’s people in your life for various reasons, I think this one was to remind me I’m capable of actually having a good date.
Now to find another…