The Sarah Diaries: Case Of The Space Invader

Being the good daughter that I am, Saturday’s in May and June are devoted to the Farmers Market. Thankfully we only have to travel to South Bend, and not Chicago, but that 3am wake up is still rough!
Minus my mom to terrifying me when she fell off the back of our box truck and landed hard on the ground, it’s been a pretty standard run. Thankfully she’s ok, but wow, pretty positive she gave me a few silver hairs!
If you’ve read some of by blogs, you know I’m working on bettering myself health wise and finding Mr. Right. Well, personally, I’ve also made it no big secret that I want to be a mom someday. A couple of years ago I made up my mind that if in the 5 years I’m still rocking this single status, I’m going to move forward with having kids on my own. Not how I wanted to do it, but maybe that’s God’s plan all along?
This all leads me to my last day at the market – in the words of Sophia from Golden Girls – picture it, South Bend, I’m selling plants to the people. My moms friend steps up to me in our booth, pinches my cheek, neck, arm, stomach, and hip and proceeds to exclaim how she can see I’ve lost weight but I still have a way to go. Followed by “Knocked up yet?”
Excuse me?! What just happened? Someone entered my space, pinched me multiple times, gave me a back-handed compliment, and asked me, what?!
I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just walked away. Here I am, in a VERY a public place, she’s in her upper 70’s, and I’m both shocked and can feel my face/neck/chest turning red with anger. After calming down, I had to walk past her again, to which she leans over to me and says “You don’t need a man, adopt or go pick one out at a bank.” Right… something tells me it’s not that easy.
My mother assures me, she meant no harm, but I’m pretty positive there are rules or codes of conduct on things you just don’t do. All of the above being one of them.
Almost a month later, and I can laugh about it. Mainly I’m just thankful I wont have the pleasure of seeing her again any time soon.