Jonny & Meagan Mornings: Happy Headline – July 21, 2017

Family dogs save Child from a rattle snake 

A little girl in Idaho was saved from a rattlesnake by her family’s two loyal dogs.

Three-year-old Harper Bacon was outside with her father, Rodney, when their two dogs, Gracie and Trek, started acting strangely. Trek was actually nudging Harper away from an SUV parked in the driveway.

Neither Harper nor Rodney could figure out why the dogs were acting this way, until they realized the dogs had noticed a coiled rattlesnake nearby.

Rodney was able to get Harper safely inside and then planned to return to take care of the snake.

He was too late, though. Gracie had already attacked and killed the snake, getting bit in the process.

Gracie was treated at the vet and is now doing just fine, recovering, and happy as ever.

Rodney and the rest of the family are thankful for the awareness and bravery of Gracie and Trek that kept Harper safe from harm.