The Sarah Diaries: Being Confident Alone

When is the last time you did something solo? Not just a quick drive thru lunch, but really went out an enjoyed yourself, with only the company of you?
A few weeks ago I had plans to go out with friends, which fell through. I was almost completely ready when things were called off. After doing my hair, making my face pretty, and getting dressed, I decided why waste it and just sit at home – I’m going out! After trying to see if some other friends were up to joining, I ventured out solo.
Now, I eat lunch daily solo. Me, myself, the creatures at the park, or Cosita meowing or shooting me dirty looks. You’d think feeling confident and heading out on my own wouldn’t be a big deal. Wrong… I was terrified! Apparently adding humans to the mix totally changes my comfort level.
I sat in my driveway with the car running for a solid 20 minutes before putting it in drive and heading to St. Joe. I knew it was Steelhead weekend, what I didn’t expect was for every place I went, that I thought I could feel confident sitting solo for a beverage and a meal, being busier than expected.
I probably drove around for an hour trying to figure out where I was going and what I was going to do before finally making my mind up. It wasn’t a long trip out, only a few hours. but it was well worth it.
Would I do it again? Yes! I was surprised after the initial terror how confident and comfortable I felt. A wise woman once told me, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I think I’ll be making a few trips there throughout the year, hopefully you will too!