Senate Impeachment Trial: Trump Legal Team Rests Their Case

President Trump’s legal team rested its case on the final day of opening arguments in his impeachment trial. The White House team reiterated their arguments that the allegations by the House don’t rise to the level of impeachable offenses. They also said the president was well within his rights to delay military aid to Ukraine and justifiably skeptical about the country’s commitment to fighting corruption.

The arguments come amid reports of allegations by former national security adviser John Bolton. The New York Times reported that in his upcoming book, Bolton personally implicated Mr. Trump in a scheme to delay $391 million in military aid to Ukraine until the country pursued investigations into his political rivals.

The trial will now enter a question-and-answer phase over the next two days. Senators will be able to submit written questions to Chief Justice John Roberts, who will pose them to the president’s team or the House impeachment managers. 

Senate impeachment trial live updates: Trump legal team takes on Bolton allegations


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