“Bing Clawsby” – Furry Friends Friday – July 24

Berrien County Animal Control’s featured pet is Bing Clawsby:  Meet Bing Clawsby! He is one. cool. cat. This guy knows all the fine hang out spots (window seat anyone?) and all the snazzy cats to chill with. Someone please put a Stetson hat on this guy– he’s a charmer. Bing spends most of his time lounging (as cats of his stature often do) until the young kittens come out, then the real entertainment begins. We like to describe Bing as our resident kitten wrangler, taking even the most frightened kittens under his paw and teaching them all the smooth, slick tricks in the cat room. Bing is Neutered (don’t remind him) and a healthy 3-4 year old male. Take his neatness home today for a neat, crisp $20.  Please contact Berrien County Animal Control at 269-927-5648 to learn more about this hip cool cat, Bing Clawsby.”