Music News – Monday, August 24

The folklore album by Taylor Swift tops the Billboard chart for a fourth consecutive week.
She joins The Weeknd whose After Hours ruled the Billboard 200 for four weeks in April. No other albums this year have been as popular.
Taylor is the first woman to spend four weeks at number-one since Adele’s 25 album topped the charts for seven straight weeks. That happened five years ago.
Taylor’s Reputation and Lover albums did not have the sustained selling power like folklore has shown. (Billboard)

After failing to make the ballot in Wisconsin this week, Kanye West hasn’t given up hope in his run for President — and he’s given us an update on where he stands.
Kanye will appear as an independent on ballots in one-fifth of the country. Friday, he tweeted he would be present on ballots in “…Oklahoma, Arkansas, Vermont, West Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Minnesota, Tennessee and Virginia.”

Since most of us can’t go out to shows right now, OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder wants to bring shows to us — in a new concert docu-series he’s planning.
Ryan detailed the concept in an Instagram live chat, saying, “It’s the most famous venues in the world, which are now sitting dormant for the next 12 or 15 months. Basically I miss Unplugged, I miss MTV Behind the Music. I miss the concert experience, but it’s a different way with the stories behind the hits and songs that change your life.”
He added that there’s an upside for both artists and fans. “I’ve kind of Frankenstein’ed my version of that called One Night Only and the biggest artists in the world performing at whatever venue they choose, doing all their hits and being able to launch a new single, launch a new album off the back of each episode.”
There’s nothing set in stone yet, but Tedder says he’s been talking to a lot of executives about the idea.