Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, September 14

National Boss Employee Exchange Day: The day where employees do the work of the boss. Wait a minute, that already happens. Certainly there isn’t a boss coming down here to try to do a morning show…

It was a busy weekend on social media and entertainment as Mashable claims Avengers star Chris Evans accidentally posted a picture of his little Captain America on Instagram on Saturday. The picture was in a montage with others from his iPhone.

The latest trend to hit social media is sole tattoos … as in, sole-of-the-foot tattoos. These tattoos are basic block text on the bottom of the foot that read “MADE IN …” and whatever your home country is. If it sounds a little bizarre, you likely never owned a Barbie. Back in the early days, the iconic doll featured a stamp that read JAPAN on the bottom of her foot, and apparently that’s what sparked the tattoo trend. Cara Delevingne has been leading the way with sole tats on both feet. One foot reads BACON and the other says “MADE IN ENGLAND.” (Evoke)

Are someone’s food preferences a dating deal breaker? A new survey found that 22% of women wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who didn’t share their taste in food. 14% of all respondents said they would end a relationship if they weren’t compatible, food-wise. And 11% said a person’s food order on the first date would determine if there would be a second date. More than 50% said someone liking the same foods and flavors as them made them more attractive and 17% are so passionate about food that they would refuse to date someone with different tastes … even if they were a millionaire. And 30% said food was more important to them than sex. (SWNS)

The Recording Industry Association of America says vinyl record sales have outpaced CD sales so far in 2020. Over $232 million worth of albums have been sold compared to only $129 million worth of CDs.