The Hot 3 from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, September 15

Will, Honor Credit Union’s Cyber Security Analyst, explains what Phishing is all about, what to look for, and how to contact Honor if you’re not sure. Protect your money, and Honor is happy to help you!:

  • Different types of phishing and their goals:
    • Email Phishing: Most infamous of all phishing, usually attempting to steal passwords and get users to click on malicious links.
    • Phone/Text Phishing: Typically trying to get you to give them personal information or persuade you to give them money.
  • Best Defense against phishing or spam:
    • Don’t Engage with the Fraudsters: One of the common threads that all these phishing and spam messages have in common is attempting to get you to engage with the fraudster. If you don’t engage, their games can’t go any further.
    • UPS, Fedex, and USPS have been very popular to imitate lately due to the increased activity from the pandemic. If you get a text or email stating that you have some packages waiting or are delayed and you never set up text alerting or don’t have any packages coming, it’s more than likely a phishing text/email.
    • To report any activity like this you can at
  • If you have any questions regarding something you received that’s potential scam, give us a call or stop in and we’ll be happy to look it over.