Music News – Friday, January 7

Miley Cyrus tells Capital FM that she and Elton John have recorded a cover of Metallica’s ”Nothing Else Matters.” “I did a Metallica cover of ‘Nothing Else Matters’ featuring Elton John on piano, I’ve got Yo-Yo Ma, Chad Smith; so many all-stars in this band. I’m so excited about this collaboration. I mean, having Elton John and Metallica and me … I love when ingredients don’t quite fit,” she said. “Or it seems like a concoction that no one would ever put together, and you gotta have someone like [the song’s producer Andrew] Watt that will take that risk.”

Lindsey Buckingham tells Rolling Stone magazine that he is disappointed about the way things ended between him and Fleetwood Mac. “Am I heartbroken about not doing another tour with Fleetwood Mac? No, because I can see that there are many other areas to look into. But the one thing that does bother me and breaks my heart is we spent 43 years always finding a way to rise above our personal differences and our difficulties to pursue and articulate a higher truth. That is our legacy. That is what the songs are about. This is not the way you end something like this.”

Huey Lewis tells Classic Pop magazine that he never thought his band’s iconic “Sports” album would spawn a whopping six hit songs. “If you didn’t have a hit single, you didn’t exist, so we decided to produce ourselves in our own hometown, not in L.A. like everybody else, because we wanted to make those commercial decisions ourselves. We didn’t know we were going to have six [hits]! We just wanted one, but we also didn’t know if it was going to be a rocker or a ballad. If you listen to “Sports” now, it sounds like a record of its time – a collection of singles. That’s what the market demanded and that’s what we did. That’s probably the last ‘commercial’ decision we made, because after that record went ‘kaboom,’ we made a deal with ourselves that we’d only do things for creative reasons rather than financial ones, and haven’t done since. I’m proud of that.”