Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, January 12

Kiss a Ginger Day: A good day to give your favorite redhead a smooch … but only if you live with them, of course. Or you can always send them a virtual kiss …
National Hot Tea Day: A good day for a cuppa, as the English say.

Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s , now you don’t have to feel guilty when your dog stares at you as you eat a pint of ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s is introducing a line of treats for dogs called “Doggie Desserts.” The desserts come in little mini-cups and are made with a sunflower butter base. There are currently two flavors: Pontch’s Mix, made with peanut butter and pretzel swirls, and Rosie’s Batch, made with pumpkin and mini cookies. (Delish)

Is Dry January already over? We’re not even midway through the month, but folks are already giving up on their resolutions – including ditching alcohol for the month. But at least they haven’t totally abandoned their goal to drink less. Many are opting for a “Damp” month instead — which simply means cutting back on drinking instead of giving it up altogether for the month. (Insider)

Got brain fog? Go for a jog. A French study found that just a quick, 15-minute run will not only give you a boost in energy and happiness … but it will help you think more clearly and be more productive. (Quartz)

Do you love your slippers? Do you spend most of your day in your slippers? Then you’ll want to hear this … UK apparel company Bedroom Athletics is looking for a slipper tester to try out their new slippers. You’ll need to wear the slippers 12 hours a day, two days a month … for an entire year. And, of course you’ll have to provide feedback on the slippers. And for your hard “work” you’ll get $450 a month or $5,400 a year. The company is located in the UK, but it appears that anyone in the world can apply. You’ll just need to do it before January 31st. (Travel & Leisure)

For those of you who have a lot of success on dating apps, or know somebody who does, it seems you’re more likely to cheat. A new study found that people who do well on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are more likely to cheat on their partner because of “self-perceived desirability.” Yep, shockingly, people who think they are “all that” are more likely to cheat … (Science Direct)