The Happy Headline of the Day – Monday, March 8

In St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, Emily Ford recently made history by completing a 1,200-mile hike.
Back in December, Emily and her dog, Diggins, started walking the Ice Age Trail, which goes all across and up-and-down the state of Wisconsin — and became just the second person to do it in winter.
Not only that, Emily was the first female ever to pull off the feat.
She braved harsh elements — including some seriously cold temperatures — during the 69 days she was out there walking.
Emily admits there were times she was “kind of wishing the journey was over” but crossing the finish line was a huge victory.
Now that she’s completed the journey, Emily has returned to her home in Duluth, Minnesota, where she has plans to do nothing but rest and eat for a while. (KBJR-TV)