Music News – Thursday, April 15

Taylor Swift is famous for her gift-giving skills, which she showed off by sending a care package and personalized note to a fan who works as a nurse.
Britta Thomasson got the surprise package a few days after a local Georgia newspaper profiled her and mentioned her love of Taylor’s music. She put up a Facebook post showing photos of the goodies that Tay sent along, as well as of the note that came along with the stuff.
Tay’s note read, “Dear Britta, I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for serving on the front lines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others… I’ve sent you some cozy clothes for when you’re off duty I’ll be thinking about you, and forever grateful! Love, Taylor.”

Maroon 5’s Adam Levine tells that he wishes there were more bands in music right now. “I feel like there aren’t any bands anymore, you know? There’s no bands anymore, and I feel like they’re a dying breed. I mean, there still are plenty of bands. And maybe they’re not in the limelight quite as much, or in the pop limelight, but I wish there could be more of those around.”

NBC says Heart’s Ann Wilson is going to kick off this year’s NFL Draft on April 29th by performing the National Anthem.