Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, May 14

  • National Chicken Dance Day
  • National Decency Day
  • Shades Day

Did the pandemic change you? A new survey by Oracle found that 86% of respondents said the pandemic changed their personalities – for the better. Becoming more conscientious (40%) and open to new experiences (38%) were the most common personality changes, followed by being more agreeable (33%).

Not sure they needed a study to prove this … but it turns out that booze is an ice breaker that brings peoples closer together. Researchers from the University of Illinois found that when people were drinking, they got closer in physical proximity to others – even strangers.

Speaking of drinking … Now you can get your White Claw vacation going before you even get to your destination … Starting June 1st, United Airlines will offer White Claw hard seltzers for purchase on their flights over two hours. (Delish)

Speaking of hard seltzer … If a pickle-flavored hard seltzer has been missing from your life, do we have a dill for you … BrüMate is introducing “Afternoon Dillight Hard Pickle Seltzer.” The seltzers will hit shelves this summer, but if you want to stay up-to-date, you can join the “VIPickle list” at (USA Today)

I think we all KNOW it’s not a good way to start our day by hitting the snooze button a bunch of times.  But even hitting it twice could be a problem. According to a new study, if you stay in bed for just 14 minutes after your alarm goes off for the first time, it throws off your entire day. And since most snooze buttons give you nine minutes of peace until the alarm goes off again . . . that means if you hit it twice, you’ve already screwed up your day. The study also found the day when people hate waking up the most is Monday . . . and Tuesday came in second place.