Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, June 4

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  • Cheese Day
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  • Cognac Day
  • Fish and Chips Day

Stubble is sexy … as long as it’s the right kind of stubble. A study from New Zealand wanted to know what facial hair on men women found most attractive. The answer: Women found men with heavy stubble on their faces the most attractive. But not all stubble is equal – the women in the study found men with light stubble to be the least attractive. Men who were clean shaven and had full beards were found to be the second most attractive, according to the study. And this is interesting … men with beards were perceived to be better parents. (Best Life)

We’ve talked about “revenge bedtime procrastination” before … but as a refresher, it’s the phenomenon of staying up late looking at TikTok videos, scrolling through Twitter, playing Words With Friends, etc. – even though you’re tired – because you want to recapture some “me time” after a long day. Well, it seems the problem is getting worse – especially as many people working from home have been working more (and longer) hours. It seems the phenomenon has become so prevalent, experts have actually identified three components that must be present to qualify your behavior as “revenge bedtime procrastination”: 1) Staying up late has to reduce your total sleep time; 2) You can’t be up late for an external reason (like taking care of a baby or because you’re not feeling well); and 3) You have to understand that staying up late will lead to negative consequences. (Self)

They’re loving. They’re adorable. And it turns out that puppies can understand you from a very young age. A new study says that by eight weeks old, they’re willing and able to lock eyes with people they don’t know and take visual cues, like if you point to their food bowl. And they can do it without any training — which suggests that they are born with innate social skills. Maybe this explains why they’re just so stinkin’ irresistible … even when they pee on the rug. (NBC News)