Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, June 7

  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day
  • National VCR Day
  • Thank God It’s Monday Day: Time to turn things around and celebrate Mondays instead of dreading them

Well, this will get you running to a mirror. new study claims that people with large eye pupils are more intelligent than those with small pupils. Pupil size was monitored by an eye-tracking device while participants ran through different tests and activities. The people with larger pupils performed better in attention, memory, and reasoning tests, which the researchers think comes from better regulation of brain activity linked to intelligence and memory.

new survey found that 69% of respondents said they can’t sleep if they know there’s a bug in their home, and 60% have even gone so far as to say that they want to burn their home down if they came across a bug. And which bugs, in particular, do people hate? 39% said they can’t stand cockroaches, followed by spiders (37%), ants (29%), mosquitos (28%), termites (28%) and ticks (25%).

Next time you’re planning on a few summer cocktails, you may want to add some asparagus to your pre-drink routine. According to new research, asparagus may prevent hangovers and even protect your liver. Your pee may smell like asparagus all night – but it seems like a small price to pay for no hangover. (Well and Good)

There’s new hope for the overweight. On Friday the FDA approved a diabetes drug as a treatment for obesity. It’s called Wegovy and it contains a synthetic gut hormone that curbs appetite. Study participants using it lost 15-percent of their body weight when combined with diet and exercise. No word yet on the cost. More than one in three Americans are considered obese.