Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, June 29

Waffle Iron Day: A good day for some waffles.

As we all continue to dive deeply back into our pre-pandemic routines, a new survey found that nearly 70% of respondents said they are excited to:
  1. Return to my pre-pandemic morning routine — 42%
  2. Wear makeup again — 34%
  3. Chat with co-workers and friends in-person — 34%
  4. Return to daily commute — 33%
  5. Wear nice clothes again — 31%
It may sound strange that people wanted to get back to their daily commute, but the survey found that people wanted to be able to listen to their favorite radio and podcast shows in the car again and to just have that alone time.
What have people NOT missed?
  1. Small talk — 33%
  2. Looking presentable — 31%
  3. Movie theaters — 30%
  4. Crowded stores — 28%
  5. Traffic — 27%

Last year, it was hard to resist the urge to adopt a puppy during the pandemic — when people wanted the companionship and knew they’d be home for housebreaking. However, the training seemed to stop there — and that’s led to a population of pups with bad manners. According to Today, approximately 23 million households in America adopted dogs in 2020, but now that we’re returning to work, the dogs are in desperate need of behavior modification. Pet owners are being encouraged to enroll their dogs in obedience training, but they are also suggesting “enrichment” toys and activities that keep their brains and bodies engaged. And don’t forget dog-walking services to get your pet out and about while you slave away to provide kibble.

A vacation weekend is coming, and according to a new survey, it’s not just being on vacation that makes you happy – that joyful feeling starts about a week before you leave. 70% of people in the new survey said they get into vacation mode several days before they leave. And 10% said their vacation glow lasts up to a month after getting back from their trip. 54% said they felt lost if they didn’t have a vacation to look forward to and 70% said they need to book a vacation “now more than ever.”