The Happy Headline of the Day – Wednesday, July 21

Amir Durrani and his wife were flying out of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City for their honeymoon to Guam.
After passing through the airport’s TSA checkpoint, the couple decided to grab some coffee. But when they got to the coffee shop, something was wrong … The newlywed bride realized that the diamond was missing from her engagement ring.
The couple scrambled back to the checkpoint. The TSA staff did the best they could to find the diamond. No luck. It seemed that the diamond was lost forever.
Just five hours later, though, TSA Officer John Killian was standing at his supervisors’ podium and saw a sparkle. Sure enough. It was the diamond, on the floor, between the metal detector and the X-ray machine.
When Amir and his wife landed, there was a text message and voicemail announcing the good news.
Amir explained that their trip “went from a chaotic moment to one at peace,” all thanks to helpful TSA agents and one eagle-eyed supervisor who, literally, found a diamond in the rough. (WPIX-TV)