South Haven Considering Golf Cart Ordinance Changes


The South Haven City Council is considering banning golf carts from towing trailers, passenger carts or other items and will hold a public hearing on the changes on December 19. City Manager Kate Hosier says they are also proposing extending when golf carts can be driven.

“The new dates being proposed in the ordinance amendment would be from March 15 until November 15. We coincided that with the overnight parking restrictions,” says Hosier. “It extends it our approximately another month in each direction.”

The dates were not popular with people who spoke, however.

“You probably shouldn’t extend the timeline when they can be used. I think six months on, six months off is a nice balance,” said Mike Campbell.

Also against extending the times is Mary Housley, who said “what is it gonna take, another death and another lawsuit to show how bad the decision is? Are you not capable of recognizing how bad the roads are?”

Councilwoman Wendi Onuki said she prefers allowing golf carts from April 1 to October 30 as had been asked for by petitioners instead of March 15 until November 15. She and councilmember Jeff Arnold both voted no.