Video campaign shows Lakeshore Schools needs ahead of bond vote

What if every student, teacher and staff member spent their day focusing on education? What if they didn’t have to be distracted by facility issues or preventable technology challenges?

These are among the questions Lakeshore Public Schools is asking in a new video campaign to get voters on board with its $19.9 million bond proposal ahead of the May special election. The video details what will happen if the bond vote passes in May, and shows some of the structural deficiencies the 19.9 million dollar proposal would fix.

The district also posted a statement from new video on their website,  that details what will be happening if the bond vote passes in May:

The district also released a statement from Superintendent Greg Eding on Instagram:

The $19.9M bond would cover basic “priority needs” at all District buildings.  The focus would be on projects that need immediate attention and include:

  • Parking Lots, Drives, and Sidewalk
  • Sections of Roof Replacement
  • Broken Playground Equipment
  • Replacement of Original Windows, Doors, and Metal Siding
  • Replacement of Old Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation Systems
  • Electrical and Fire Alarm Upgrades
  • Replacement of Old and Broken Classroom Furnishings
  • Replacing Outdated Classroom Technology

“These mounting issues will have a deeper impact on education,” Eding said. “If you don’t act now, our costs will soar and many other areas will suffer, because funds will be moved to cover facility in capital expenses.

In other words, these problems will eventually create a negative impact on every child’s education – and this is where you come in.

Our district has a proud history of being grounded in tradition while being committed to excellence, excellence is something we always aim to achieve. We believe excellence covers all aspects of education – the academics, arts athletics, and even the facilities – because we know the physical learning environment makes a significant impact on a child’s education.”

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