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Billie Eilish takes issue with the “biggest artists in the world” selling “wasteful” vinyl variants

Disney/Chris Willard

When Billie Eilish‘s most recent album, Happier Than Ever, came out, she offered it in eight different vinyl versions, but all the vinyl was recycled, and the shrink wrap was made from sugarcane. That’s why Billie, who’s all about sustainability, has a problem with artists who go crazy with vinyl variants without thinking about the environmental impact.... [Read Full Story]

Nelly Furtado thinks it's “so cool” that she inspired Dua Lipa: “It makes me proud and happy”

Sami Drasin for ‘Euphoria’

Though Nelly Furtado hasn’t released an album in quite some time, her impact on other musicians is undeniable: Dua Lipa has said that discovering Nelly’s music when she was 6 years old made her want to be a pop star, while Drake and Lorde have also cited her as an influence. As you can imagine, Nelly’s pretty happy about that.... [Read Full Story]

Music notes: Mariah Carey, Rachel Platten and more


Mariah Carey is celebrating her 55th birthday — or, anniversary, as she calls it — in a new photo posted to Instagram. “Anniversary adventures commence,” Mariah captioned the photo of her smiling while relaxing on a boat. Friends Jennifer Hudson and Paris Hilton sent Mariah well wishes on her special day. “Happy anniversary, @mariahcarey! ‘Anytime you need a friend, I will be here!!! Love u!!!” Jennifer wrote on her IG Story, while Paris wrote, “Happy Birthday to an absolute icon @MariahCarey.”... [Read Full Story]

Music notes: Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift and more


Nick Jonas celebrated Holi with his family on Monday. Nick traveled to Noida, India, with his wife, Priyanka Chopra, and their daughter, Malti, to join in on holiday festivities and celebrate the beginning of spring. Both Nick and Priyanka posted photos of their family dressed in all white, while Priyanka included a video of the group dancing while covered in colorful powder. “Happy Holi!” Nick captioned his post, while Priyanka wrote, “Holi was lit.”... [Read Full Story]