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Ed Sheeran's Starbucks shift angers the union: “Straight up embarrassing”

ABC/Paula Lobo

At every stop on his Mathematics tour, Ed Sheeran has been popping into a local business and working behind the counter — from a hot dog joint in Chicago, to a Lego store in Bloomington, Minnesota, to a cheesesteak place in Philadelphia. But his most recent stunt — working at a Starbucks in Seattle — didn’t sit well with the members of the Starbucks union.... [Read Full Story]

Music notes: Pink, Jonas Brothers and more


Pink paid tribute to her late father, Jim Moore, on the second anniversary of his death. She posted a video of him playing with her son, Jameson, when he was a toddler. “I miss you, Dad. The kids do too,” she wrote. “Sometimes I hate how time flies. Sometimes I hate how we have to be funny in order to avoid the hurt. Today it isn’t funny. Today it just hurts.” She offered, “I hope you feel this love.”... [Read Full Story]

Music notes: Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and more


Dua Lipa‘s song from the Barbie soundtrack, “Dance The Night,” has become her fourth #1 hit back home in England. It’s the first time a British solo female artist has topped the U.K. chart in more than 12 months — the last artist to do it was Kate Bush, with her Stranger Things-powered throwback track “Running Up That Hill.”... [Read Full Story]