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The Sarah Diaries: Volume 1

At some point in my life, the majority of my friends have told me I need to start my own blog or podcast, simply saying “The craziest stuff happens to you, you need to share it!” Normally I just laugh, say it’s going in my book that will never be published or make a crack about how the majority of what I’d be posting or talking about is TOO embarrassing to share. Until that one fateful afternoon, as I was heading to the “other job” and Zack mentions how I “need to start blogging.” Okay… “They want to know you better!” Got it! “Once a week? More if you’d like?” Sure!... [Read Full Story]

Mariah’s New Train Wreck TV

For those of us who are fans of Reality TV, one of Pop’s biggest names and voices will be giving us an early Christmas gift!! Normally she’s singing about how badly she just wants you for Christmas, but this year all Mariah Carey wants for Christmas is…for you to watch her new reality series, which premieres in December.... [Read Full Story]

Lance Bass + LOGO + The Bachelor = !!

I will be the first one to admit, my guilty pleasure is all The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise related!  So, it should be any surprise that I’m BEYOND excited to hear that cable network LOGO just announced a new Bachelor-style dating reality series called Finding Prince Charming!... [Read Full Story]

X Ambassadors Adam Levin says band was broke before “Renegades” took off

”We were on tour, very broke. We were, like, four dudes eating ramen every night, taking turns putting gas in the car with our debit cards. I’m talking, like, seriously struggling, thinking we’re going to be dropped by our label. No one cares. Nothing’s happening. We had put out two EPs under Interscope and we’d had minor success with “Jungle,” but a big label like that wants to see sales and money, and it wasn’t happening and we didn’t know what we were doing. We had nothing planned for 2015. 2015 looked like it was going to have a lot of down time, which is terrible if you’re a band. Then in January, we were writing and working with [Grammy-award-winning producer] Alex da Kid, and we wrote “Renegades” and it got played in the Jeep commercial and everything just changed so fast. We were instantly on the road for the whole year.”... [Read Full Story]