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Get dad a bacon bouquet for Father’s Day

Not sure about you, but when it comes to buying gifts for my Dad, it’s never easy. He’s a pretty simple guy when it comes to tangible gifts so I struggle to find the right gift for him. One thing I do know that he loves, is BACON! Denny’s is offering a BACON BOUQUET for Father’s Day. All you have to do is place in order for at least $25 and then ask for the bacon bouquet and they’ll throw it in for free. Your Dad is going to be so grateful. Find more info HERE!... [Read Full Story]

FDA approves video game for treating ADHD in kids

Think your kid plays too many video games? Well, here’s one you actually might be okay with your kid playing more often. It’s the first time EVER the FDA has approved a digital therapy for improving ADHD symptoms. What’s this magical game you ask? It’s called EndeavorRx and it actually does require a prescription. It’s designed for kids ages 8 to 12 with certain symptoms of ADHD. Find out more HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Elon Musk is ‘a year away from creating Six Million Dollar Man device’

This is an incredible invention that Elon Musk is in the process of creating. He says he’s about a year out from the final product which is a 1-inch in diameter device to implant in the brain that he says will enable paralyzed people to walk. Talk about something out of the future here. Imagine how many people this will be able to help! Check out more of this story HERE!... [Read Full Story]

You could get paid to take virtual tours around the world

I don’t know about you, but I am going crazy not being able to travel. I like to try to plan a couple trips per year to explore new places which mainly involve a lot of hiking.  If you’ve been holding off on traveling, then here’s something to consider. The company Upgraded Points wants to pay you to take a virtual vacation. Where do I sign up!? Yes, I know it’s not quite the same as taking a real vacation but if you are chosen, you can use that money to save for a real vacation once things get back to a more normal feel. Find out more info HERE!... [Read Full Story]

People are listening to music more than ever!

Music is my go to for many different moods; whether I’m happy or feeling down, angry or needing to pump up for a workout! That seems to be the case as well for many people while they’ve been quarantining. Music is helping Americans so much during isolation, In fact, 81% say music has helped them cope through the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research. Want to know more on the benefits of music during this time? Check it out HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Sesame Street & CNN Will Be Co-Hosting a Special About Racism for Kids & Families

It’s unfortunate that we live in a world that is still dealing with issues like racism. This is something that shouldn’t even exist but there are still plenty of people out there in the world that refuse to change and make a difference. That’s why CNN & Sesame Street are co-hosting a special together this weekend that will reach families and kids to explain all that is happening to give kids a better understanding. Find out more info HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Portland’s Naked Bike Ride is Still Happening This Year

The World Naked Bike Ride happens every year in Portland, gathering thousands of cyclist who can choose to bare it all while biking through the city. If you’re thinking to yourself, ride my bike naked through a big city…are you kidding me?! Nope, I actually did it last year in Chicago’s Naked Bike Ride (not completely nude). It was a crazy experience but the cool thing is, it gets people’s attention and raises awareness about the environment and promotes body positivity. As I recall from last year, the cyclists were chanting, “Less Gas, More Ass.” Hilarious and a good message. Want to learn more about this crazy event? Check it out HERE... [Read Full Story]

Fallout Boy’s Got a New Cartoon Out

Fallout Boy’s guitarist, Joe Trohman, co-created a new YouTube series cartoon called Mondo Trasho 3042. Some of the other band mates helped with music and production so you know it has to have a lot of great creativity thrown into each episode. Check out the full 10-episode series on their YouTube channel.... [Read Full Story]

Live Streaming Concerts From Home

If you are missing the music scene right now, you’re not alone! Just because we’re all stuck at home though doesn’t mean the music isn’t still playing on. Live Nation has a large listen of artists who are doing live stream concerts for you to enjoy that you can check out HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Live Concert Right From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Since we’re not able to go to concerts right now and it may be awhile before we actually can, but a bunch of artists are getting together to perform for us. It’s been curated by Lady Gaga so you know it’s going to be good. It’s happening this Saturday so check out the link HERE to get a list of the full lineup…SPOILER ALERT: It’s going to be AWESOME!... [Read Full Story]

A New Jersey Woman Breaks Burpee World Record While Raising Money & Awareness For Daughter’s Disease

Gena Laielli is a 37-year-old mom of two in Somers Point, New Jersey. A couple months ago, she broke the women’s burpee world record  completing a whopping 5,332 burpees over one 12-hour period. That is waaaaay more than I think I could ever do and doing so in just a 12-hour period, is so impressive. I’d imagine this took months of training herself to get up to this point but she had a good reason to do this. She was raising money and awareness for her daughter who was born with the disease, Omphalocele. Check out more of her story and journey HERE.... [Read Full Story]

Food Storage Hacks to Stretch Those Groceries Out

I know that I definitely struggle with trying to use all my fresh food items in time especially while we’re trying to avoid going to the grocery store as often right now. If you’re similar with that, here are some food hacks you may want to try to in order to get the most out of all the groceries you purchase for the longest period of time. Check it out HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Been Nommin’ Away at All The Things During Quarantine? Don’t Fret!

PopSugar is a pretty awesome online resource for articles regarding your health. I even use their workout videos quite often for some extra motivation. They offer out some good advice too during this pandemic and that is to stop worrying about your weight right now. The blog asked a panel of experts and they all say that in these times of high stress, it’s important to be kind to ourselves and to give ourselves a break – which means we need to stop beating ourselves up about eating too much. Now, of course you probably shouldn’t binge eat every day but still, if you have an overeating kind of day…there’s always a new day tomorrow! Check out the article HERE!
... [Read Full Story]

Quarantine Food Calculator

If you’re struggling to figure out how much food you need to stock up on during your time in quarantine, check out this food calculator. It actually seems like it gives you a reasonable amount of the right foods to purchase in order to make it last for the time you need it to. Click HERE to try it for yourself!... [Read Full Story]

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne Cofounder, Dies of Coronavirus Complications

If you’re not familiar with Adam Schlesinger, he was a musician and songwriter highly regarded for his work. He was a member & the Co-Founder of the band Fountains of Wayne which you probably recall their hit song “Stacy’s Mom” back from 2003. He was also an Emmy-winning songwriter for The CW’s TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” I loved watching that show and to now find out that he was one of the writers for the songs created on that show, just makes me appreciate him even more than I already had. Unfortunately, he has died as a result of Coronavirus complications. He was 52 and he passed away Wednesday morning. He was divorced and is survived by two daughters. You can read more about his life and the impressive work he did HERE. R.I.P Adam.... [Read Full Story]

Unicorns Do Exist! In Pup Form

In honor of National Puppy Day yesterday, check out this sweet little puppy baby. Her name is Rae which is ear spelled backwards. She was born with one ear and fell critically ill after being born. Fortunately, some great veterinarians were able to save her life and they actually had to do some reconstructive surgery so now it looks like this little puppy is a unicorn because her ear is on top of her head. Check out this sweet baby HERE! She’s definitely not letting this hold her back!... [Read Full Story]

Spend Your Summer in NYC for Free!

Travelandleisure.com is trying to hook someone up this summer with a pretty sweet experience. The Alliance for Downtown New York is hiring an “explorer-in-chief” to live rent-free in Manhattan this summer. This job sounds pretty awesome too because it involves visiting tourist attractions, restaurants and documenting your adventures in New York. Who ever this lucky person is that will get the job will be provided a place to stay in the city from June to August, while being paid a monthly salary and expenses. You think you got what it takes? Well if it a go! Check out the link HERE!... [Read Full Story]

KFC Just Debuted A Brand New…Shoe?

KFC just recently debuted some new delicious Crocs at New York Fashion Week. The Crocs are the same style as you’re used to but they feature fried chicken images and the KFC brand red and white stripe. Each Croc has a fried chicken scented drumstick shoe charm attached to it which seems like that would get distracting but at least you can smell that tasty fried chicken all the time. The $60 limited edition Croc is going to be available for sale on Crocs.com this spring and you can check out what it looks like HERE! Ah, this is so weird!... [Read Full Story]

WINE ABOUT IT WEDNESDAYS – Texting & Hanging Out – JANUARY 15TH 2020

Do you ever try to hang out with friends/co-workers/your significant other and find that they just, for some reason…can’t seem to put their phone down while they’re hanging with you. Isn’t that just rude and kind of frustrating since you’re giving your time to them and it feels like that aren’t doing the same with you. Yeah, I have to pour myself a glass of wine…It’s time to let this out!... [Read Full Story]