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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, September 25

National Lobster Day
National Cooking Day
National Comic Book Day
National One Hit Wonder Day

According to WalletHub’s latest ranking of the Happiest States in America – which measured a bunch of factors in categories like “emotional and physical well-being,” “work environment,” and “community and environment” – Hawaii is the happiest state in the country, which is probably no surprise. West Virginia was ranked the least happy state. Michigan didn’t make either list of the happiest or least happy states, in case you were wondering.

This is interesting … Researchers in the U.S. and Denmark have found that fans of horror flicks, alien invasion movies and post-apocalyptic movies are coping better with the pandemic and experience less anxiety regarding COVID-19. (Study Finds)

Have you tried a weighted blanket? If you have a hard time sleeping, it might be worth a try. Researchers in Sweden found that weighted blankets not only led to better sleep for study participants, but they also had more energy during the day and had reduced levels of depression and stress. Researchers think the reason weighted blankets are so effective is because the pressure acts almost like a massage on your muscles and joints. (Best Life)

We’re heading into another weekend of NFL football and if you’ve ever wondered about the amount of money teams will lose because fans aren’t in the stands, just listen to this. For example, the Dallas Cowboys will lose $621 million in revenue this year, the New England Patriots will lose $315 million and the New York Giants will lose $262 million. For sure. Nobody’s crying in their beer for billionaire owners. But, you can almost surely bet that beer and hot dog prices will go up AGAIN when fans return to the stands in the future…

Have you been making the best of the pandemic at your workplace? Do things seem a bit slow, perhaps even more comfortable? If so, it might not compare to this: Three employees with New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority have been suspended without pay after officials discovered a secret, underground storage room in Grand Central Terminal that they had turned into their own man cave.
The MTA Inspector General says officials weren’t even aware there was a small room under Track 114 and were shocked to find their cozy little nook which included a fridge, a futon, exercise equipment, a microwave, and a flat-screen TV. The workers have been suspended pending further disciplinary actions. (WNBC-TV)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, September 24

National Punctuation Day: A good day to mind your periods, commas, question marks, semi-colons and more.
Remember Me Thursday: It’s a day to remember all the pets left in shelters that are waiting to be adopted.
Innergize Day: A day to take some time for yourself to relax, re-energize and focus on what makes you feel good.

Be honest … Are you addicted to online shopping, especially Amazon shopping? You’re not alone. A new survey found that 25% of respondents admitted that they are seriously addicted to online shopping. 82% of those surveyed said they like shopping online, because it’s easier to find what they want. And 53% said they get excited when their package arrives. In fact, the online shoppers surveyed said they look forward to their purchases arriving more than they do to their workday ending or video chatting with family and friends. And – no surprise — COVID has increased our online shopping habits. 52% said they’ve had more home deliveries in 2020 than in previous years. (SWNS)

Speaking of online shopping … Seems a lot of us have already started Christmas shopping. Why? We’re bored. A survey found that 50% of Americans have already started online shopping for the holidays, because they’re bored at home. 15% of those surveyed said they actually started their holiday shopping … in August. And no surprise – experts predict 48% of holiday shopping will be done online this year. (SWNS)

CBS says this year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop is going to be virtual because of the coronavirus. New York City plans to limit the number of people allowed in Times Square due to the virus and social distancing concerns

It appears that being financially well-off isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A new study has found that having lots of money has some downsides – particularly loneliness and lack of real relationships. Researchers at the University of Buffalo and Harvard Business School say the stress of being successful and constantly striving for more can actually cut you off from the world. It’s not that making money is bad – but when someone ties their self-worth to their financial success, and puts that above all else, they can become isolated.
“Feeling that pressure to achieve financial goals means we’re putting ourselves to work at the cost of spending time with loved ones, and it’s that lack of time spent with people close to us that’s associated with feeling lonely and disconnected,” adds Deborah Ward from the University of Buffalo.

WGN says Johnson & Johnson began testing a new coronavirus vaccine yesterday. Over 60,000 people have agreed to get a single dose shot to see if the vaccine works. But, CDC Director Robert Redfield tells Yahoo News that America may not be completely vaccinated until July. “I think that’s going to take us April, May, June, you know, possibly July, to get the entire American public completely vaccinated”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, September 23

National Dogs in Politics Day: A day to celebrate all the First Dogs that have lived at the White House.

How many times a day do you worry about your health? How often do you google your “symptoms”? A new survey has found that the average American has had 560 moments of worry about their health since the start of COVID-19. And two-thirds of those surveyed said that their immune health is a constant source of worry. 30% said they didn’t even know what the immune system did before coronavirus. Since the pandemic started, 80% of respondents said they are re-thinking their health priorities and 85% want to make their healthy lifestyle changes permanent. (SWNS)

Proof positive that social media challenges for the perfect photo or video are going too far, A woman in England fell out the passenger side window, onto a busy highway – while filming a Snapchat video. Police said it was “only by luck she wasn’t seriously injured or killed.” (Insider)

Researchers at Oxford University have concluded that people who live near a bar or pub are happier than those who don’t. They found that people who had a pub on their street that they frequented had a larger circle of friends and therefore a better social life. They also found that these people are less likely to get fall-down drunk … probably because it’s easier to fall down if you have a longer distance to walk instead of just down the street. (BroBible)

Yesterday, pre-orders for the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were offered by retailers and thousands of gamers got online — and got in line — to get one of the new systems when they become available this November. Not surprisingly, there were reports of sites crashing and people struggling to add the product to their online shopping cart. By the end of the day, the pre-orders were pretty much sold out.

Dr. Bill Lumsden works for a whisky distillery called Glenmorangie. Dr. Bill, whose official title is Director of Whisky Creation, developed a Scotch whisky that can be paired with cake. A Tale of Cake is a smooth, honeyed whisky, with hints of white chocolate and fruit flavors — and will be available in the United States starting October 1st. (Food & Wine)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, September 22

  • The first day of fall
  • Ice Cream Cone Day
  • World Rhino Day
  • Elephant Appreciation Day
  • Dear Diary Day

The holidays are coming … And in case you want to look like you did difficult yard work permanently, Gucci is selling grass stained jeans … for $770. You can also get some overalls that look you rolled around in the dirt … for $1,400. (In the Know)

Who are these people? If you had to choose between your dog and your phone, you wouldn’t have to even think, you’d choose your dog. Right? Right?! Well, maybe not. According to a survey from SimpleTexting, 40% of participants said they would choose to be separated from their dog for a month instead of having to give up their phone for a month. Even scarier, 44% of people surveyed said they would give up seeing their significant other for a month if it meant keeping their phone with them at all times. (People)

New research has found that there’s a link between eating too much at dinner and taking in more calories during the day and having a poorer diet overall. Seems it’s best to eat your bigger meals earlier in the day, and keep it light for dinner. (EurekAlert)

The world of the Jetsons may be here before we know it. Future Car says General Motors is exploring the possibility of manufacturing flying cars for an aerial taxi program. Hyundai and Uber are already working on a similar program. General Motors would most likely use a vertical takeoff and landing system with electric motors instead of jet engines. Taxis would only be able to fly short routes

Maybe it’s time to take your work outside … A new survey has found that office workers are more productive and in a better mood after spending time outdoors. Productivity improved by 45% after workers spent just a half-hour outside, and 63% said they felt better after spending time in fresh air. And this is interesting … 57% of managers surveyed said they thought their employees were more productive working from home. Because of that, 50% say they’re focusing on flexible schedules and encouraging staff to spend more time outside. (SWNS)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, September 21

TODAY IS: World Gratitude Day

The Sunday Blues are more like the Sunday Stress … A new survey found that people start to feel anxiety about the upcoming workweek at 3:58 p.m. on Sundays. 88% of respondents said they regularly feel anxiety on Sunday about what Monday morning will bring. The survey also revealed that a whole lot of us are working on the weekends – with the average worker doing about three hours of unpaid work on Saturdays and Sundays. 45% said they were looking at emails, 38% said they were going over presentations, and 31% said they made business calls over the weekend. And the survey found that people think about work and their jobs about six times a weekend.

Are you happier around your friends than your family? Don’t be embarrassed to admit it … because you are definitely not alone. A new study from Southern Methodist University found that people are happier when they’re with their friends than with their spouse or kids. In fact, the research found that people reported the lowest levels of happiness when they were with a significant other. Ouch. But there’s a pretty good reason for this: The study found that when people are with friends, it typically involves fun, social events. The time spent with family tends to involve less fun activities – like doing chores. So basically, it’s not so much who you are with – but what you’re doing.
The lesson in all of this – according to SMU psychology professor Nathan Hudson, is to make an effort to do fun things with family – not just with friends. “It’s important to create opportunities for positive experiences with romantic partners and children – and to really mentally savor those positive times. In contrast, family relationships that involve nothing but chores, housework, and childcare likely won’t predict a lot of happiness.”

IIamas May Hold Key To Beating Coronavirus: Raw Story says Stockholm, Sweden scientists are developing a coronavirus vaccine using llamas and alpacas. Dr. Gerald McInearney tells the website, “Camels, and alpacas and llamas and other animals from that family have special, small single-chain antibodies. Tiny antibodies they’ve proved can block Covid-19. We are very excited that we have something that’s very functional.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, September 18

National Cheeseburger Day
National POW/MIA Recognition Day

At what age do you think workers hit career burnout? 40s? 50s? 60s? Nope. It’s a lot sooner. According to a new study, workers are most likely to experience career burnout at the age of … 32. The research found that nearly a third of workers polled said they’ve felt overwhelming stress and exhaustion at some point during their careers. The reasons? 52% of respondents said it was because they tried to do too much, 58% blamed it on a long work hours, and 39% said it was not taking enough vacation days. Other reasons: Feeling like you always have to be “on” (47%) and pressure to go above and beyond in order to keep your job (37%). (SWNS)

Are virtual weddings here to stay? Seems many wedding planners think virtual weddings will continue even after the pandemic is over. “I think virtual will become a piece of every wedding in the future, even long past this pandemic,” said Samie Roberts, co-founder wedding streaming service LoveStream. “You always have a grandparent who isn’t able to make it, or a pregnant friend, or any of those things. I think that now that there’s a way to have a virtual piece of a wedding, it will become more of the norm.” (Insider)

The Aruba Tourism Authority is inviting people who are working from home to work from Aruba. They’ve launched something called the “One Happy Work-ation” program, allowing visitors to stay for up to three months. And, as an added bonus, Aruba is offering hotel packages which include special rates, complimentary WiFi and even all-inclusive food and beverage options.
Why not take them up on the offer? If you do it right, your boss will never know. (Travel + Leisure)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, September 17

  • Constitution Day

The Big Ten announced today that it will resume its football season on October 24th.
The conference initially cancelled football until the spring, but its Council of Presidents and Chancellors got together and decided to allow the league to play football this fall amid serious questions about COVID-19 testing and tracing, and concerns about myocarditis — an inflammation of the heart muscle which is believed to be a long term effect of the coronavirus.
The season will include eight games over eight weeks, with a Big Ten Championship Game scheduled for December 19th. (USA Today)

Getting ready to dive into a new TV series, but not sure how much time you’ll need to dedicate to binge the whole thing? There’s an app for that. Bingeclock crunched the numbers on 52 of the most popular shows, like The OfficeGame of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
It will take you just over four days to run watch all nine seasons of The Office or around three days to revisit Game of Thrones. You can binge Breaking Bad in 2 days and 14 hours. It will take just shy of 14 days to run through the backlog of Simpsons episodes. But if you’ve really got time on your hands, consider watching some soaps — you’ll need almost a year and a half to catch up on nearly 60 years of General Hospital reruns. (Stacker)

Curious what wine pairs well with a Taco Bell Chalupa? The answer is… a spicy Jalapeño Noir Red Wine. Apparently, the wine has wild strawberry, cherry and beetroot notes and pairs well with a Toasted Cheesy Chalupa. Unfortunately, the wine is only available at Taco Bell locations in Canada right now. But Windsor isn’t that far, right? (Delish)

Last week there was the story of the gender reveal party in California that sparked a wildfire that spread to more than 10,000 acres, and now there’s a new story of a gender reveal party gone bad. This time, a man in western Massachusetts accidentally shot himself in the crotch. Tom Cressotti and his wife, Kristin, each had a powder-filled canon they would pull. The color of the cartridge’s contents, blue powder or pink powder, would reveal the gender of their baby. Well, it seems Tim was holding the canon the wrong way – and shot himself in the groin with blue smoke. It’s a boy! A video of the event shows poor Tom on the ground, writhing in pain. (Insider)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, September 16

  • National Guacamole Day
  • National Play-Doh Day
  • National Stepfamily Day

If you’re one of the few that enjoys a bit of Black Friday deal Thanksgiving day shopping, Newsweek says Simon Malls plans to close all of their properties on Thanksgiving because of the coronavirus. They released a statement saying, “In these challenging times. We made the decision that we will not open on Thanksgiving Day, instead allowing our associates to spend the holiday with their loved ones.” The closest Simon properties to our area include University Park Mall in Mishawaka, and Lighthouse Place in Michigan City.

If you’re going on a first date, job interview, or anywhere you want to make a good impression, you may want to stay away from this one color … mustard yellow. According to a new poll, wearing the color yellow can instantly make you less attractive to people. 39% of men and 31% of women said yellow was among the least attractive colors. (Best Life)

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. No one could have expected a marriage between Pepsi and Red Lobster to create a new cocktail — a Mountain Dew margarita called the DEW-Garita. The cocktail is said to be made with a secret recipe and will be available at all Red Lobster restaurants by the end of the year. (People)

You don’t typically think of Pepsi as something to drink when you want to fall asleep, but the company is about to add a new water beverage to their drink lineup — and it’s specifically designed to be sipped before you go to sleep. Driftwell, which launches in December, contains L-theanine and magnesium, which are ingredients said to help you relax and de-stress before falling asleep. The drink, which only comes in one flavor right now — blackberry lavender — is sold in 7.5-ounce mini cans which, according to a PepsiCo spokesperson, is the perfect size for “hydrating before bedtime without requiring another trip to the bathroom.” (CNBC)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, September 15

  • National Tackle Kids Cancer Day
  • National Online Learning Day
  • National IT Professionals Day
  • National Linguine Day
  • National Double Cheeseburger Day
  • National Cheese Toast Day

Do you like cheeseburgers? Do you like making easy money? A gambling website has a unique and delicious opportunity for one very lucky burger lover., which is based in Amsterdam, wants to find the best cheeseburger in America — and is offering someone $500 to help them find it. In addition to $500, the winning applicant will be provided additional funds for travel and for the burgers, of course. Applications are being accepted now and a winner will be chosen on October 9th.

Cover hogs can make for some sleepless nights and even problems in your relationship. Well, there’s a simple solution to those blanket battles – separate bedding. In Europe, especially Scandinavian countries, using separate bedding is very common. Basically it’s just separate comforters for each person – and a shared fitted sheet. “When I make the suggestion — maybe use separate covers so they don’t fight over the covers — they kind of look at you quizzically, like it’s such an obvious thing to suggest, but it didn’t occur to them,” sleep specialist Dr. Rafael Pelayo tells Good Housekeeping. “It’s not a routine recommendation, but if somebody is telling me that they’re having concerns about one person moving too much or they’re uncomfortable in their bed because they’re fighting over covers, I suggest, why can’t you get two blankets? It seems to make sense.”

The Salvation Army is getting an early start on its annual holiday fundraiser and volunteers with bells and red kettles will be out as early as today.
The launch of the charity drive traditionally begins closer to Thanksgiving, but because of economic struggles due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Salvation Army decided place their iconic red kettles outside of stores today. But despite the much earlier start, the Salvation Army still expects a 50 percent drop in fundraising this year due to retail store closings, a coin shortage, and people carrying less cash.
The Salvation Army says it raised $126 million with its holiday drive last year. (PR  Newswire)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, September 14

National Boss Employee Exchange Day: The day where employees do the work of the boss. Wait a minute, that already happens. Certainly there isn’t a boss coming down here to try to do a morning show…

It was a busy weekend on social media and entertainment as Mashable claims Avengers star Chris Evans accidentally posted a picture of his little Captain America on Instagram on Saturday. The picture was in a montage with others from his iPhone.

The latest trend to hit social media is sole tattoos … as in, sole-of-the-foot tattoos. These tattoos are basic block text on the bottom of the foot that read “MADE IN …” and whatever your home country is. If it sounds a little bizarre, you likely never owned a Barbie. Back in the early days, the iconic doll featured a stamp that read JAPAN on the bottom of her foot, and apparently that’s what sparked the tattoo trend. Cara Delevingne has been leading the way with sole tats on both feet. One foot reads BACON and the other says “MADE IN ENGLAND.” (Evoke)

Are someone’s food preferences a dating deal breaker? A new survey found that 22% of women wouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who didn’t share their taste in food. 14% of all respondents said they would end a relationship if they weren’t compatible, food-wise. And 11% said a person’s food order on the first date would determine if there would be a second date. More than 50% said someone liking the same foods and flavors as them made them more attractive and 17% are so passionate about food that they would refuse to date someone with different tastes … even if they were a millionaire. And 30% said food was more important to them than sex. (SWNS)

The Recording Industry Association of America says vinyl record sales have outpaced CD sales so far in 2020. Over $232 million worth of albums have been sold compared to only $129 million worth of CDs.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – September 11

  • Patriot Day and National Day of Remembrance: In memory of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
  • National Make Your Bed Day: Make your bed – it sets the tone for your whole day.

We’ve all racked up a lot of streaming hours over the last several months, but the generation that streamed the most over the summer were Millennials. According to new research, the average person has watched 20 movies in the past two months — and 52% of respondents said they streamed more than they would in a normal summer. But the research found that 25- to 34-year-olds increased their streaming the most this summer — with the average respondent watching an additional four hours a day on top of what they were watching at the start of the pandemic in March. (SWNS)

If you’re feeling extra irritable today, it may be because you didn’t get enough sleep. A new study found that getting a lousy night of sleep can make you more prone to anger the next day. We could call it “SLANGRY!”
Speaking of sleep …
According to data from the CDC, more than a third of adults in the United States regularly get less than the recommended minimum seven hours of sleep a night — despite the fact that lack of sleep has been linked to health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. Research from the United Health Foundation (UHF) has found that Michigan clocks in at number six on the list with only 39% of adults sleeping less than seven hours a night. The top sleep-deprived state? Hawaii, with nearly 43% of the population getting less than 7 hours of sleep.

We all knew this was coming. Face Shields and masks have now become luxury fashion. On October 30th, Louis Vuitton will launch the LV Shield, a face shield featuring a Louis Vuitton monogrammed strap and golden studs engraved with the LV logo. A price hasn’t been set yet, but if it’s like other Louis Vuitton accessories, it won’t be cheap. (Vogue)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, September 9

National Teddy Bear Day

Was this the worst summer ever? Apparently not. A new Economist/YouGov poll found that despite COVID, pretty much no sports, and every typical summer activity either canceled or vastly different, only 16% of respondents said it was their “worst summer ever.” 30% described it as a “bad summer,” 38% said it was an “average summer,” and 14% said it was a “good summer.” Just 2% of respondents said it was the “best summer ever.”

Do you own a home? How far away is it from being finished? A new survey found that the average home is five years and five months away from being “finished.”
Here are the top projects people want to get done to consider their homes to be “done”:
  • Painting walls/ceilings
  • Fixing up the yard
  • Redecorating the den/living room
  • Redecorating bedroom(s)
  • Repainting the shed/fencing
  • Flooring
  • Getting new furniture and other home goods
  • Redoing the bathroom
  • Redoing the kitchen
  • Getting new windows/doors... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, September 8

National Another Look Unlimited Day: This day is observed every year on the day after Labor Day. It’s a day dedicated to looking around your house and getting rid of stuff you don’t need … kind of like a post-summer Spring Cleaning.

Quarantine 15 is affecting dogs too … It may seem like people are walking their dogs way more than usual, but according to a new survey by Banfield Pet Hospital, many pet owners say the pandemic has made their pets pudgier. “It’s too soon to tell if the COVID crisis has resulted in weight gain for the average pet,” said veterinarian Andrea Sanchez.  But of the pet owners surveyed, “33% said they thought their pet had gained weight — and it was especially dog owners.”
Boston-based dog walker Danielle deWildt, said she’s seen noticeable weight gain in the dogs she walks – especially those in the city. “They’ve put on so much weight that their bodies move like Jell-O,” Danielle said. “I can see the fat rolling on their bodies.” (Greenwich Time)

Are gender Reveal parties fun, tacky, or dangerous? A gender reveal party in Yucaipa, California, resulted in a massive fire that has burned more than 8,000 acres so far and has endangered more than 20,000 homes. The cause of the fire? A pyrotechnic device that emits colored smoke to show the baby’s gender. The device accidentally lit some nearby grass on fire. The family tried to put it out with water bottles but it quickly got out of control. (KTLA)

Does every day feel the same? It’s not just you. A new survey found that 62% of respondents said all their days feel the same – which is causing them to have difficulty focusing. 60% said they feel a general lack of energy during the day and more than half of those surveyed said the days are going by so fast that the always feel tired. But there’s a bright side. The survey found that people are making a point to do things to keep their minds active.

Anheuser-Busch developed a non-alcoholic “Dog Brew” — that quickly sold out. The brew is made of vegetables, herbs, spices, water and pork broth, designed to provide dogs with a nutritious snack that also helps their digestive system.
The stuff was such a hit that there’s currently a waiting list while more of the product is being produced. (WSPA-TV)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, September 4

National Lazy Moms Days: Moms are anything but lazy, but today is a good day for moms to relax and take some time to themselves.
National Chianti Day: A good day for mom to have some Chianti while being lazy.
National Wildlife Day: Maybe celebrate by watching Tiger King all over again.
National Macadamia Nut Day: A good day to make some macadamia nut cookies.

Wakanda Forever … Fans all over the world are still mourning the loss of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman and are looking for ways to honor him and the Marvel character he embodied. One idea is to bring a Wakanda-inspired attraction to Disney theme parks. Whoopi Goldberg even put out a call to action and said, “Dear people in charge of building NEW experiences at Disneyland and World, we don’t really need another Frozen land BUT what we could use is Wakanda. Please Disney World, Disneyland, PLEASE build in Chadwick Boseman’s name WAKANDA.” Sounds like a great idea. (Indie Wire)

You can’t escape pumpkin spice season … Krispy Kreme announced this week that they will have four new pumpkin spice flavored doughnuts to celebrate the season: Pumpkin Spice Original Glazed, Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut, Pumpkin Spice Original Filled Cheesecake Doughnut and Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Roll Doughnut. Wash it all down with a pumpkin spice coffee. (Woman’s Day)

Why should humans have all the pumpkin spice fun this season? Wüfers, an online dog treat company, just introduced their “Pup-kin Spice Box,” which is packed with pumpkin spice dog treats. According to the website, the treats are “locally baked” and the box includes “9 hand-decorated and wholesome dog cookies, based on the seasonal flavor we all know and love — pumpkin spice.” (People)

Many of us are craving the opportunity to hop on a plane and fly away to a relaxing destination. But is anyone actually craving airline food? Apparently so — and some airlines are accommodating them. Thai Airways, for example, has been selling their in-flight meals to those on the ground for a few months now. Airport workers can buy onboard meals from Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific airlines and for those yearning to get back to air travel, Australia’s Quantas is selling an $18 care package that includes business class PJs, packets of cookies, sleep masks, hand cream and more. (The Guardian)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, September 3

So, just how important is music in a relationship? A new survey found that two-thirds of respondents said that having bad taste in music is a relationship dealbreaker. (Best Life)

What’s in a name? Apparently, more money. A new study found that men and women with the names Andrew and Anna earned more money than people with other names. The second best names for financial success were Sam and Maria, followed by Alex and Laura in third, Christopher and Helen in fourth, and Darren and Sarah in fifth.
The worst names when it came to investment success? For men:  Ali, Rob, Dan, Chris, and Dominic. For women: Karen, Claire, Lisa, Jennifer, and Rachel. (Best Life)

Remember singing songs, toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories around the campfire? Well, things have changed. Seems those staples of camping have been replaced with streaming movies and scrolling through social media. A new survey found that 83% of campers and RV-ers take their gadgets and devices away with them. 41% said they couldn’t imagine being in the great outdoors without their phones. Even toasting marshmallows is a thing of the past. 60% of adults polled said they had cooked marshmallows over a fire, with just 40% of kids saying they have done so. Two-thirds of parents said they have built a fire compared to one-third of kids. And 37% of the parents surveyed said their kids find camping traditions like putting up a tent and sitting around a campfire to be boring. (SWNS)

A Nebraska man has a bone to pick with his city’s restaurants, and he wants local authorities to help him out — by making it illegal to sell “boneless chicken wings.”
Andrew Christensen showed up at a meeting of Lincoln’s city council, and stood up to speak during the “public comment” portion of the evening, saying he had an important issue to address. His complaint was about eateries that offer “boneless wings” on their menus.
Christensen laid out a number of reasons during his lengthy speech, saying “Number-one, nothing about boneless chicken wings actually come from the wing of a chicken. Number-two, boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders, which are already boneless. Number-three, we need to raise our children better. We need to teach them that the wing of a chicken is from a chicken, and it’s delicious.” (BroBible)
... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, September 2

National VJ Day: Recognizes Allied Forces’ victory over Japan during World War II.

Have you been eating more fruits and veggies and less meat these days? You are definitely not alone. A new survey found that 57% of respondents say they have been eating less meat and dairy since COVID began. 60% of those surveyed said they had been adopting a flexitarian diet (mostly vegetarian, but occasionally eating meat and fish). Why the shift? More than 50% of respondents said they were inspired to make healthier food choice, 42% said they wanted to eat fewer animal products and 39% said they wanted to live a more sustainable lifestyle. (SWNS)

Because it’s 2020 and everything is bizarre … You can now get Tiger King leopard print underwear for men and women … with Joe Exotic’s face emblazoned on the crotch. Even though he’s in jail, Joe Exotic teamed up with streetwear designer Odaingerous for the lingerie line named the “Revenge Collection.” A soft launch of the product back in May sold out in hours, earning more than $20,000 in online sales. If you’re interested, you can score yourself a pair of these briefs or bikinis on September 7th, the second anniversary of the Tiger King’s arrest. (NY Post)

In positive medical news: A new study by the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, in Perth, Australia, has found honeybee venom can kill breast cancer cells.
Researchers Ciara Duffy says, “We found that the venom (melittin) from honeybees is remarkably effective in killing some of these really aggressive breast cancer cells at concentrations that aren’t as damaging to normal cells. What melittin does is it actually enters the surface, or the plasma membrane, and forms holes or pores and it just causes the cell to die.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, September 1

  • National Tofu Day
  • National Letter Writing Day
  • Pink Cadillac Day

An unsurprising new survey has found that we’ve drinking a lot of wine lately – with rosé being the favorite over the last few months. 70% of those surveyed believe wine can help bring people together, both virtually and in-person. And according to the survey, 64% of respondents said they used their time during quarantine to learn more about wine.

A new survey found that 75% of respondents said they are their own worst critics – beating themselves up about everything from their appearance to decisions they’ve made. Those surveyed admitted that they are hard on themselves an average of six times a week. 85% said they dwell on their mistakes instead of moving on, and 78% lose sleep over mistakes they’ve made.
Here are the Top 10 Things People Are Hard on Themselves About:
  1. Decisions I’ve made.
  2. Things I’ve said/done before.
  3. How I look in pictures.
  4. How often I exercise.
  5. My weight, in general.
  6. Thinking about things I wish I’d said.
  7. Thinking about things I’ve never managed to do.
  8. Not pushing myself more often/at all.
  9. Comparing myself to others.
  10. Not being very productive. (SWNS)

Dogs rely on their owners much in the same way kids rely on their parents – and not just for food and shelter. Research has shown that both dogs and babies feel more secure about exploring when their parent is present. Experiments have shown that when a baby sees something scary, they rely on their parents’ reaction to see if everything is OK, and dogs do the same with their owners. (The Stacker)

You knew this was coming … You can now get a “Karen” mask for Halloween. Artist Jason Adcock created the scariest Karen mask you could imagine, complete with the bob hairstyle and angry “let me speak to your manager” face. The latex mask is handmade, so it’s likely to cost a bit more than your usual costume, but it might be worth it just to scare the pants off of friends and family. Be sure to wield your smartphone like a saber to complete the look. If you’re interested, check out Jason’s Instagram page and DM him for details. (Boing Boing)

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Do you suffer from nomophobia? Nomophobia is the fear of being without your smartphone — and a new study found that 90% of college students have this fear. Researchers found that nomophobia is also linked to unhealthy sleep habits. “We found that college students who experience more ‘nomophobia’ were also more likely to experience sleepiness and poorer sleep hygiene such as long naps and inconsistent bed and wake times,” said lead author Dr. Jennifer Peszka of Hendrix College in Arkansas.

A sanitation crew cleaning out a public vault toilet in Montana’s Flathead National Forest were surprised to find a “poop-soaked phone in the toilet tank, and even more surprised that it still worked.
The guys used a grabber to pull the phone out and cleaned it off. After letting it dry out for a couple of days they plugged it in and were shocked that it powered up. The screen was locked, but they were eventually able to bypass the passcode and left a voicemail for the phone’s owner with a callback number.
A woman called them back and said she knew she had dropped the phone down the toilet, but was shocked that they were actually able to get it out. The phone is now on its way back to its grateful owner. (KRTV-TV)

Sorry, New Jersey – your accent isn’t sexy. A new survey has found that the Jersey accent is the “least sexy” in the U.S. The sexiest accent? We’re looking at you Texas. The Texas accent was voted sexiest in the Big 7 Travel Survey.
Here are the Top 5 Sexiest Accents:
  1. Texas
  2. New York
  3. Boston
  4. Alabama
  5. Chicago
Here are the 5 Least Sexy Accents:
  1. New Jersey
  2. Long Island, New York
  3. Florida
  4. Minnesota
  5. Pittsburgh
... [Read Full Story]

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National Red Wine Day … It’s Friday – and in case you need another excuse to have some wine, today is a great day to have a glass or three of your favorite red.

Make your bed … How much of a turn-off is an unmade bed? According to a new survey, 40% of respondents said it would be a total turn-off to date someone who doesn’t make their bed. And if you don’t make your bed every day, here’s more incentive: The survey found that people who make their beds every day are having more sex during quarantine than those who don’t make their bed. And another reason to make your bed … 48% of the bed-makers surveyed said the quality of their sleep had increased – even during these uncertain times. 30% of non-bed-makers reported a decrease in the quality of their sleep. (SWNS)

2020 has been a very rough year for everybody … especially if your name happens to be Karen. The Karen meme really took off this year and is used to describe any middle-aged entitled woman or someone who complains and asks to speak to the manager. A recent poll in the UK found that 69% of people say they would never name their child Karen and would also be concerned about talking to someone named Karen. 6% say they wouldn’t even want to be matched up with a Karen on a dating site. And 18% of respondents said they would feel uneasy if their mother-in-law had the name. (Sky News)

So-long She Sheds … and goodbye Man Caves. Seems with lots of people working from home and lots of kids learning from home, the new trend in sheds is home office sheds. And people are willing to spend a boatload of cash on these backyard office/home school spaces. Studio Shed, a company based out of Boulder, Colorado, builds some impressive outdoor work spaces, which range in price from 10 grand to 30 grand. As of March, the company has seen 100% growth — thanks to the high demand for extra space that many people just don’t have in their home’s square footage. (Distractify)

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National Just Because Day … It’s a day to do something … just because. So do something today that you want to do … just because.

How hard would it be for you to give up all electronic devices for 48 hours? Do you think you could do it? How about for $1000? Satellite Internet, a Salt Lake City-based Internet provider, is offering people to take the “Digital Detox Challenge.” One randomly-selected applicant will be offered a cool grand to spend 48 hours living an RV parked at a U.S. national park without any Internet or phone service.
When the 48 hours are up, the newly digitally-detoxed winner will be provided an Internet hotspot so that they could post about their experience online. Applicants must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license. A winner will be selected on September 23rd.

Have a brew … with your favorite furry friend. This week, Busch announced that they have launched a line of non-alcoholic beers for dogs called Dog Brews. The 1- ounce cans, which are sold in 4 packs, have a bone broth base and are flavored with healthy pup ingredients like celery, basil, mint, turmeric, and ginger. And as an added incentive, for every case of Dog Brew sold, Busch will donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society, up to $50,000. It’s only available online — and for a limited time — so get your pup his very own brew before they’re sold out! (People)

The #LayOnYourToddlerChallenge is the latest TikTok trend, and while it sounds weird, just watching a few of the short videos will have you tearing up with major feels. Here’s how it works: Parents simply lay their head on their toddler’s lap while they are watching their favorite TV show and wait to see what happens. Sure, some toddlers are not happy about getting disrupted during Paw Patrol, but more often than not, your heart will absolutely melt when you see how much they love showing mom or dad affection. It’s a great reminder to simply stop and have a cuddle every once in a while. If you need a smile, it’s certainly the sweetest thing you’ll see all day. (GMA)

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Before COVID, lots of people thought that remote workers had it made. Now, people are beginning to understand the downsides of working from home. According to voters on, here are the Top 10 Worst Things About Working From Home:
  1. People not understanding that you actually work really hard.
  2. People thinking your life is one big vacation.
  3. All the distractions.
  4. Needing to master time management skills.
  5. Having to wait for a response to a simple question via e-mail.
  6. Missing out on co-worker interactions.
  7. It can be hard to get in touch with people.
  8. Feeling like you need to prove you’re being productive.
  9. Not being able to collaborate as easily.
  10. Having too little human interaction throughout the week.

You’ve got to wear a mask … why not match with your dog? Dog supplement company Goodboy is selling matching human face mask and dog bandana sets. For $33 a set, you and your favorite furry friend can look extra stylish on your daily walks. (People)

 The USDA has recalled Progresso Organic Chicken Noodle Soup because the cans do not contain chicken or noodles. The mislabeled cans contain meatballs and pasta and have a “best buy” date of “BestByMAY262022.” The USDA posted the recall after customer complaints.

American Girl is making dolls to honor COVID-19 heroes. American Girl asked fans to nominate people for their “Heroes with Heart” contest. The five winners are workers who have risked their lives during COVID-19. The dolls are: April, a paramedic; Laurent, a pilot; Sarah, a healthcare worker; Xavier, a grocery store worker; and Pam, a teacher. (Mental Floss)

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According to a new survey, more than one-in-five college students won’t be enrolling in college this fall.
We’ve already seen some problems with coronavirus-related shutdowns and movements to online-only learning on the campuses of Notre DameNorth Carolina and Penn State — among others.
In response to the uncertainty that we’re all dealing with, 22% of college students looking for a “normal” on-campus experience are choosing to sit the year out and try again in 2021. (MarketWatch)

Have you taken your dog for a walk today? In Germany, a law has been introduced that would make it mandatory for owners to take their dogs for walks at least twice a day – for a minimum of one hour (in total). The proposed “Dogs Act” also states that owners would not be able to leave dogs chained up or alone for an entire day and puppies would be required to have human companionship for at least four hours a day. Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner said in a recent interview, “Pets are not cuddly toys; their needs have to be taken into account.” If passed, the law could go into effect next year. (BBC)

Speaking of puppies … A group of puppies recently took a field trip to Sea World in San Diego. The park is closed, so the puppies were allowed to roam around and even get up close to the shark and dolphin enclosures. SeaWorld teamed up with Mission Bay Puppy Rescue and Pups’N Boots to organize the event, with the goal of raising awareness for adoption. You can see a video of the puppy field trip on Sea World San Diego’s Instagram. And if you want to adopt one of these adorable pups, go to Mission Bay Puppy Rescue. (Insider)

Have we actually found a hangover cure? We all have our own hangover “cures” – from eating a greasy breakfast to “sweating it out” with a workout, to popping Ibuprofen. But a study from Finland may have discovered what could potentially be a real cure. Researchers from the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland found that the amnio acid L-cysteine decreased hangover symptoms like nausea, headache, stress and anxiety. L-cysteine is found naturally in the human body and is also abundant in protein-rich foods. The amino acid is also sold as a dietary supplement. (Delish)

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Today is National Radio Day, a day where we celebrate all of you! The listeners who make radio popular. Thank you for listening and for supporting your free, local, community-focused radio stations.

Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, continues to do battle with a series of fires, many caused by lightning storms.
Since Sunday morning, an unusual barrage of lightning strikes in Northern and Central California, combined with extreme heat, have sparked hundreds of fires.
Over the last three days, state officials say there have been more than 10,000 lightning strikes in California. And as of Wednesday afternoon, California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has declared a state of emergency, said there were 367 major fires burning in the state. (Los Angeles Times)

For those of you who love tourist-trap locations like I do… The NY Daily News says a replica of the bar from the TV show ”Cheers” is closing its doors in Boston. The owner says the pandemic and high rent prices have killed his business.

This may be the biggest Zoom mishap yet … Forget people seeing you in your pajamas or having your kids or dogs disrupt a Zoom work call … A couple in Brazil has you all beat. Seems the frisky couple were caught getting busy during a Zoom call for Rio de Janeiro’s city council. Apparently one of the people on the call forgot to sign out before getting back to the bedroom action. Oops. (Insider)

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John Ratzenberger, better known as mailman Cliff Clavin on Cheers, thinks he knows how to save the U.S. Postal Service.
The actor detailed his plan in a Cameo video.
Ratzenberger said, “The post office is in a little bit of a pickle right now. It is certainly in the news, being bounced back-and-forth so I had an idea. Why not do all your Christmas shopping early at the Post Office store?”
He encouraged fans to use the money they would have spent on Christmas gifts to buy stamps and send that to their family members instead. He explained, “It’s easy to carry, easy to mail, easy to ship. And it’s worth something, and it’ll be worth something for a long time.”

The Girl Scouts announced that they are releasing a new cookie flavor in 2021. The Toast-Yay! is a French toast-flavored cookie iced with a maple syrup-flavored frosting. Toast Yay! cookies are already available in select areas and will go nationwide in January. (PRNewswire)

Reports are coming out of people complaining of eye irritation, tearing, and eye discomfort related to minty lip balms or even gum and breath mints while wearing a mask. According to doctors, the peppermint oil or menthol, depending on the product, will get trapped under the mask in a concentrated amount and migrate toward the eyes, causing irritation. When mint can dissipate in the open air, it’s no big deal, but when it’s concentrated under your mask and makes its way to the delicate eye area through the space between your nose and the top of the mask it can result in red, irritated, itchy, and watery eyes. You don’t want to be touching your face or your eyes when you are out and about in a pandemic — so skip the minty stuff when you’re wearing a mask. (Women’s Health)

Residents of a town in Switzerland were shocked earlier this week when it suddenly started raining chocolate outside.
A ventilation system at a nearby Lindt chocolate factory malfunctioned and started blowing cocoa powder all over town, leaving a brown dusting on the ground and on cars. The company insisted that the cocoa dust posed no health risks to residents and offered to pay for any cleanup. The ventilation system was eventually fixed and production resumed. (USA Today)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, August 18

Highly trending last night and this morning on Twitter is Michelle Obama: The former first lady gave an impassioned speech on the first night of the Democratic National Convention. The convention isn’t actually a convention this year at all, as all of the speakers taped their speeches individually safe at home.

Also trending is Google Meet. The videoconferencing service has been under fire for being slow and sometimes dropping out completely for some users during meetings, conferences or video learning. Google says they will be beefing up the service and capacity of the popular service.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the largest schools to attempt to bring students on campus for in-person learning, said Monday that it will shift to all-remote classes for undergraduates after testing has shown the spread of COVID-19 on campus.
The decision comes just a week after classes started for 30,000 students at the university, as 177 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed out of the hundreds of students tested. Another 349 will be quarantined both on and off campus after they were possibly exposed to the virus.
The order for remote-teaching for undergrads will go into effect today and the school will allows students to vacate campus dorms without economic penalties. (The Washington Post)

Because it’s Pinot Noir Day – and it’s 2020 … You can now get a shower wine glass holder – with a Bluetooth speaker. It even has a built-in microphone – so you can call your friends while you’re singing in the shower. (Pop Sugar)

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Northern California has unfortunately been suffering from some wildfires lately. But one fire got a lot worse recently with a phenomenon known as a FIRE TORNADO. The New York Times says fire tornadoes spawn in a combination of extreme heat from fire, turbulent winds and uneven terrain, according to meteorologists. No thanks!

Who says hard seltzers are only for summer? Just in time for Pumpkin Spice Season, VIVE hard seltzer is releasing a Pumpkin Spice flavor. (PRNewswire) Not to be outdone, Delish magazine says Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts have hit store shelves. A box of eight sells for $3.68. Pop-Tarts launched their pumpkin pie pastries early this year because of the Pumpkin Spice craze.

You’d think that these days – where no one is going, well, anywhere — FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, wouldn’t be a thing. But according to experts, FOMO hasn’t gone away – it’s just changed. Instead of looking at other’s people’s vacation pics from exotic locations and feeling terrible about yourself, now people are looking at pics of people doing amazing things during their time at home – while they’re just sitting on the couch. “It’s shape-shifted,” says Jennifer Wolkin, a New York-based neuropsychologist, “It might not be looking at pictures of someone’s vacation or their parasailing trip or swimming with dolphins. It now becomes ‘They’re making sourdough starters,’ and ‘They’re going for a hike in these woods with their family, and I’m just on the couch and doing nothing and surviving and trying to find my breath.'” (USA Today)

Speaking of FOMO … There’s a company in Southern California that will set up a picture-perfect beach picnic for you. Bliss Beach will create the Insta-perfect beach day for you – with pillows, lounge chairs, a table, umbrella, cooler … everything you need for ultimate relaxation. No more schlepping all your stuff to the sand – just show up and it’s all there. (Travel & Leisure)

Fox News says the oldest person in the United States turned 116 on Saturday. Hester Ford has 12 children, 50 grandchildren and 120 great-grandkids. She credits her long life to family and a strong faith in God.

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KTVE says an inexpensive head lice medication is showing positive results in treating the coronavirus. Doctors in West Monroe, Louisiana have been treating patients with Ivermectin. They say the patients were in bad shape before taking the medication, but quickly improved after several doses. Doctors say Ivermectin may remove the virus from the body. Doctors have yet to see any side effects.
The FDA says, “People should not take any form of Ivermectin unless it has been prescribed to them by a licensed health care provider and is obtained through a legitimate source.”

For those of you hoping we’ll have an NFL season with healthy players that follow quarantine orders so they can play, think again. Real says the Seattle Seahawks recently cut a rookie player after he was caught on video trying to sneak a woman into the team hotel. She was wearing Seahawks apparel in an attempt to disguise herself as a player. The team says the unnamed rookie cornerback put the other players at risk because of the coronavirus.

WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids says a family was recently boating off the coast of Grand Haven on Lake Michigan when they found a dog swimming four miles from shore. The family used a pole to bring the dog into their boat. They took her to a veterinarian, who scanned her microchip and reunited her with her owners.