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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, May 7

  • No Pants Day
  • Cosmopolitan Day: This day celebrates that classic cocktail of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice — served in a Martini glass. Cheers!
  • Sunday is Mother’s Day

Still don’t know what to get mom this year? Here’s an easy one – that she’ll definitely appreciate … check something off her to-do list. Let mom take a nap … or get a pedicure … or whatever she wants to do, while you take care of that errand or chore for her. (Washington Post)

And, while you’re picking up a card, gift, and flowers for Mother’s Day, you may want to take a moment to reach out to those who may be struggling on this holiday. Whether it’s a single dad who plays the role of both parents, someone whose mother has passed away, or a hopeful mom-to-be who has experienced miscarriage or infertility, there is a sentiment for that. The Skimm has found several greeting cards that offer either heartfelt or tongue-in-cheek messages. Included among them are cards that remind the receiver that they aren’t alone, that wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Dad, and for your thicker-skinned friend, a card that apologizes for their uterus being a jerk.

How Often Are You Showering These Days? COVID changed a lot of things – including how often we shower, apparently. Before the pandemic, Robin Harper, who works at a preschool on Martha’s Vineyard, showered every day. But when coronavirus kept her inside and away from others, she started showering once a week. And even though she is back at work, she is not back to her regular showering schedule. “Don’t get me wrong,” Robin said. “I like showers. But it’s one thing off my plate. I’m a mom. I work full-time, and it’s one less thing I have to do.”
She is not alone. Heather Whaley, a writer in Redding, Connecticut, told the New York Times that she started showering less when she went into lockdown. “Do I need to? Do I want to?” she said. “The act of taking a shower became less a matter of function and more of a matter of doing something for myself that I enjoyed.”

According to a new study out of Germany, being touched by a humanoid robot makes people happier. Researchers found that touching is so important and powerful that people aren’t terribly picky about who’s doing the touching. Stress, depression and anxiety can be reduced with simple physical interactions with machines. And, looking forward, there might be a way to create robots that fulfill the roles of therapists, personal trainers, and even life coaches. (AZORobotics)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, May 6

  • National Nurses Day: A day to honor these hardworking heroes …
  • National Beverage Day: A good day to kick back with your favorite beverage. Maybe buy a nurse a drink?

Couples have definitely spent a lot more time together in the last year – and it seems the majority really liked it. In fact, a recent survey found that 68% said they have “adored” spending more time with their partner over the last year. Even more interesting — 24% said they are worried about getting separation anxiety from their partner when things get back to normal. And it seems that spending all that time together has strengthened relationships – with 60% of couples saying it has confirmed that they are perfect for each other.
Here are some of the things couples really enjoyed getting to do together over the last year:
  1. Going on walks – 46%
  2. Talking – 40%
  3. Eating lunch together – 37%
  4. Streaming shows – 37%
  5. Gardening – 32%
  6. Being able to help each other – 30%
  7. Sleeping in – 24%
  8. Waking up together every morning – 24%
  9. Doing DIY projects — 23%
  10. Sharing problems – 23%

A new survey found that we think really highly of ourselves. 46% of respondents said they are the best person they know. Men were more likely to think highly of themselves than women (86% vs. 67%).

If you’ve wanted to celebrate getting your COVID vaccine jab by going out for a celebratory drink, go ahead – it’s actually good for you. A survey published in the New York Times says that moderate drinking post-jab isn’t likely to hurt. In fact, some studies have even found that over the longer term, small or moderate amounts of alcohol might actually benefit the immune system by reducing inflammation.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released data that showed, of course, that there were big drops in cosmetic procedures in 2020 due to COVID. Their findings found that despite the drop, procedures like Botox and fillers remained popular. But this is surprising … Seems the biggest increase in cosmetic surgery in the last year was for butt implants. Apparently working from home and spending so much time sitting left people with the dreaded “pancake butt” and wanting a little lift in their behinds. (Bloomberg)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, May 5

  • National Hoagie Day
It’s also Cinco de Mayo . . . and it’s really the first party holiday since huge numbers of people got the vaccine.  So I’m thinking LOTS of people are going to want to live it up today . . . even if they don’t know WHY they’re living it up.
A survey just asked people what Cinco de Mayo is actually about.  And only 10% of people knew the correct answer:  Celebrating a major Mexican battle win.  The victory was over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.
39% of people thought Cinco de Mayo was Mexico’s Independence Day . . . 26% thought it was just a general celebration of Mexican-American culture . . . 13% admitted they had no idea . . . and 13% said it’s, quote, “an excuse to drink.”
The survey also found almost three-quarters of Americans said they planned to do something to celebrate.
59% will eat Mexican food . . . 32% will drink margaritas . . . 17% will drink Mexican beer . . . 14% will go to a party . . . and 8% will go to a bar.
And finally, 8% of people say they’re going to use today to read up on Mexican history.

Do you pets have more friends than you do? A new survey of pet owners found that more than 50% say their dog has more friends than they do — and 66% believe their dog has a “better social life” than they do. 57% said that their friends and family are more excited to see their dog than them. And your dog is definitely more popular with your co-workers. 63% of those surveyed said their pup is the “uncontested star” of their Zoom calls.

There’s no question that streaming services like Netflix helped us get through the last year. What would we have done with all those shows to watch and characters to care about? But what happens when you finish binge-ing a series you really loved? Do you get a little sad that it’s over? How about when you loved a season of a show and were anxiously awaiting the next season, only to find out the show has been canceled?
There’s even a name for it: PSD (Post-Series Depression). It’s defined as “the sadness felt after reading or watching a really long series or story. The bitter feeling when you know the journey is over, but you don’t want it to end. (Urban Dictionary)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, May 4

  • Star Wars Day: May the 4th be with you.
  • Renewal Day: It’s a day for new beginnings …
  • Teacher Appreciation Day: A good day to show some love for teachers.

Tired of being rushed out of restaurants before you’re ready? That might be a thing of the past, thanks to one New York City place that’s encouraging people to stay all day – and bring their laptops, too! Kindred, in Manhattan’s East Village, cooked up a plan to bring back customers after the pandemic lull. For $25-per day, per person, you get an all-day table reservation and WiFi — plus unlimited coffee, cold brew and tea. Food is extra, and you can even stick around for happy hour – if you buy a beverage. (New York Post)

Not all pets can be taken outside for a walk or a drive in the car, but one Japanese company has created a new carrier that will allow fish-owners to do just that. The Ma Corporation has designed the “katsugyo bag.”  It’s a portable, tube-shaped fish tank with a handle so you can carry your fish on a walk through the park. Or, you can take your fresh catch home alive from the lake. The carrier is more than just a portable fish tank. It also has an oxygen gauge and a device that delivers food to the little swimmer. The katsugyo bag isn’t available for sale yet, but it’s already gaining a lot of interest in Japan. (Oddity Central)

Well, this is … gross. A new survey out of the UK found that 30% of respondents said they only washed their sheets … once or twice a year. No joke. FYI: You’re supposed to wash them at least once a week. (Best Life)

When you see someone yawn, it tends to make YOU want to yawn, right? Well, a new study found the same thing also happens with our PHONES. Researchers in Italy wanted to see how many people would check their phone if they saw someone else check theirs.  So they tried it with 184 people who didn’t know they were being watched. And HALF of them picked up their own phone within 30 seconds. My first question was . . . well, don’t a lot of us check our phone every 30 seconds now anyway?  But when people in the study didn’t see someone check their phone, less than 1% picked their own phone up. It’s a phenomenon called the “chameleon effect.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, May 3

Today is National Paranormal Day, so if your walls start bleeding or your kid starts saying things in a flat, creepy voice, don’t say I didn’t warn you. In a new survey in honor of the holiday . . .
1.  80% of Americans say they believe in ghosts.  That includes 45% who believe but have never seen one . . . and 35% who believe BECAUSE they’ve seen one.
2.  90% of people say they’re scared of paranormal activities.
3.  12% think the U.S. government knows more about aliens than it’s revealing.
4.  And 4% think they live in a haunted house.  (National Today

A lot of people got green thumbs during the pandemic … A new survey found that 52% of respondents invested in new plants and garden upgrades over the last year. I was definitely one of those people. I think I’ve purchased at least one new plant a week in April…

A hard seltzer brand wants to make lemonade – out of your lemon of a car. Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer wants you to send them pics of your lemon of a car. The person with the worst lemon could win $25,000 to put toward a new car – as well as a year’s worth of Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer. Check out the Vizzy website for more details. (Delish)

Red Lobster wants to make students’ prom extra cheesy this year … by turning their Cheddar Bay biscuits into a matching Cheddar Bay biscuit corsage and boutonniere. No joke. They even have instructions on Twitter for how to do it, in case you’re realllly interested. (Food & Wine)

Have you been thinking about a social media detox? How about if you got paid to do it? According to research by HowNow, a learning platform, the average person spends 58 minutes a day on Instagram. Well, they want people to use that time to learn something new instead. The company is recruiting three people to replace their social media time with learning a new skill of their choosing. And they’ll pay the people selected $692 a month for three months to do it. “Instead of scrolling, the successful candidates will dedicate that time to their new chosen skill, in an attempt to find out what can be learned when social media use is reduced or replaced,” HowNow said a statement. Find out more here. (Travel & Leisure)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, April 30


Today is National Honesty Day.  And we’re gonna celebrate it the right way:  With a survey where clearly a ton of people lied.  The survey asked people how often they tell lies. And the top answer is . . . NEVER.  27% of people say they never lie.  That is a lie. 18% of people say they lie once a year or less.  That’s also a lie.  And another 18% say they lie a couple of times a month. On the other end of things, 6% of people say they tell around one lie a day, and 6% say they tell a bunch of lies every day. The survey also found 3% of people say they’re compulsive liars.

Listen up smokers, you’re about to have one less option. The feds made it official…moving to ban menthol cigarettes today. They’re also planning to scrap flavored cigars. They’re trying to make smoking less appealing to kids – besides, the stuff in menthols is basically poison. Shelves won’t be empty for a while; the rule change could take years to kick in.

It’s amazing most of us go half our life stressing about this stuff:  Someone asked 2,000 people aged 55 and up when they finally stopped worrying about what other people think of them.  And the average is 46 years old.
They also asked about work, relationships, and looks.  Here’s what people said . . .
1.  We finally feel okay about our appearance in our mid-30’s.  For men, it’s 34.  For women, 36.
2.  The average person feels settled in and okay about their relationship at 37.
3.  We don’t truly feel good about our career until we hit 40.
4.  In general, we feel comfortable in our own skin at age 42.
5.  We don’t feel like we can really speak our mind until our early-to-mid 40’s.  For men, it’s 40.  For women, 45.
6.  We finally start to relax about finances at age 50.
They also asked about life events that make your more confident.  The top five are becoming a parent . . . getting married . . . retiring . . . traveling . . . and getting your driver’s license.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, April 29

  • International Dance Day: A good day to show off your dance moves.
  • World Wish Day: A good day to make a wish.

Hey, guys, it’s time to ditch the large logo t-shirt – in particular, the designer brand large logo shirt from fashion designers like Gucci and Ralph Lauren. A new study from the University of Michigan found that guys wearing those kind of shirts were perceived as more likely to cheat, less interested in long-term relationships, and less interested in becoming a parent. Small logo shirts – think that tiny polo player in the corner — had the opposite effect. Guys wearing those were seen as more trustworthy and reliable. (Best Life)

The hottest new fashion trend on TikTok is infinity jewelry. If you’ve never heard of it, getting “zapped,” as infinity jewelers call it, is basically having a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, literally welded onto you so that it has no clasp — making it impossible to take off unless you break it or cut it off. Usually the pieces are delicate, thin chains — subtle enough to be worn or layered with the rest of your jewelry. It’s definitely a cool idea to mark a significant milestone, or just because. The problem is, not many jewelers do it so it requires research and possibly travel, and it will definitely cost you. (Pop Sugar)

Have you missed your Hallmark Christmas movies? Never fear – they’ll be back soon. Hallmark has decided to start running holiday movies year-round starting in May. Every Thursday and Friday night on both Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, you can watch a Christmas movie. In case you need some pre-Christmas spirit in July. (BHG)

There’s no amount of social distancing that can keep us from our one true love:  Talking about other people when they’re not around.
A new study out of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire found that about 14% of our conversations every day are gossip . . . even today, with lots of conversations happening over Zoom.  That means one out of every seven things you say is gossip.
But . . . the research found not all gossip is necessarily BAD.  Most of our gossip isn’t negative . . . it’s neutral.  And that’s because most of the time, our goal with gossip isn’t to put someone down, it’s just to bond and connect with other people.
The researchers say, quote, “By exchanging information with others, gossip is a way of forming relationships.  It involves trust and facilitates a social bond.”  (EurekAlert

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, April 27

TODAY IS: National Tell a Story Day

Social media users sharing their worst tattoos is nothing new, but a new TikTok trend has users sharing their “most meaningless” tats. A mom’s response immediately went viral. The mom, whose username is @th3victorygarden had a drawing done by her 6-year-old son inked on her bicep. She found the crayon drawing — of a creature with a big mouth and a lot of teeth standing next to a palm tree — and thought it would be cute to have it tattooed on her arm. Well … it turns out the drawing was not done by her son … but by his 6-year-old friend Kevin. And it seems she didn’t find out the truth for a long time. “My son broke the news at the dinner table years later,” she said. (In the Know)

When tourism went away in Hawaii during COVID lockdowns, rental car companies had to sell off a lot of their fleet to stay afloat. Now, as people are traveling again, it seems no one can rent a car on the islands because they are either all rented out or the prices are ridiculously high because of demand. So, according to Hawaii News Now, tourists have started renting U-Haul vans, trucks, and pickups for $20 per day instead of even attempting to rent a car at a premium of between $200 and $700 a day.

Do your friends and co-workers influence your eating habits? A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital found that people tend to mirror the eating habits of those in their social circle. Basically, if you’re out to eat with friends or co-workers and they order healthy food, you do too. And if your friends are ordering a bunch of junk food, you tend to eat that instead. “We found that individuals tend to mirror the food choices of others in their social circles, which may explain one way obesity spreads through social networks,” says Douglas Levy, PhD.

Is there a person in your life who is always late? Are you that person? A new survey found that 70% of people say there is a person in their group of friends who is known for always being late – but less than 25% admitted they were that person. 47% said they have lied about the actual time they were meeting so their always-late friend would get there on time. (SWNS)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, April 26

  • Pretzel Day
  • Get Organized Day

What’s your biggest worry on a first date? According to a new survey, people are most concerned about awkward conversations. 39% said that was their biggest worry on a first date – more than lack of chemistry (25%) and rejection (15%). (Health Digest)

Got old socks you don’t wear anymore? Don’t throw them away. Apparently while 80% of people donate their old clothes, 91% simply throw away their socks. Well, Colorado-based company Smartwool wants your old socks to turn into dog beds. You can drop off your unwanted socks in collection bins at select retailers in 42 different states till May 2nd. You can also mail your socks directly to Smartwool, but you’ll need to order something and then they’ll send you a bag to mail them in. (Martha Stewart).

Is looking in the mirror your friend or your foe? While some people enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror, we would wager that the majority don’t. If you’re one of those that don’t, maybe you should start. According to a new study from Japan, seeing your face in the mirror or even in a selfie, triggers feelings of pleasure in your brain.

Has COVID made you crowd averse? Seems one of the effects of the pandemic is that people can’t deal with crowds anymore. A new survey found that more than 65% of respondents said because of the pandemic they can no longer stand being around crowds of people and will do everything to avoid crowded spaces and standing in line, especially at the airport.

Speaking of post-COVID stress … While we’re all anxious for the pandemic to be over, lots of people are also dealing with the anxiety of getting back to real life. There’s even a name for it – “re-entry anxiety.” Whether it’s stressing about going back to an office instead of working from the comfort of your home, or having to commute again, or just having to deal with attending social events and gatherings again, “re-entry” anxiety is very real. (Self)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, April 23

  • Talk Like Shakespeare Day: Sprinkle your texts with some thous, haths, and arts to confuse everyone.
  • Picnic Day: A good day to eat outside (again).
  • Take a Chance Day: A day to break out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Life is slowly starting to get back to normal … but people still want to keep working from home. A brand-new survey has found that attitudes about remote work haven’t changed – even after more and more people are getting vaccinated. 65% of those surveyed said they wanted to keep working from home, even after COVID ends. 11% said they want a flexible arrangement with some days working remotely and some days at the office. Only 2% said they were looking forward to going back into an office full-time.
Why do people want to keep working from home? 49% said they still had fears about COVID-19, 46% worry that they will lose their flexibility, and 43% think it will negatively affect their work-life balance.
Another big reason people want to keep working from home is that it is saving them money. 38% say working from home is saving them more than $5,000 a year and 20% said they are saving as much as $10,000 a year. The savings are coming from things like not eating out, not buying as much gas, and not needing dry cleaning.

You’ve probably heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder. It’s when people get depressed in the winter months due to lack of sunshine. Some people who suffer from SAD even get special lights to simulate sunlight. Well, it turns out there is such a thing as reverse SAD. It’s when people get the blues because of all the sunlight. Apparently about 10% of those affected by SAD experience it during the summer months. (Health Digest)

How seriously do Italians take their gelato? This gives you an idea … Some legislators in Italy want to make it illegal to sell bad gelato. Yep, they want to fine cream makers who add air to gelato to make it a fluffier texture, or who use artificial flavors or ingredients. Gelato makers would only be allowed to use “milk and its derivatives,” eggs, and fresh fruit – or face fines of up to $12,000. (Food & Wine)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, April 22

  • Earth Day
  • Jelly Bean Day

Seems real estate envy is powerful … A new survey found that 50% of respondents would rather browse the Zillow real estate website than have sex. (Best Life)
Some more findings from the survey:
  • 53% said they looked up the value of their boss’ home on Zillow.
  • 55% said they spent between 1-4 hours a day on Zillow.
  • 56% said they’ve canceled plans with friends to spend time on the site.
  • 58% said they missed an important deadline because of time spent on Zillow.
  • 63% said they’ve used Zillow to look up the value of their friends’ homes.
  • 64% said they’ve contacted a real estate agent about a house they couldn’t afford.

Speaking of sex … Here’s a good reason to make good sleep a priority … A new study found that good sleep leads to a better sex life for women. Poor sleep, on the other hand, is linked to a worse sex life.

Have you ever broken up … with your best friend? It may be hard to imagine life without your BFF, but if the relationship is more stressful than supportive and fun – it may be time to cut ties. Therapist Shani Tran says these are some of the reasons to re-examine your relationship with your BFF:
  • They’re always putting you down.
  • You’re affected by their drama/problems.
  • They don’t show any interest in you or what you’re going through but expect you to be interested in them.
  • They are competitive with you/jealous of you and not supportive of your dreams.
  • You’re making all the effort to keep in contact.
  • They make you feel nervous whenever you’re around them/on the phone with them/Facetiming with them (Pop Sugar)

Ready to get away this summer? new survey finds half of us will take at least one vacation between June and September. For those going, more than 40 percent say they will drop over a thousand bucks to make it happen. Nearly half say they’re planning a road trip.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, April 20

  • Lookalike Day
  • 4/20, the so-called Stoner’s Holiday. According to a new survey, 25% of Americans now consume cannabis — or have tried some form of it in the last year. This number is up a staggering 56% since 2018. The survey also found that 44% of American cannabis consumers believe April 20 should be recognized as a national holiday. (Forbes)

TikTok users aren’t shy about touting their favorite products – and Amazon has taken notice. To make shopping for these products easier, they’ve actually created a virtual storefront called, Internet Famous where you can shop all these products in one place. (Glamour)

The Daily Star says men are buying muscular bodysuits so they can look ripped and buff without going to the gym. The suits are made from silicone. People can buy a full torso, an upper body or a lower body suit. They cost $270. The suits make it appear as though men have a six pack of abs, and are made to fit under clothing easily.

With allergy season now here, more of us are coughing, sneezing and having asthma attacks. Question is, could a bad thunderstorm bring on asthma for thousands? Researchers call it “thunderstorm asthma and say it’s rare but does happen. Scientists looked at one particular storm five years ago in Melbourne, Australia. When the thunder came it didn’t bring much rain, but did drop a wave of humidity during the height of hay fever season. Hospitals saw a nearly 700-percent increase in patients with respiratory problems. Doctors and pharmacies were also inundated with calls. Asthma symptoms contributed to at least 10 people dying.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, April 19

National Garlic Day

Have you tried popcorn salad? It’s been around for a while apparently, but it’s been trending on Twitter lately. It’s basically white cheddar popcorn mixed with carrots, celery, snap peas and a sauce made of mayonnaise, sour cream, apple cider vinegar, shallots and Dijon mustard. Something to bring to the next BBQ? (In the Know)

How about some peanut butter with your lipstick? The Reese’s candy brand has teamed up with HipDot to create a limited edition line of makeup. The collection, on sale now, includes eye shadow palettes in ‘milk chocolate’ and ‘white chocolate,’ two lip balms, and two makeup brushes. Reese’s is the latest food brand to jump into the beauty space, following recent announcements by Chipotle and Peeps.

Get your vacuums ready to roll because household chores can be good for you! new Canadian study found that older adults who spent more time on chores like dusting, cleaning, and gardening, have bigger brains – and bigger brains can help prevent dementia. The scientists suggest that the low-risk physical activity of chores can help boost brain volume, which is a strong predictor of cognitive health.

This is really cool — literally … Scientists at Purdue University have created the whitest paint in the world, and they think it could eliminate the need for air conditioning! The paint is so white that it reflects more than 98% of sunlight that hits it, which means it also reflects heat. Scientists say painting the roof of apartment buildings or the roof of a house could eliminate the need for running the AC all day. On top of that, they think painting a rocky surface of the earth where no one lives could help prevent global warming. They think the paint will be available to buy in about two years. (Newser)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, April 16

Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day: Well, that shouldn’t be hard for a lot of us.

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s to appreciate the simple things in life … A new survey asked people to name their favorite simple pleasures. The number one thing? Listening to their favorite songs. Here are some other favorite simple pleasures, according to the survey: a nice dinner, watching a favorite movie, exercising, cooking a great meal, having a great meal cooked for you, going to the beach, finishing a good book, sleeping in, taking a long walk or hike. (SWNS)

Speaking of listening to your favorite songs … An Australian study found that waking up to your favorite music helps you feel less groggy. It also makes you sharper first thing in the morning. Think of it as musical caffeine.

Good news, Pinot lovers … Pinot Noir may be the healthiest wine to drink. That’s because it has higher levels of the antioxidant resveratrol than other types of wine. (Martha Stewart)

Recently, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, figured out that there were about 2.5 billion Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs roaming the planet. Now, they weren’t all running around at the same time. Instead, there were — supposedly — about 20,000 of them at any given time … over the course of a couple million years or so. If these researchers are right, the T-Rex hung around for 127,000 generations. The researchers figured all this out, despite the fact that only about 100 T-Rex fossils have actually been discovered around the world. (Mercury News)

And, a burger chain in California is looking for people who love burgers and tattoos — so they can turn them into human billboards. Farmer Boys, which has 90 locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada, is celebrating its 40th anniversary by offering people free burgers for a year if they get the restaurant chain’s name and a burger tattooed on their body. They’re partnering with a tattoo shop in West Hollywood, which is offering three different two-by-two-inch designs.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, April 15

  • Tax Day
  • Husband Appreciation Day
  • That Sucks Day

This might make you cringe a bit. A new study finds that the average woman pops 65 pimples a year – that makes about 4,153 zits popped in a lifetime. 81% of women surveyed admit they pop their pimples, with more than 75% saying they know it’s bad for their skin, but the urge to pop those zits is just too strong. 52% said they are impulsive face pickers and they often pick at the skin on their face without realizing it.

Do you have a “cool mom”? Are you a “cool mom”? A survey found that nearly 70% of respondents said they had a “cool mom.” So, what exactly makes a mom cool? According to the people surveyed, talking to your kids about everything and anything, and letting your kids get away with things a “normal” mom wouldn’t make up the “cool mom” designation.

So, Dogcuteries are a thing. Thanks to Instagram we now have Dogcuterie, aka Barkcuterie. It’s exactly what you think it is — charcuterie boards filled with dog-friendly treats. Picture fancy dog biscuits surrounded by carrots, apple slices, and more — all arranged in a way that clearly took a lot of time … for no reason other than to post it on social media. (Pure Wow)

Speaking of dogs … Busch Beer wants to hire a pup to the be the official taster for their non-alcoholic beer for dogs called Dog Beer. Busch released their Dog Beer last August – and it immediately sold out. Now, they are going to be testing out new flavors and are looking for a pup with the right palate. If chosen, your pup will not only get plenty of dog-friendly beer, but a salary of 20 grand and pet insurance. If you want to apply for your dog, just post photos and videos of your dog on social media with the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest with a caption that includes the word “entry.” You have till April 28th. You can go to Busch Beer’s Twitter page for more info. (Delish)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, April 14

  • National Gardening Day
  • National Dolphin Day
  • National Look up at the Sky Day
  • National Pecan Day
  • National Reach as High as You Can Day: A good day to set some goals.

Are you still in touch with friends from grade school? Earlier? How many friends do you still have from your early childhood?
According to an MSN poll, most of us haven’t kept in touch with friends from our earlier childhood. Just 8% said they had kept in touch with many friends from when they were younger. 22% said they kept in touch with a few, 31% said one or two, and 39% said they weren’t in touch with any friends from early childhood.
How about high school? According to those polled, the answers weren’t much different. 8% said they were in touch with many friends from high school, while 26% said they were in touch with a small group, 32% said one or two, and 34% said they didn’t stay in touch with anyone from high school.
College was even worse. Of the more than 200,000 people surveyed, just 2% said they were still friends with many people from college. 10% said they stayed in touch with a few college friends, 18% said one or two, and 42% said they didn’t stay in touch with anyone from college. 28% responded that they didn’t go to college.

Guys, you might have a new engagement standard to live up to thanks to this guy. William Hunn went viral last week for proposing to his girlfriend, Brittney Miller, with not one, but five engagement rings — giving her the option to select her fave. His post shows a range of ring styles featuring different cut stones and varying band designs. The video has been viewed close to 40,000 times, shared all over social media, and even got the attention of celebs like Gayle King.

Work from home … in West Virginia. If working from home with a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah River outside your window sounds almost like heaven, you can make it happen — and get $12,000 at the same time. The state of West Virginia is offering remote workers $12,000 to relocate to the Mountain State and reside there for at least two years. Transplants will also receive free annual passes to outdoor recreational activities and access to continuing education programs at West Virginia University. The program is being funded by financial software company Intuit. (Fox Business)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, April 13

  • Make Lunch Count Day: A good day to step away from your desk – or wherever your laptop is these days – and take an actual lunch.
  • Scrabble Day: A good day to play with words.
  • Thomas Jefferson Day: Celebrates the birthday of the third President of The United States, Thomas Jefferson, who was born on April 13th, 1743.

Can you guess what the most popular drink in America is? Here’s a hint: You probably don’t start your day without it. Yep, according to a new survey, 60% of people say coffee is their most necessary daily drink … even more than water. And the majority of people have at least two cups a day. (Eat This, Not That)

A pitcher for the University of North Texas softball team tossed the most perfect game imaginable on Sunday, striking out every single batter she faced. Hope Trautwein faced 21 batters in the seven-inning game and mowed them all down on the way to a 3-0 win over University of Arkansas – Pine Bluff. It is believed to be the first perfect game in NCAA Division 1 history in which every out recorded was a strikeout. (Yahoo Sports)

If you own a dog and have come home to your pup smelling like another dog, chances are your furry friend will give you the cold shoulder out of jealousy. Think dogs can’t get jealous? Think again. A new study found that dogs don’t just get jealous when they are around a rival for their favorite person’s attention, they can actually dream up scenarios that make them feel jealousy even if it’s not happening in front of them. The research is significant because jealousy as an emotion is linked to being “self-aware,” something most people think distinguishes humans from animals. It might be time to stop joking around about your dog “thinking” he’s human because, as most owners already know, dogs might actually be smarter than we are — and science is finally catching on.

Michio Kaku is a famous physicist with degrees from Harvard and the University of California, Berkeley. During a recent interview, Kaku said he believes that humans will make contact with aliens within the next century because we’ll soon have a telescope with the power to see thousands of new planets.
But, he thinks contacting aliens would be a “terrible idea.” While Kaku thinks that aliens out there would be friendly, he doesn’t advise that we gamble on it. (The Guardian)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, April 12

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. According to a survey in honor of the holiday, 87% of Americans say they like grilled cheese. The top five cheeses we want in our sandwiches are:  Cheddar . . . American . . . Swiss . . . provolone . . . and pepper jack. And finally, grilled cheeses are our SECOND favorite melted cheese food.  Pizza came in first . . . grilled cheese and mac and cheese tied for second . . . and cheeseburgers came in fourth.  That’s some incredibly stiff competition.

Did you let yourself go during the pandemic? A new survey found that 46% said they were definitely not the best version of themselves over the last year. Of those, 60% said they gained weight, 53% said they ate unhealthy foods, 49% said they drank too much, 49% said they lost touch with family and friends, 46% said they stopped wearing makeup or shaving, 43% said they stopped grooming themselves on a daily basis, and 38% started smoking again.
Maybe that’s why the same survey found that 68% said they plan to improve themselves (both mentally and physically) when the pandemic finally ends.

Do you and your partner sleep in separate beds? YouGov poll found that while 66% said sleeping in the same bed with their significant other was the ideal situation, 7% said that if it didn’t affect their relationship, they would rather sleep in their own bed in the same room, while 9% said their ideal sleeping situation would be sleeping in their own bed in a separate room. Women were more likely than men to say they wanted to sleep in their own beds, but this may be why: a previous YouGov poll found that 56% of women said they did not get enough sleep at night compared to 48% of men.

Do you sit down and eat dinner at night as a family? Do you do it without phones? A new study out of Spain has found that sitting around the dinner table without phones could prevent childhood obesity. Why? Conversation and slower eating help you realize when you’re full. Basically, eating in front of a screen leads to mindless eating and over-eating.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, April 9

  • Unicorn Day
  • Name Yourself Day

I feel like we all already know this, but a new study found and proved that music is addictive. According to researchers at McGill University in Montreal, music makes us feel good because it triggers the reward center of our brains. Because of that, researchers say music can be as addictive as fast food, money, and alcohol.

Pot is popular … A new Economist/YouGov poll found that 61% of American adults believe marijuana should be legalized nationwide. Despite more and more states legalizing the use of recreational and/or medical marijuana, including here in the state of Michigan, pot is still criminalized on the federal level.

Can you guess the number one thing most people dislike about themselves? A YouGov personality survey found that the overwhelming majority of people share this insecurity about themselves: their weight. 51% said their weight was the number one thing they disliked about themselves. Far behind in second, according to respondents, was the way their sometimes treat their family (14%), followed by the way they sometimes treat their partner (13%). 11% said the way they make a first impression was the thing they disliked most about themselves, followed by the way they dress (10%). (Best Life)

Sora News says a group of high school students from Japan recently built a perfect replica of the DeLorean time machine from the “Back to the Future” movies. They created the car from scratch using sheets of steel and aluminum. The project originally began in 2016 and was passed on to future students to complete. More than 500 students worked on the DeLorean by the time it was finished.
The principal of the school later received permission from Universal Pictures to display the car as a monument in front of the school. The DeLorean lights up, rotates, and plays music from the “Back to the Future” trilogy every three hours.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, April 8

TODAY IS: National All Is Ours Day: It’s a day to stop and appreciate all you have.

Do you feel closer to your co-workers, even if you’ve been working remotely? A new survey found that 53% of workers say they have grown closer to their colleagues during the pandemic – even though they are all working at home. And 43% said it’s been easier to connect with their colleagues on a personal level than it was when they were in the office together. This has everything to do with people getting a glimpse into their co-workers’ lives during video calls – meeting spouses, kids, and pets and getting to see their real lives.

Do you have a leftover problem? A new survey found that 61% of respondents said they always put their leftovers in the fridge – but never get around to eating them. 66% said even when they’re just cooking for themselves, they end up making enough food to feed a family.

What is the very best surprise you can get in life? How about the worst? Here’s a hint: They both have to do with money. A new survey found that 49% of those polled said randomly finding money (on the street, in a pocket, in a drawer, etc.) was the very best surprise they could get. The worst? Getting an unexpected bill.
Here are the Best Surprises:
  1. Randomly finding money — 49%
  2. Surprise parties — 48%
  3. Getting a tax return — 46%
  4. Surprise visitors like family or friends — 37%
  5. Engagements — 35%
  6. Pregnancies — 33%
  7. A new puppy/pet — 30%
  8. A snow day — 28%
  9. Canceled plans — 20%
  10. A deadline pushed back  — 13%
Here are the Worst Surprises:
  1. Getting a bill that’s higher than you thought it would be — 57%
  2. Having to OWE money after you do your taxes — 46%
  3. Late fee on a credit card — 37%
  4. Child breaks something — 31%
  5. Pet has an accident in the house — 31%
  6. Unexpected visitors (i.e., the in-laws) — 29%
  7. Canceled plans — 27%
  8. Going on a date with someone and they don’t match their profile photo — 20%
  9. Last-minute video meeting — 20%

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, April 7

  • National Girl, Me Too, Day … A day to recognize the shared experiences, strength, and support between women.
  • National Beer Day: A good day for a cold one.
  • National Walking Day: A good day to take a hike.
  • National No Housework Day: A good day to leave the laundry and go for a walk instead.

What’s the best part of your day? If you said eating, you’re in good company. A new survey found that 68% of respondents said that with the stress of work and life in general these days, that sitting down to eat is the best part of the day. What meals do people look forward to the most? Pizza (51%), burgers (38%), and pasta (38%). And it seems that cheat days have become cheat weekends – with people especially splurging on weekends. (SWNS)

Scientists think they’ve figured out why redheads have a higher tolerance for pain…and it has something to why they’re so vulnerable to sunburns. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital found the cells that determine hair and skin color (melanocytes) also change how we process pain. A cell mutation that makes redheads ‘red’ and causes them to sunburn quickly also boosts their threshold for pain.

Speaking of eating … our dogs got bigger in quarantine too. A new UK study found that the average dog has put on a whopping 7 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic. Seems dogs have been getting more treats with their owners home during the day. And apparently guys are more generous with the treats. Pets with male owners gained an average of nine pounds each over the year, compared to six pounds for pups with female owners. (Metro)

Has coronavirus caused a ketchup shortage? Don’t start hoarding ketchup from the store just yet. It seems the shortage is in ketchup packets – Heinz in particular — due to so many people hitting up fast food restaurants and ordering takeout and delivery during the pandemic. Heinz told USA Today that it’s working to increase production to solve the problem.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, April 6

  • World Table Tennis Day
  • National Caramel Popcorn Day
  • New Beer’s Eve: The sale of beer officially became legal again on April 7, 1933 – after Prohibition ended. The night before, when many people began lining up outside some breweries, has been known ever since as New Beer’s Eve.

Get ready for a hot summer … According to The Weather Channel, we’re in for a scorching summer throughout the country —  particularly in the western and central states. “A hotter than average June through August is expected from the West Coast to the Mississippi Valley and western Great Lakes,” The Weather Channel revealed. “The northern and central Rockies into the northern and central Plains have the best chance for a hot summer.” (Travel & Leisure)

We’re hula hooping … Thanks to TikTok, the latest adult craze for both exercise — and out of sheer boredom — is hula hooping. There are even weighted versions of the toys that connect to apps for charting exercise and overall improvement. (Wall Street Journal)

Do you have any idea how many recurring subscriptions you have — or how much money you spend on them? If you don’t, you’re not alone. 78% of respondents in a recent survey by Chase say they have at least one recurring payment to a subscription service like Netflix or BarkBox, and 58% of those say they’ve forgotten about at least one of those subscriptions. 55% admit they don’t even know how much money they’re being charged monthly for these accounts. But it seems that a lot of people just don’t want to deal with the hassle of figuring out what recurring payments they have or trying to cancel them. (SWNS)

It might be time to stop obsessively sanitizing everything.  As we’ve learned more about Covid, we’ve found that the chances of getting it from a surface are WAY lower than we originally thought.
The CDC says the chances of catching Covid from a surface are less than one in 10,000.  And one chemist in Colorado says, quote, “If we took half the effort that’s being given to disinfection and put it on ventilation, that will be huge.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, April 5

  • Gold Star Spouses Day: This day honors the surviving spouses of military service members killed in the line of duty.
  • Go for Broke Day: A day to get out of your comfort zone and go for that thing you’ve been wanting to do, see, or achieve.
  • National Read a Roadmap Day
  • National Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • National Caramel Day

Will this be the summer of shopping? The president of Rakuten believes that after a year at home, people will be ready for some “revenge shopping” when the pandemic ends. “The advent of revenge shopping will resemble what we saw during the Roaring Twenties — a surging economy that will drive people to shop for more of the finer things that many felt they were deprived of due to the pandemic,” said Kristen Gall. “This last year also acted like a giant savings account for many people, which means they now actually have the means to treat themselves.” (Pure Wow)

Atkins? South Beach? Keto? These low-carb diets are all really popular. Have you tried any of them? Did you hate them? A survey by Health Digest asked respondents about the diets they tried, hated, and quit. Three of the most tried and most hated diets were all low-carb. But one was more hated than others. We’re looking at you, keto. 21% of those surveyed said they tried – and hated – the keto diet. The Atkins Diet was hated by over 16% of respondents, and 11% had no love for the South Beach diet after giving it a try.

Apparently, there are records for everything … including how long it takes to drink a Capri Sun juice pouch. Yep, there’s a Guinness world record for it – set during COVID-19 lockdowns by English college student Declan Evans. Evans has the record at 16.65 seconds, which includes the time it takes to get the attached straw out of the plastic before the drink is consumed. (Food & Wine)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, April 2

  • Good Friday
  • National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • National Reconciliation Day: A day to try and repair relationships that may be strained.
  • World Autism Awareness Day

Dream job alert … A dog food company wants to pay you 27 bucks an hour to look at pictures of puppies. No joke. ProDog Raw is looking for 10 dog lovers to look at pictures of puppies, as part of a study to test whether looking at dogs on social media can reduce people’s stress level. We can save them a lot of time – the answer is yes. If you’re interested, click here for all the info. But you better hurry – they’re picking the candidates in mid-April. (7News-Boston)

Are you paranoid about sneezing or coughing in public? You’re not alone. A new survey (by Flonase) found that 56% feel “judged” after sneezing or coughing in public. 55% said they experience a slight moment of panic when they feel the urge to sneeze or cough coming on. What thoughts race through people’s minds during this common occurrence? Here are a few, according to those surveyed:
  • “Great, now people think I’m sick.”
  • “I promise I’m NOT sick.”
  •  “Hold it in!”
  •  “I hope I don’t have snot in my mask.”
  • “It’s just allergies, I swear!”

No, bunnies do NOT lay eggs. This comes up every year. Yes, the Easter bunny brings eggs … but it seems a lot of people are confused about whether or not bunnies actually lay eggs. According to Google, the questions “Do bunnies lay eggs?” and “Do rabbits lay eggs?” each receive between 1,000 and 10,000 average monthly searches.
For the record, bunnies don’t lay eggs. They are placental mammals and female rabbits have pregnancies lasting between 31 and 33 days. They give birth to litters of often 12 or more baby bunnies. (Woman’s Day)
So what came first, the bunny or the egg? According to a Wallet Hub report, 52% of Americans say the Easter bunny came before the Easter egg.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, April 1

April Fools’ Day
So how do people really feel about April Fools’ Day pranks? Seems there’s a pretty equal divide between people who find them annoying and people who find them amusing.
According to a YouGov poll, 45% of respondents found them amusing and 47% said they were annoying. Those under the age of 30 were more likely to find pranks funny – 50% liked them vs. 40% who found them annoying. And men under 30 were the most likely to appreciate April Fools’ Day jokes — with 60% saying they were amusing vs. 35% who found them irritating.

Do you know how much money you have in the bank? If you don’t, you’re definitely not alone. A survey found that 55% of respondents said they didn’t know how much money was in their bank account … because they were too afraid to find out.

Did you master a hobby in the last year? 60% of people in a recent survey said they had gotten better at one or more of their hobbies since last March and 56% expect to be an “expert” at their hobby when the pandemic is over. Some of the hobbies people surveyed said they’ve gotten better at …
  1. Doing something active (golf, running, yoga) – -35%
  2. Preparing food (baking, cooking) — 34%
  3. Making art (drawing, painting, sketching) — 34%
  4. Fiber arts (knitting, embroidery, sewing) — 28%
  5. Playing an instrument — 28%
  6. Speaking a language — 28%
  7. Scrapbooking or papercraft — 23%
  8. Model or miniature building — 21%
  9. Photography, videography, or editing — 17%
  10. Sculpture or pottery — 17% (SWNS)

Drinking too much wine can cause blurry vision … but the right amount of wine, particularly red wine because of the antioxidants in it, can actually improve your vision. A new UK study found that red wine can prevent you from developing cataracts as you get older. But the key is moderation. According to the research, those who drank wine daily or almost daily actually saw a 6 percent greater risk of needing cataract surgery compared to people who drank in moderation. (PRNewswire)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, March 31

  • National Crayon Day
  • Manatee Appreciation Day
  • National Prom Day: Most schools won’t be having prom (again) this year, but this day might help bring a little bit of the prom spirit. This day isn’t about this year’s prom — it’s about proms of the past. The day encourages all generations to share their prom photos on social media. Use the hashtag #nationalpromday and tag @promgirlxo and @promguytux.

Have you lost this skill during the pandemic? 38% of people in a recent survey (by evite) said they are worried about their ability to do this when the pandemic ends. Can you guess what it is? The answer: small talk. In addition, 34% said they’ve become more awkward since being stuck in their homes for so long. The survey also found that it’s been four months since the average American has had a meaningful conversation. Yikes. But people are ready to party again. As soon as the pandemic is officially declared over …
  • 42% said they plan to throw the biggest party of their lives.
  • 36% said they would go out of their way to attend events they previously avoided … like baby showers, weddings, and bachelor/bachelorette parties.
  • 26% said they are re-doing their birthday – since it “didn’t count” in 2020. (SWNS)

 ... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, March 30

  • National Doctors Day
  • National Take a Walk in the Park Day
  • National Virtual Vacation Day

Is your Easter tree up yet? Yep, Easter trees have been trending for the last couple of years.  You can buy one, or make your own. It just takes some colorful eggs and pastel colors to turn just about any plant or some branches into your very own Easter tree. (House Beautiful)

If you’ve been down the liquor aisle of a store lately, you’ve no doubt noticed that pretty much everyone is making a hard seltzer … or hard tea … or hard coffee. And it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, because Pabst Blue Ribbon, commonly known among hipsters as PBR, just launched a line of hard tea seltzers. Last year, PBR introduced a peach-flavored Hard Tea and now they are rolling out a line of hard tea seltzers. There are four flavors to choose from: Raspberry Black Tea, Peach Black Tea, Pineapple Passionfruit Black Tea, and Lemon Black Tea. (Food Beast)

What’s been your biggest headache about working from home? If it was something tech-related, you’re not alone. When it comes to complaints about remote work, tech issues were the biggest work-from-home gripes, according to a new survey. Here are the Top 5 WFH headaches:
  1. Having to use my personal computer for work – 38%
  2. Having a software crash in the middle of a task – 27%
  3. Not having the equipment/software to do my job – 24%
  4. Being stuck on hold with tech support during the day – 24%
  5. Having to start something over because of a software crash – 22%

Music News – Tuesday, March 30

If you’ve ever dreamed of duplicating the looks sported by divas like Beyonce, Cher, Madonna or Whitney Houston, you’ve got a chance — thanks to an auction of outfits those ladies showed off onstage and in videos.
Items up for grabs include:
  • Custom-made costumes from Destiny’s Child‘s “Independent Women, Part 2” video. Those are expected to fetch $5,000-$8,000 per piece.
  • Cher’s Bob Mackie-designed “If I Could Turn Back Time” bodysuit.
  • Whitney Houston’s Flesh Tone Chiffon Atelier Versace Gown, worn in concert in Paris in 1998, expected to draw a bid of $30,000.
  • Madonna’s costumes from the film Evita.
The auction will take place from June 11th through June 13th at Julien’s Beverly Hills showroom and at the auction house’s website.

The Easter Bunny will bring a sweet surprise to American Idol fans on Sunday — when this year’s All-Star Duet show hits the airwaves.
This year’s lineup of stars include Josh Groban, Ryan Tedder, Tori Kelly, Jewel and Katharine McPhee — who finished second in the show’s fifth season.
Each celeb will be paired with two contestants, and will sing with each person separately once the top-24 takes shape this week. (Billboard)

Bryan Adams tells that he knew he had made it as an artist when he could pay his rent by performing. “I knew I had made it the day I could pay my rent for more than a month without having to rely on anyone for support. It may not seem like much, but that was huge to me.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, March 29

  • National Vietnam War Veterans Day
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Does what you drink on a first date matter? Apparently so, according to a new survey by Jack Daniel’s. In fact, 30% of those surveyed said they’ve ended a date early because of what their date ordered to drink. And it seems this is a bigger deal for men than women. 60% of the guys surveyed said a date’s bad drink order would be a “deal breaker,” compared to 32% of women.
So what drinks are people impressed by?
1. Martini – 60%
2. Gin and Tonic – 46%
3. Manhattan – 45%
4. Old Fashioned – 43%
5. (tie) Cosmo – 42%; Whiskey Sour – 42%
So what drink makes a bad impression? A Long Island Iced Tea.
The survey also found that 37% feel so much pressure for that first-date drink order that they order something “fancy” that they usually don’t drink. (SWNS)

Seems the “never go to bed angry” advice is true … and it extends to all types of relationships. A new study from Oregon State University found that it’s NOT good to sleep on things – whether it’s an argument with your significant other or an argument with a co-worker. According to researchers, it’s best to resolve issues right away, rather than allowing them to fester – which can affect both your mental and physical health. In fact, according to the study, resolving issues right away can lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

What’s your go-to midnight snack? If your late-night hunger pangs come in a pint, you’re not alone. According to a recent Health Digest survey, 30% of people choose ice cream as their fav late-night snack. Potato chips are a close second choice of late-night snackers.