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How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer for FREE!!

Everyone has been talking about it and it is almost here! Solar Eclipse 2017!!! NASA has a great website dedicated to the eclipse, check it out here! It’s coming on August 21st, and you have seen all these things about special glasses and expensive resorts packages to view the eclipse. Why not just watch the eclipse for FREE! It’s really simple all you need is:... [Read Full Story]

Channel 16 is coming to Benton Harbor tomorrow for their annual Pack-a-Backpack!

The school ads have already began running on television and it won’t be long before the kids are heading back to school.  Help our reporting partners at WNDU ensure that as many kids return to school with the supplies that they need by making a donation to pack-a-backpack.  Click on the link below for supplies needed and even information on how your company can help out.... [Read Full Story]