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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, June 16

  • World Tapas Day: A good day for tiny plates of food
  • Fresh Veggies Day: A good day to eat your veggies
  • Fudge Day: A great day to stop by your favorite fudge place and indulge!

Are simple things like going out to dinner with friends making you downright giddy? You may be experiencing post-pandemic joy. Mental health experts say the happiness people are feeling as they head out into the world again is very real. Reconnecting with people – and being out and about without worrying you might get sick – is releasing a whole lot of the feel-good hormone oxytocin in the brain — and making people downright euphoric. (Healthline)

Get ready for a shortage of teachers … A new survey found that 25% of teachers said they may leave their jobs at the end of the school year. That’s up from before the pandemic, when about 17% of teachers said they wanted to leave their jobs. Seems teachers were already stressed before the pandemic, and that stress increased during COVID. The survey also found that teachers were twice as likely to experience job-related stress than other working adults and three times as likely to experience symptoms of depression. (Market Watch)

Can’t sleep? Try lettuce water. The latest trend sweeping TikTok is drinking lettuce water to help with insomnia. Seems you boil some lettuce leaves and then drink the water – and it’s supposed to make you sleepy. Can it be true? Maybe. According to Dr. Christopher Winter, of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine and author of the book, The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep Is Broken and How to Fix It, lettuce contains something called lactucarium, which can make you feel drowsy. Lactucarium is that milky substance you see at the base of some types of lettuce – like romaine.
“It has a similar structure to opium, and has some sedative properties,” Dr. Winter says. That said, you would need a “tremendous” amount of lettuce to get the effects, according to the doctor. “The amount of lactucarium you’re getting from four to five lettuce leaves is unlikely to do much,” he says. But he does say that the warmth of the water could help make you sleepy – not to mention the placebo effect. If you do decide to try it, the good news is that drinking the water of boiled lettuce isn’t harmful. (Health)

Music News – Wednesday, June 16

Adele hasn’t forgotten the victims of London’s Grenfell high-rise fire, which killed more than 70 people back in 2017, and she wants to make sure no one else does either.
The singer made a rare appearance at a memorial for the fire victims one year after the tragic blaze, and was spotted singing along with a choir at the event. She just marked another anniversary by contributing a video message to a survivors group.
In the clip, she says “The trial is taking way too long and still no one has been held accountable for that night’s events and yet Grenfell United are still out here fighting tirelessly for the justice and for the change that not only they deserve but their community deserve – the whole country deserves.”

Taraji P. Henson will host this month’s BET Awards.
She says, “For more than 20 years, the BET Awards have been a celebration of Black creativity, art and excellence… Returning live, this year’s show will be unlike anything we have ever seen before, and I am honored to be sharing the stage with so many powerful and prolific women in music and entertainment. The BET Awards will once again be at the forefront of Black culture.”
Queen Latifah will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.
BET exec Connie Orlando says this year’s event will spotlight Black women. “Black women have been essential drivers of change throughout history, from the political sphere to the cultural zeitgeist.”
It all goes down June 27th on BET.

Harry Styles proved what a nice guy he is by simply laughing it off when pal Salma Hayek‘s rescue owl hacked up a hairball on his head.
In an interview on Ellen DeGeneres, Salma revealed that her bird got a little too up close and personal with Harry, but was relieved when he didn’t let the incident ruffle his feathers. She recalled, “He was really excited about the owl and was hoping the owl would go on his head because it was on me, But then [the owl] did the thing, and this thing came out, this ball of rat hair was on his head. He was okay. He was kind of cool, he didn’t scream. That happens sometimes when you have guests in this house!”
As we’ve reported, Salma also meditates with her owl.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Tuesday, June 15

Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England — but that didn’t stop freediver Angus Hosking from stepping up and making the day of a woman who lost her diamond engagement ring there.
Just two days after the proposal — and two days after receiving the ring — a woman named Rebecca Chaukria accidentally lost the ring.
Local people connected Rebecca with Angus — and Angus got to work.
Wearing a snorkel and wetsuit — and using an underwater metal detector — he dove deep and searched for about 20 minutes before finding the ring at the bottom of the lake and returning it to the happy couple.
Angus has a great reputation in the community as he and a friend spend their free time removing litter from nearby lakes. Because of this goodwill and notoriety, he says more and more people are calling on him “in their time of need.”
The couple were all smiles when Angus came to the surface with the ring in hand. And, if travel restrictions allow it, they would love to invite Angus to their wedding in August. (WLS-TV)

The Daily Dish – Tuesday, June 15

Chrissy Teigen returned to social media to apologize again for being an online bully.
Over the past few weeks, the model and TV personality has lost several endorsements and deals after she was called out for once encouraging media personality Courtney Stodden to kill herself and suggesting that Lindsay Lohan harm herself, among other incidents of cyberbullying.
In a post on Medium and Instagram Monday, the model and TV personality, broke her silence, addressing the “very humbling few weeks” and offering her apologies.
She writes, “Not a day, not a single moment has passed where I haven’t felt the crushing weight of regret for the things I’ve said in the past.”
Chrissy adds, “I was a troll, full stop. And I am so sorry,” and that “there is simply no excuse for my past horrible tweets.”
She ends her post by promising to do better and spread nothing but love from now on.

Salma Hayek has a pet owl who helps keep her calm.
The actress tells People magazine, “You won’t believe this. I do meditate with the owl very, very often.”
Salma says the rescued pet owl, which she named Kering, knows when she’s centered. “The minute I go deep into meditation, she stays super still.”
But meditation isn’t the only thing Salma does with her owl. They also like to watch TV on her iPad and eat meals together.

Comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle has accused his estranged wife of spying on him during their time together.
In court documents obtained by TMZ, the actor claims he suspected Tiffany Riggle of being privy to private conversations he’d had in the office of his home. (They were staying in different homes at the phone). So he planted false information to see if it would come back to him — and it did. He had his home swept for devices in April, and a spy camera was allegedly found hidden in his smoke detector. One clip from the camera allegedly showed Tiffany counting money after $28,000 of his emergency funds disappeared.
Rob also believed that Tiffany had hacked into his Apple account to download his emails, texts, contacts and photos.
Rob has been granted a temporary restraining order against Tiffany, who filed for divorce from the comedian in October 2020 after 21 years of marriage.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, June 15

  • Smile Power Day
  • Nature Photography Day
  • Lobster Day

How important is astrology to you? Do read your horoscope every day? Do you do or not do certain things based on your sign? How about planning when your baby will be born? A new survey found that 20% of respondents said they would consider planning when their child is born – to make sure they are a certain sign. Millennials, in particular, are concerned with the sign their baby will be (31%), followed by 25% of Gen Z, who said they were concerned about their future baby’s zodiac sign. What signs are particularly popular? According to the survey, if people could choose their signs, they would pick Scorpio, Aquarius or Taurus.
The survey found that the average American checks their horoscope twice a week – with Taureses being the most likely to check their horoscope. 42% of those surveyed said they feel luckier after checking their horoscope and 44% said they would check their horoscope before making a big decision — especially Geminis (52%). The number one thing people have turned to astrology for? Their love lives, with 49% saying they consulted their horoscope for matters of romance.

Do we live in a fun state? WalletHub compared all 50 states using key fun metrics, including number of restaurants, theaters, gyms, golf courses, marinas, and casinos per capita — as well as accessibility to national parks and amount of state funding for parks and recreation areas. These 5 states are the most fun, according to the data:
  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Nevada
  4. New York
  5. Illinois
The least fun states?
  1. West Virginia
  2. Mississippi
  3. Delaware
  4. Arkansas
  5. Rhode Island
Michigan, by the way, is fairly far down in the list at the #19th placement.

Do you ever feel like you are more productive in the summer? According to a study from the University of Liege in Belgium, our brains actually work better in the summer. Researchers found that brain activity was higher in the summer, particularly when it came to focus and retaining information. Seems like the summer is the perfect time to tackle that project you’ve been wanting to accomplish … (Best Life)

Music News – Tuesday, June 15

Next week, Britney Spears will try to convince a judge to remove her father as conservator. She won’t appear in person. Britney will link with the Los Angeles County Superior Court via Zoom.
Despite pressure from the #FreeBritney crowd, she’s focused on only one goal. That’s for the court to appoint a new conservator. Britney has pledged that as long as Jamie Spears controls her life and finances, she effectively retired from showbiz.
A source said, (quote) “Britney is able to do as she pleases within her own home. But whenever she wants to step foot outside, it immediately has to become a bigger conversation because lawyers and other people must get involved.”
Judge Brenda Penny revealed on Monday that the hearing will be conducted virtually. Britney and her lawyers won’t be in the courtroom. Nor will her father. They have not been on speaking terms for more than a year. (Us Weekly)

Can you imagine Ed Sheeran as a musical theater geek? No need to imagine when you can see it — in a newly unearthed video of 15-year-old Ed in a high school production of Grease.
Ed plays the part of burger-loving tough guy Roger, a character that didn’t make it into the movie version of Grease. Omega Auctions shared a three-minute montage of Ed’s best moments from the show, including bits from the classic “Summer Nights” and the solo song “Mooning,” which explains where his character picked up the nickname “Rump.”
Auctioneer Paul Fairweather says the video is “a great watch and we think it definitely gives a hint as to Ed’s star potential.” Omega expects it to fetch between $5000 and $10,000 when the hammer drops on June 29th.

It looks like Madonna may be tweaking that bio-pic she’s been working on for the past couple of years.
The Material Mom tweeted a photo of herself with screenwriter Erin Wilson over the weekend, calling Wilson “my favorite [rhymes with witch]…I mean, writer.” She also added the hashtag #screenplay, leading followers to think that Wilson, who’s penned such screenplays as Secretary and The Girl on the Train, is on board for the project.
Oscar-winner Diablo Cody, who was Madge’s “favorite writer” earlier this year, walked away from the bio-pic in April after repeated conflict with Madonna.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Monday, June 14

Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann of Lebanon, Virginia, has two passions in his life — his Pokémon card collection and his puppy, Bruce.
But when Bruce was diagnosed with a dangerous virus and would need expensive medical treatment, Bryson decided to help out by putting his Pokémon card collection up for sale.
Bryson put a wooden sign on his lawn that read, “Pokemon 4 SALE,” and then spent two afternoons on the front lawn, selling those cards to raise money for Bruce.
But when news of this special card sale got around, neighbors started asking if there was a way to help. Bryson’s mom set up a GoFundMe campaign that was a huge success, raising enough money to cover the cost of Bruce’s treatment.
Not only that, but a Pokémon store in Seattle heard the news and sent Bryson cards to make up for the ones he sold.
Thanks to Bryson’s compassion and the help of strangers who pitched in, Bruce is “back to his puppy self.” (New York Daily News)

The Daily Dish – Monday, June 14

Veteran actor Ned Beatty has died at age 83.
In a statement, his manager, Deborah Miller, says, “Ned passed away from natural causes Sunday morning, surrounded by his family and loved ones. His family has decided to keep details private at this time. Ned was an iconic, legendary talent, as well as a dear friend, and he will be missed by us all.”
Beatty made his film debut in the 1972 film Deliverance, and then went on to have memorable roles in NetworkSupermanToy Story 3All the President’s Men, Homicide: Life on the Street and Roseanne. (TheWrap)

John Legend has his eyes on his latest project — and it involves the story of the late great comic Bernie Mac.
Legend’s company Get Lifted, which brought WGN’s Underground and the movie La La Land to screen, have partnered with Bernie Mac’s estate, with hopes to produce a bio-pic chronicling the life of the King of Comedy.
Bernie died in 2008 at 50, due to complications with pneumonia.

Former American Idol contestant David Archuleta has come out as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.
The Mormon singer detailed his nearly 20-year struggle with his sexuality and faith in an Instagram post.
He wrote, in part, “I’ve been open to myself and my close family for some years now that I am not sure about my own sexuality. I came out in 2014 as gay to my family. But then I had similar feelings for both genders so maybe a spectrum of bisexual. Then I also have learned I don’t have too much sexual desires and urges as most people which works I guess because I have a commitment to save myself until marriage. Which people call asexual when they don’t experience sexual urges. There are people experiencing the same feelings of being LGBTQIA+…who are wrestling to follow their beliefs that are so important to them, just as I have.”
The 30-year-old added, “You can be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and still believe in God and His gospel plan.”
Archuleta lost to David Cook on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, June 14

  • Flag Day
  • Bourbon Day
  • Strawberry Shortcake Day

Forget toasters and panini makers … the latest trend in wedding registries isn’t appliances or fine china – it’s fine wine. Yep, soon-to-be married couples want to build up their wine fridges, not their kitchen cabinets … and now they can even register with wine stores in bigger cities across the country. (Their Drink Business)

Seems one thing living through the pandemic taught us was to take care of ourselves.new survey of Millennials and Gen Zers, found that 75% said they were prioritizing themselves and their own needs for the first time in a long time – and that means taking time for self-care. 90% of those surveyed said they have a set wellness routine that takes about an hour a day. This self-care routine includes things like doing yoga, meditating, exercising, and taking time to eat well.

There’s plant-based “meat,” plant-based “chicken,” and, now, plant-based “fish.” Finless Foods is going to roll out a plant-based tuna. The product is designed to mimic the tuna you’d find in poke bowls or sushi rolls. No word yet on how great of a tuna salad sandwich it might make… (Engadget)

If you’ve got a favorite Starbucks order that involves peach or guava juices, or perhaps their almond croissant, or a go-to breakfast sandwich, you might want to have a back-up in mind just in case. The chain is experiencing shortages of those juices, iced and cold-brew coffee, various breakfast foods, cake pops, and even cups, lids, and straws. A Starbucks spokesperson told The New York Times that the company was experiencing “temporary supply shortages” and that the shortages varied by location, with some stores experiencing “outages of various items at the same time.”
The shortages have even gone viral on TikTok. A video of a group of employees appear screaming in frustration over the list of ingredients not available in the store — including sweet cream, white mocha, mango dragon fruit and “every food item.” The caption also said that they were low on cold brew and the “will to live.”

Music News – Monday, June 14

Bravo hotshot Andy Cohen is solidly on Team Mariah Carey in her legal battle with her brother Morgan.
Mimi’s elder sibling is suing her for defamation over passages in her memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which was published by Andy Cohen Books. Morgan took issue with passages describing him allegedly getting violent with family members, to the point where he was taken into detention at a juvenile facility.
But according to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Cohen’s lawyers say the statements could not be defamatory because all were “substantially true.” Because of that, Cohen wants his company taken off the hook in the suit, which is asking for over $1 million in damages.

Backstreet Boys could have taken the Super Bowl halftime show stage with NSYNC and Britney Spears back in 2001 — but they turned it down, Nick Carter reveals to Entertainment Tonight.
“It’s interesting because we were presented the opportunity to perform at the halftime at the Super Bowl and it was in Tampa, my home town,” Nick tells ET.  “At the time we came from the era of, we loved the Whitney Houston rendition of the national anthem. And for us, we got the choice and we passed on the halftime,” he laughs.
BSB performed the national anthem before the game instead. “But it was a memorable experience for everyone,” Nick adds. “And everyone was able to share [the stage] and NSYNC did a great job at halftime, and I like to say we did a really good job at the national anthem as well.”
Now, Nick says, he’d love to do the halftime show in the future, and says it would be “pretty cool” if BSB and NSYNC did one together.

The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff Presented By 1st Source Bank Wealth Advisory Services Returns to St. Joe for 2021

The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff returns for 2021 thanks to 1st Source Bank Wealth Advisory Services, with support from long-time sponsor Signature Dealer Group! Bill Crowder speaks with Zack East about his organization’s love and support of the Art Fair, and how you can get tickets and details at krasl.org.... [Read Full Story]

The Happy Headline of the Day – Friday, June 11

Last weekend, State Police officers in Rathdrum, Idaho, investigated an automobile accident involving a truck pulling a horse trailer and a sedan.
Luckily, no one was injured during the crash, but a dog named Tilly was ejected from the bed of the truck and ran away from the scene of the accident.
For a few days, the mystery lingered and the Idaho State Police were trying to figure out exactly where Tilly had gone.
Well, the mystery has been solved as Tilly — a Border Collie — was found on a nearby sheep farm, herding sheep.
Tilly’s owner said Tilly had lost some weight since the accident, but was otherwise healthy and happy to be reunited with his family. (KHQ-TV)

The Daily Dish – Friday, June 11

They only just aired the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” series finale last night, but if you’re missing the show already, you’re in luck.  E! will air a two-part reunion special hosted by ANDY COHEN, beginning next Thursday at 8:00 p.m.  The second part will air the following Sunday at 9:00 p.m. E! released a preview where they mention CAITLYN . . . but there’s no sign of her on the actual show.
On a related note, the executive producer of “Keeping Up” revealed that KIM enjoyed being filmed the most, while KYLIE enjoyed it the least . . . which probably comes as NO surprise to fans who saw her missing A LOT of trips and gatherings over the years.

Legal analyst JEFFREY TOOBIN returned to CNN yesterday . . . eight months after he exposed himself during a Zoom call with colleagues from “The New Yorker”.
Host ALISYN CAMEROTA got right to the point, detailing exactly what Jeffrey was doing during that call.  Then she asked him, quote, “What the hell were you thinking?”
She was quoting Jay Leno, who said that to Hugh Grant in 1995, after his arrest for soliciting a prostitute.
Jeffrey called his behavior, quote, “deeply moronic and indefensible.”
He also said he didn’t think anyone else could see him at the time.  He apologized to everyone who, quote, “thought I was a better person than this,” and said he’s “trying to become the kind of person that people can trust again.”

AMY SCHUMER was trending yesterday, for a strange reason that just got stranger.
A truck stop in Tennessee posted a picture of a driver named Amelia, who’d redeemed a brand new Monster Energy mini-fridge with her loyalty points.  The woman looked a lot like Amy . . . Right down to her R-rated T-shirt. The photo also contained a sign that said “Stop pooping in the parking lot.”
When Amy saw the picture, she Tweeted, quote, “Wait, what’s going on at a truck stop? -me.”  She also posted an emoji with a single tear . . . because Amelia, as it turns out, has a teardrop tattoo. Sometimes, people get a teardrop tattoo as a way of saying they’ve KILLED someone.  So the truck stop posted a follow-up to clarify.
It said, quote, “Amelia wanted us to point out that her teardrop tattoo is not because she murdered someone.  She accidentally killed a pedestrian once after falling asleep at the wheel and got a tattoo to honor their memory.”

Furry Friends Friday with Cher the Kitty from Berrien Co Animal Control – June 11

Do you believe in love? We found love in Cher!  And, we know that Cher believes in love! This famous gal is just one of many elegant black cats looking for a home during our fabulous Black Tie CAT Adoption Event which starts next week. Cher is a fun, active, and friendly girl. Her adoption fee is only $20.00!  Call Berrien County Animal Control at 269-927-5648 to meet Cher and MANY of her housemates! ... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, June 11

  • National Making Life Beautiful Day
  • National Corn on the Cob Day

How much are we looking forward to this summer? So much so that a new survey found that 50% of respondents said they are going all out this summer, thanks to being vaccinated. In fact, 45% said they plan to spend more money this year than the past two summers combined. More numbers: 40% can’t wait to go to their favorite restaurants and bars for happy hour again, 22% can’t wait to go to a sporting event, and 21% can’t wait to go to a concert.
According to the survey, these are the activities Americans are most looking forward to this summer:
  1. Vacations — 43%
  2. Going out to restaurants, bars, happy hours, etc. — 39%
  3. Hosting friends and family at home — 30%
  4. Attending a game/sporting event — 22%
  5. Attending a concert — 21%
  6. Going on dates — 21%
  7. Graduation/birthday parties — 20%... [Read Full Story]

Music News – Friday, June 11

Taylor Swift was very Taylor-like when accepting an Icon award for her songwriting, saying she’s really gotten by with a little help from her friends.
Tay made a virtual appearance at yesterday’s (Wednesday) National Music Publishers’ Association’s annual gala, where she picked up this year’s Songwriter Icon Award. She said, “I want to take a moment to thank the people who were my professors, my teachers, of the craft of songwriting. First of all, anyone who wrote with me in Nashville when I was in like eighth or ninth grade, that is insane that you did that. I am so lucky that I got to learn from some of the best writers on Music Row.”
She went on to spread the love to all the Swifties out there, because they “care about my lyrics. You have no idea how much that means to me, that you dissect them and copy them into your journals and care about the things that I write.” (Billboard)

Ed Sheeran‘s long vacation is finally over — and he’ll mark his return with his first new single in four years.
Ed broke the news in an Instagram post that featured a photo of him grimacing, along with the caption, “The moment you realize your first solo single in 4 years is coming out in a few weeks.”
He’s had the tune kicking around for at least a few weeks, since he told the BBC last month that it’s “really different.”

Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter and AJ McLean are joining up with NSYNC members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone for a special Pride Month event.
The boy band members will host a charitable game night, Bingo Under the Stars, at The Grove in Los Angeles on June 18.
The event will feature 10 games of bingo, special prizes, surprise guests and more. It’ll conclude with Nick, AJ, Lance and Joey taking the stage together to perform songs from both groups.
The singers teased some sort of collaboration last week on social media.
A portion of ticket sales for Bingo Under the Stars will go directly to L.A. Pride, and a special gift will also be granted to The Trevor Project, which supports LGBTQ youth.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, June 10

An icebreaker ship was making its way through ice fields in northern Russia, when they spotted something unusual — a dog — wandering around on the jagged ice.
The crew lowered a ladder for the Samoyed, complete with a thick, fluffy white coat of fur, to come aboard.
They took her to a nearby village and found her owners.
It seems the dog — named Aika — had run away a week before and taken some wrong turns into the ice fields.
The owners were thrilled to be reunited with Aika and said she would not have survived out there without that chance meeting with the heroic crew. (KCTV-TV)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, June 10

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are threatening the BBC after the network reported that the former royals didn’t ask for the Queen‘s blessing to name their infant daughter Lilibet.
According to the BBC, a Buckingham Palace source claims Queen Elizabeth was “never asked about it.”
Now, according to The Daily Beast, Harry and Meghan’s legal team has issued “a rare legal warning” to the “papers advising them not to repeat the allegation” that the couple “had named their second child after Queen Elizabeth without asking her first.”
A spokesperson for the couple fired back, saying that the Queen was indeed supportive when Harry told her about the ahead of time and that the couple would not have used the name if she objected.

Liam Payne may have looked like he was having a great time when One Direction was on top of the world, but in reality, he was so depressed that he pondered killing himself.
Appearing on the Diary of a CEO podcast, Liam said, “I was worried how far my rock bottom was going to be. Where’s rock bottom for me? And you would never have seen it. I’m very good at hiding it.”
Asked if he dipped far enough to consider suicide, he replied, “Yeah. There is some stuff that I have definitely never, never spoken about. It was really, really, really severe. It was a problem. I just didn’t like myself very much and then I made a change.”
That change? He cut out the pills he’d become hooked on, and cut down on his drinking, which brought him back to a good place after 1-D split.

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe is wanted by police in Las Vegas after he failed to show up for a hearing on Wednesday.
TMZ says four bench warrants were issued, stemming “from a 2017 case in which he was charged with three counts of not having a proper license or permit for wild animals, and one count of doing business without a license. He was convicted in 2018 of illegally using animals to make money in the Las Vegas valley, but agreed to stay out of trouble to avoid jail time.”
Now he has to post $20,500 to wipe out the warrants and get a new court date.
This comes after Jeff and his wife Lauren were arrested last weekend in Oklahoma for DUI.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, June 10

  • NATIONAL BALLPOINT PEN DAY — You can’t text with it, but the ballpoint pen revolutionized hand-written communications. It was patented 78 years ago, on June 10th, 1943. The pen replaced the use of feather-based writing with ink.
  • NATIONAL HERBS AND SPICES DAY — Cumin is the world’s most popular spice and cilantro (or coriander) is the most-used herb.
  • NATIONAL ICED TEA DAY — Iced tea dates back to the 1870s, long before people had icemakers.

Way back in the early days of the COVID pandemic, wait staff and delivery people were considered “essential workers” and given a little more respect – and a little boost in tips. Well, times have changed. According to a new study, customers have pulled back on heavy tipping and gone back to their old habits – with some even cutting back on the gratuities completely. The New York Times scanned figures from payment services Square and Toast and found that folks upped their average tip to nearly 25% in early-to-mid 2020, but have gradually fallen back to pre-pandemic numbers of 18 to 19%. In bigger cities, some restaurants are battling back by eliminating tips altogether and raising wages — which means a hike in the price of some menu items. (Eater)

It looks like the future of communication is in your clothes. Researchers at Purdue University have figured out a way to add wireless capabilities to clothing – and it won’t get wrecked when you do the laundry. Your clothing will then be able to communicate with your phone, computer, car, etc. The smart clothing can also monitor your health and even call for help if you’ve had an accident. (EurekAlert)

Speaking of clothes … Guys, if you’re looking for a successful summer of dating, you may want to eliminate these things from your wardrobe. According to dating app Plenty of Fish’s “Steamy Summer Report,” women said these are the worst summer looks for men: socks and sandals (33%), the bro tank/tank top (20%), Speedos (14%), cargo shorts (14%), and tropical shirts (7%).
For women, the summer fashion looks guys said are turn-offs include: High-waisted shorts and pants (27%), heels with a bathing suit (26%), bad fake tan (17%), saggy bathing suit (15%), and Crocs (9%).