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Jonny & Meagan Mornings: How Not To Be The Jerk In The School Drop-Off Line

Drop-off lines are meant to move along! If everyone parks in the middle of the drop-off line to have a conversation with a teacher or another parent, or get out and personally escort their child into his classroom, or basically do anything besides come to a complete stop and say “Have a great day!” for the 20 seconds it should take for the kid to unbuckle himself and get out, then nobody will ever get through the line. There are other places to do all those things.... [Read Full Story]

Furry Friends Friday: Mila

Furry Friends Friday is brought to you by Distinguished Stone Works, where each job is custom made so the only limitation is your imagination. They are located on North Roosevelt Road off Glenlord in Stevensville. They want to remind you to support our local animal rescue groups and shelters! 
Thanks to Jen Nuernberg from the Al-Van Humane Society for bringing in Mila this morning! Learn more about her and how you can adopt her by going to http://www.al-van.org/
Watch our video here:

... [Read Full Story]

Stranger Helps Woman Find Ring She Lost in Lake Michigan

A magical story that sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but it’s true and it happened right here in SW Michigan. On the beach in South Haven, Jamie Kennedy from Decatur, whose been married for about 2 years now was  lost her wedding ring. She thought it was lost forever, she started contacting her insurance company, they wouldn’t cover the lost item. So Jamie asked around on Facebook if there was someone that could help her find it. John Dudley, a local magician and also President of the West Michigan Metal Detectors Club came to the rescue offering his services. So John, armed with his metal detector and other gear, wading through chest high waters and battling the crashing wave of Lake Michigan sifted through the sand for hours. First he found a bottle cap, then a paper clip, and on the third try he found the ring!!! After being lost for over 2 days, Jamie was reunited with her ring, which she thought would be lost forever!!!!... [Read Full Story]