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Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 29th, 2017

We all dream of some day having $1 million. So if you finally had that big million, whether you won it from the lottery or a rich uncle who passed, you have to figure out what to do with it. So if you had a million dollars what sort of charitable thing would you do with that new found money. We got a lot of different ideas from a number of people, all with great ideas. Now we just have to win the lottery so we can make all these BIG ideas happen!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 28, 2017

It is wedding season and we are sure you have either been to one recently or you are going to one soon. Sometime when you go there is an open bar and others you go to have a cash bar. Is a cash bar at a wedding tacky? We discussed it in today’s Ask Meagan segment. Plus we talked with some ladies from St. Joseph First United Methodist Church about a Craft and Vintage Show to benefit Devon Haas, a local boy fighting cancer. Learn more about his fight by clicking this link:... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 27th, 2017

So Tuesday has become the new Monday. So we asked everyone, what is your favorite day of the work week. Some said Saturdays, which totally counts for a work day since we are working our butts off 7 days a week and Jonny said every other Wednesday at Midnight because that is pay day! We also talked with United Way and Be Healthy Berrien about the Mobile Farmers Market and the Benton Harbor Farmers Market!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 26th, 2017

First World Problems. We have all experienced them and we have all seen all the countless memes about First World Problems. Whether it’s something like “the WiFi at my house is too slow” or “I ran out of creamer and had to use milk and sugar for my coffee”. We were also joined by Cornerstone Alliance and All Star Driver Education to talk about job opportunities. Also Kate Thomas stopped by to talk about Steve’s Run!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 14, 2017

Father’s Day is coming up soon and for Ask Meagan today we wanted to help Steve who wrote in to Meagan asking for advice. He has a 2 yr old and wants to start his own traditions with his young son and also his wife wants to spend time with her father, but Steve’s mom wants him to come and see his dad. So Steve has a Father’s Day dilemma so we tried to help him out. Also we talked about the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival that is coming up this weekend!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 9, 2017

So it is the last day of school and now your kids will be home all day unless you have activities that get them out of the house and doing things. So we listened to suggestions of what Meagan’s kids could do this Summer that gets them out of the house. Some of them include: swimming in the lake, swimming in a pool, working at the Hartford Speedway, Summer Camp at YMCA and more.... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 7th, 2017

It’s that time of the year. Potluck season! Between graduation parties, church picnics, and school picnics. You will be going to a lot of potlucks, some of which will have some “questionable” dishes that you may not want to eat. Well Meagan tried to offer her advice about that today for “Ask Meagan”. We also got some great advice from other people as well and we went on a rant about that Jell-O fluff stuff.... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 6th, 2017

The last week of school is here and kids and parents are starting to go a little CRAZY. Between half days and parties and sports practices. It can be a little hectic for all. We talked about that and how we can offer a little therapy as well. We also talked with the OutCenter about Lake Effect Pride and the great things going at that event that is coming up on June 16th!... [Read Full Story]

What’s Playing at Celebration Cinema This Weekend?

Jonny talked with Jenny from Celebration Cinema this week and there are some great Summer blockbuster movies coming out this weekend. First is a great movie for the family “Captain Underpants” and another great movie also out this weekend is Wonder Woman! Also find out what the Coast Sunday Night Movie is this weekend when you listen to the podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: June 1st, 2017

Life is getting too easy for us. We don’t even have to remember simple things like phone numbers. Remember when you were a kid and you had to remember your home phone number, or your friends phone number. You even had to call the movie theater for showtimes or call the “Time Lady”. Jonny & Meagan talk about that and they also learn about something cool called “Story Line”.... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan Prank Call the Winner!

Congrats to Julie Rose from St. Joseph, she is going to the June 6th Cubs game against the Marlins. She entered to win at The Mark III in St. Joe. Instead of just calling her to tell she won, Jonny decided to have a little fun first! Listen to the podcast to hear the prank call!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: May 31, 2017

Push Presents? Why are they a thing? What are they? Meagan tries to explain the present and tries to help a listener that sent in a letter saying his wife is demanding she get a present for giving birth to their baby boy. Are you supposed to get the mom a present for having a baby? Plus we give you more details about Lake Effect Pride that is coming up on June 16th.... [Read Full Story]