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The Sarah Diaries: Going Out Of My Comfort Zone

Oh the joys of being single on Valentine’s Day! All jokes, or self deprecation aside, today is just another day for me. I’m torn between calling it a “Hallmark Holiday” and some years torture. OK, torture might be a bit extreme. For me, the day has really never mounted to anything special. I’ve been dumped on Valentine’s Day (it’s for the best, I promise!), the third wheel with friends, and spent curled up with Cosita, Hallmark movies (ironically enough), and chocolate! In all honesty, today should be a special day, but it also shouldn’t be the ONLY day you show love to yourself, your S.O., and to others.
Most days, at least for me, showing myself love is the hardest thing imaginable. With that, comes the ability to take our bodies, our “self”, for granted. We forget the sheer ability to wake up in the morning and breathe on our own, walk across the room, drive, sing, write, or do the simplest of tasks are not always a given and guaranteed thing.
Cosmo recently re-shared a link to an article they posted from a year ago. You can read it here ( The story of a woman and the moment she viewed her “self” differently. It was all a direct link to watching her husband die from cancer. Watching his body go from a fully functionally healthy man to someone who couldn’t walk, run, or breathe on his own. She began seeing her list of flaws differently. She began loving herself for what her body could do, not hating it for what it couldn’t.
She also began doing something with some of her single girlfriends – something a little unorthodox (okay, a LOT unorthodox!) They began sexting each other. Nothing dirty, but pictures that embraced who they were as women, and all received responses back that focused on the positive. Things we tend to dislike, or judge, that others view differently. It’s amazing how our mind works like that, isn’t it? We can pick our bodies apart, down to the smallest details, yet look at someone else and see the most beautiful things. Things that are likely close or almost the exact same.
I read the article again last night before heading home. Walked in the studio and if you were listening to Steph, announced I’m going to start sexting my friends. Let me be more specific, a handful of my closest girl friends. Wait, let me be even more specific so you don’t get the wrong idea about me, tasteful photo’s that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if my mother saw.... [Read Full Story]

Valentine’s Day gifts….money or memories?

According to researchers Michael Norton and Elizabeth Dunn, authors of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending, 57% of Americans said money spent on an experience made them happier than money spent on material things. Only 34% said they would rather have stuff than a great memory.... [Read Full Story]

Banned for life…how bow dah?

Danielle Bregoli, the “out of control” teen who inspired the “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” meme after her appearance on Dr. Phil, was pulled off a Spirit Airlines flight last night after she allegedly punched a fellow passenger.... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: For My “Will”… Love Your “Grace”

He’s going to kill me, but sometimes situations present themselves that make it worth it. This is one of them. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this last year, it’s to not take people, or things for granted. To celebrate the ones that are in your life, and let them know how much you care.
Occasionally someone will come in to your life, and over the course of 14 years (seriously, has it been that long?!), becomes someone you genuinely love. They become family, a best friend, sounding board, work spouse, and cat co-parent. That basically sums up my relationship with our very own Zack East. What you might not know is behind the scene, he has a direct part in running your favorite station. And he’s REALLY good at it! As hard of a time as I give him, he’s one of the hardest working people I know. (Seriously, Steph and I yell at him to go home some nights.) He’s also one of the modest.
Tomorrow/Saturday is his birthday, but he doesn’t want the spotlight on him this year. In the past I’ve had the privilege of planning his birthday outing, an opportunity for some of his close friends to get together and celebrate one of our favorite people. We all share stories of how we first met him, or a favorite moment with him over time. I still remember my first conversation with Zack, he had just started working on our sister station ROCK 107 WIRX, and called in looking for information on the staff. Little did I know that would be the first of many memorable chats with him. One that makes me laugh just because of how it went down, happened during one of our first face to face meetings. He thought I was hitting on him and announced loudly “I’m gay!”, but I was actually more interested in his friend. One of my proudest was listening the day he came out during the morning show, because FINALLY!!!
If you’ve ever had the chance to watch someone grow/mature, and work their way up the totem pole, its something special. That’s exactly what’s happened with Zack, Though he’s now technically my boss, which in some situations creates an awkward chat or two. For the most part we have an understanding, work is work, and our friendship is separate.
Z: *sigh* Sarah you need to be doing this… why aren’t you doing it?!
Me: Uhmm… yeah, about that…
Z: *gives look*
Two years ago I decided I needed a change in my day job, and made the decision to leave the radio stations on a full-time level. To date, it’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. I wasn’t happy, but the thought of letting Zack down, failing him (and my love for my clients) were the only factors in staying for as long as I did. I actually remember in a round about way asking him for permission to leave. And I cried. Lots. Thankfully, he agreed to keep me around on a part-time basis, and well, ta da here I am! Getting to spend quality time with you, Zack, and the rest of the Coast family and loving every minute!
Over the years we’ve shared boyfriend break-ups, stories about good and bad dates, a love for hot hair, and walked arm-in-arm to various functions. As Steph put it, family is more than just blood, it’s people who you look up to, inspire you, love you. People who make your life better, that you have a connection with, trust, and can call on when you need help. I’m happy to call him my family.
The “Will” to my “Grace”, my loves to shop “husband”, Cosita’s Dad, one of my best friends, and part of my family.
Happy birthday, Zack!!
... [Read Full Story]

BRUNO MARS: Will He Do a Grammy Prince Tribute?

Citing unnamed sources, Billboard reports that if it happens it could be with Prince’s Minneapolis homeboys The Time as his backing group. The magazine also notes that no one has confirmed that this will actually take place and that reps from the Grammys and Mars’ label have declined their request for a comment.  Billboard points out that Lady Gaga got a lot of flak for last year’s David Bowie tribute, and wonders if that’s what might holding this back.  Jimmy Jam of The Time is a longtime Recording Academy executive. It’s hard to imagine that there’s nothing at all to this.  It may be premature, but it sure makes sense to do something like this and Mars is a great choice to do it.  I guess we will have to tune in to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards to find out.  The Grammy’s will air Live from The Staples Center, Sunday, February 12 on CBS and will be hosted by James Corden.... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Swipe Right/Swipe Left

If you’re lucky enough to be doing the whole online dating thing like yours truly, you’ve probably noticed the majority apps have some version of a swipe right or left section. Occasionally I’ve been known to do what I call a “speed swipe” you get in a rhythm of going right or left and sometimes accidents happen.... [Read Full Story]

Will & Grace reunion is coming!!

Following their tease during the election, many fans wondered if a Will & Grace reunion was in the works.  Now after many months of speculation, fans can rest easy knowing that it is in fact happening.  Sean Hayes informed fans of the great news via his Facebook page this afternoon.  One of our favorite foursomes will return to NBC during the 2017/18 season for a limited 10 episode run.  Until then the official announcement trailer will have to do!!... [Read Full Story]