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Now that’s a back seat driver!!

Anyone who has a driver’s license knows that there is nothing worse than a back seat driver, except for maybe a cheetah in your back seat!!  A man from Seattle set out on an adventure and boy, did he find one.  Hayes credits the guide Alex for keeping him calm and reminding him to not make eye contact or startle the cheetah.  Who is the worst back seat driver you know?  And is it you? – Steph... [Read Full Story]

How can you help with flood relief?

How can I help with flood relief here in Berrien County?  That is a question that many have been asking this week as we watch our family and neighbors begin the clean up following the record amounts of rain we have received here in Michigan’s Great Southwest.  There are plenty of ways for you to help the great people of Berrien County as they attempt to rebuild their lives.  Whether you want to make a monetary donation, volunteer your time or are not quite sure how you can help, there are some great organizations helping and they can point you in the right direction.... [Read Full Story]