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Food Storage Hacks to Stretch Those Groceries Out

I know that I definitely struggle with trying to use all my fresh food items in time especially while we’re trying to avoid going to the grocery store as often right now. If you’re similar with that, here are some food hacks you may want to try to in order to get the most out of all the groceries you purchase for the longest period of time. Check it out HERE!... [Read Full Story]

Been Nommin’ Away at All The Things During Quarantine? Don’t Fret!

PopSugar is a pretty awesome online resource for articles regarding your health. I even use their workout videos quite often for some extra motivation. They offer out some good advice too during this pandemic and that is to stop worrying about your weight right now. The blog asked a panel of experts and they all say that in these times of high stress, it’s important to be kind to ourselves and to give ourselves a break – which means we need to stop beating ourselves up about eating too much. Now, of course you probably shouldn’t binge eat every day but still, if you have an overeating kind of day…there’s always a new day tomorrow! Check out the article HERE!
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Quarantine Food Calculator

If you’re struggling to figure out how much food you need to stock up on during your time in quarantine, check out this food calculator. It actually seems like it gives you a reasonable amount of the right foods to purchase in order to make it last for the time you need it to. Click HERE to try it for yourself!... [Read Full Story]

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne Cofounder, Dies of Coronavirus Complications

If you’re not familiar with Adam Schlesinger, he was a musician and songwriter highly regarded for his work. He was a member & the Co-Founder of the band Fountains of Wayne which you probably recall their hit song “Stacy’s Mom” back from 2003. He was also an Emmy-winning songwriter for The CW’s TV show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” I loved watching that show and to now find out that he was one of the writers for the songs created on that show, just makes me appreciate him even more than I already had. Unfortunately, he has died as a result of Coronavirus complications. He was 52 and he passed away Wednesday morning. He was divorced and is survived by two daughters. You can read more about his life and the impressive work he did HERE. R.I.P Adam.... [Read Full Story]

An Interview With Mary Jo Schnell from The OutCenter – Ways for LGBT+ Members to Stay Connected Virtually During This Crazy Time of COVID-19

There’s a lot happening at The OutCenter in Benton Harbor on a normal basis. Even though everything has changed recently with the way we are staying connected to each other, The OutCenter has many ways for LGBTQ+ members to virtually be together and has plans to get through this rough time. Check out the interview between Stephanie & Mary Jo Schnell, The Executive Director of The OutCenter.... [Read Full Story]

Unicorns Do Exist! In Pup Form

In honor of National Puppy Day yesterday, check out this sweet little puppy baby. Her name is Rae which is ear spelled backwards. She was born with one ear and fell critically ill after being born. Fortunately, some great veterinarians were able to save her life and they actually had to do some reconstructive surgery so now it looks like this little puppy is a unicorn because her ear is on top of her head. Check out this sweet baby HERE! She’s definitely not letting this hold her back!... [Read Full Story]