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The Sarah Diaries: Realizing He Really Isn’t That In To You

Is there honestly anything worse than meeting someone, thinking you’ve hit it off, and discovering/realizing they just aren’t that in to you? I mean let’s be honest. Being rejected SUCKS! Not just, to your face rejected, but ghosted, person is MIA, you have no clue what went wrong, REJECTED!
For me, I automatically go worse case scenario. They’re married/in a relationship already, realize they are out of my league and are turned off by my size/hair color/face/personality/something! I mean, we are our own worst critics, and my self deprecation level is pretty intense at times. For me at least, it’s natural to automatically go to the dark side, the key is to not STAY there. The dark side has a way of bringing out the worst – not that I’m admitting total guilt here or anything, or pleading the 5th. But not understanding why, when you thought it was a home run, can bring out the crazy in even the most sane of individuals. I’ve been told a little crazy is normal, a whole lot of crazy can be scary!
There’s a natural urge and want to be accepted by people in general, I think maybe even more so by someone you’re attracted too. One second you’re sitting there going, “Just 1 text, it wont hurt”, the next you’ve sent 18 texts, 3 Snapchats, 2 unanswered calls, and a series of Facebook/Kik/whatever other form of social media you use to chat. And they are all still unanswered.
Recently, I had that horrible realization, he’s just not in to me. No, the number listed above is NOT how drastic I went, but… I might have sent a few messages that went unanswered for DAYS, and I got the hint. Friend zoned. Younger me, would still be crying almost a week later in to her gallon of chocolate ice cream (yes I said gallon, because, well go big or go home?) Older me sighed with disappointment, and made plans for Live Mannequins. Guess what? It still stings, but spending time with friends who love me, made it better.
I guess what I’m saying it, put the phone down. Stop thinking. If there’s something there, and the ball is in their court, let them make the play. It might hurt, but I’m willing to bet there’s something bigger and better out there for you. At least, that’s what my single scoop of chocolate ice cream and I have decided to believe.
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Bulldogs make everything better!

It is no secret that I am a huge animal lover!  On days when I might not be in the best mood, I can rest assured that my English Bulldog Gracie will be standing at the door waiting to greet me when I arrive home.  So when I saw this viral video of Banjo performing some of this years biggest hits, I had to share it!  This video goes to show that a fat little bulldog makes everything better!  What or who made your 2016 better?... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Thank YOU!!

As I’m sitting down to write this, I can’t help be automatically feel a little mushy. 2016 has been a rough year, but it’s also been an amazing one too. A roller coaster of emotions, success, and heartbreak. Marriages, babies, promotions, vacations, and checking off parts of your bucket list counters any of the sadness or loss that this year has brought.
When it really comes down to it, each of us can and should take a few minutes to pause and give thanks for even the smallest of things. Things like having an entire community to explore, discover, and call home in Michigan’s Great Southwest.
All 4 seasons, even if they do all happen the same week. ;-) Friends and family who support you, and offer a words of encouragement, a congratulatory hug, or a shoulder to cry on. New faces that were strangers last year, but are now key parts of your life.
Days with NOTHING on the agenda, and the most jam packed, when are we going to sleep, weeks of summer. Bonfires, cookouts, concerts, and the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. The first snowman of the year, and the way the snow glitters like a diamond.
Curling up to watch your favorite movie with your 2 or 4 legged kids. The way the kitchen smells when you’re baking your grandma’s famous pie.  The smell of the grapes right before harvest, and conversations that make you lose track of time.
Having a job that you love (or 2!) that connects you with listeners who’ve become a second family. For that, for all the above, for you, I’m thankful.
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