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Booby trapped!

Dealing with a refrigerator bandit at work can be frustrating!  One woman who was sick and tired of having a co-worker take regular nips from the milk bottle she stored in the office fridge got even by posting a note that read, “Good morning, To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you’ve enjoyed – cheers!”  Have you ever had to set a booby trap for someone?  If so, what caused you to take action?... [Read Full Story]

Pokemon Go turned out to be a very useful tool for police!

A Michigan man with an arrest warrant fell right into police hands and it’s all thanks to Pokemon Go.  24-year-old William Wilcox has had a number of legal problems and had a warrant out for his arrest. Although he didn’t plan on turning himself in, it’s exactly what he did because Pokemon Go sent him looking for characters at police headquarters. Officers who knew Wilcox from multiple run-ins spotted him outside leaning up against a pole and playing on his phone. They entered his information into their system and found that he had a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear in court for a case in which he’s accused of breaking and entering. Cops arrested him on a misdemeanor and later released him. (The Smoking Gun)... [Read Full Story]

Merging in the Turn Lane? Troopers Say ‘No’

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things we as adults have to deal with is driving. And, more specifically, driving through traffic. No matter what town you visit, including our own busy streets in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph, each one has a street that flows with so much quickly moving traffic that turns become almost impossible.... [Read Full Story]

Wedding Singer

He was a guest at the wedding when the band, led by Lourdes Valentin, was performing Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ on a Prayer” when she went over to Jon’s table and sang to him. He kept motioning to her that she was doing fine, but eventually took the microphone and sang a few verses.... [Read Full Story]