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The Sarah Diaries: Goodbye My Almost Lover

As I’m sitting here typing this blog, I’m torn between feeling ashamed in myself, anger, and hurt to the point of tears. They say, first time – shame on them, second time, shame on me. What about the third, and fourth times?
The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem, so let me share with you my stupidity or problem if you will. Fingers crossed this will prevent anyone else from being in my shoes and wearing the dunce hat so shamelessly. Christmas of 2013, I went south for a week. My friends talked me in to joining them for their first trip to Disney as a family. While down there, this guy, we’ll call him “Florida” and I started chatting via OKCupid and had some crazy instant connection. We ended up on a date to Gatorland of all places – which was super fun!
After returning to Michigan we continued to chat, and get to know each other. I honestly whole heartedly thought I found my person. I started job and apartment hunting and began mentally preparing myself to move to Florida. Looking back I’m SO happy that never happened.
Fast forward 2 years later, and I’ve assumed the role of his 2nd best option. It never fails, I get him out of my system and BOOM, he pops right back up. Conveniently it always when he’s had a falling out with his girlfriend, and I’ve allowed it. Like an idiot.
It’s amazing how social media can change things – and I fully credit Facebook for my discovery that they weren’t over. After calling him out, getting hit with the truth AGAIN, I can’t help but blame myself for all of this.
It’s not just Florida that I’ve fallen in to this pattern with. A few months after Florida and I ended our first round in 2014, I met “Michigan” – and guess what? Yep, stupid me, fell right in to his pattern, eerily similar to that of Florida’s.
Two years… TWO YEARS! That’s how long it’s taken me to realize I’m an idiot. Between the horrible dates, and the good ones with other guys, Michigan and Florida have had some magic control over me. Both of them pop in and out of my life when it’s convenient for them – ie, when problems with their women arise. And I let them, I put up little to no fight to prevent it.
Well, that was until today…
I’m not sure what’s so different about this morning, but I’ve decided my 12 step to recovery from both of them starts today.
It’s amazing what telling someone how you really feel and that “Block” button can do.
Here’s to 2017 being filled with less of them, and more of me rediscovering me.
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Resolutions….do they make us happy or set us up for disappointment?

Each year millions of people make resolutions looking to better themselves in the New Year.  The reality is that only 8% are actually successful in following through with their resolutions.  When a resolution is made and isn’t followed through with or the results don’t come fast enough, some people will then beat themselves up.  Many will think of themselves as a failure or lazy or whatever negative internal dialogue they have with themselves.  So do these resolutions we make every year make us happy or are we just setting ourselves up for disappointment? – Steph... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Christmas Pet

I can’t imagine my life with out a pet in it. They make my life so much better. We’ve had service dogs for my brother, standard Heinz 57 mixes for the rest of us kids, and let’s not forget the cats. There’s something comforting about walking in the house and being greeted by a 4 legged family member.
As I’ve grown up, they’ve become my kids, and I’ve developed a special place in my heart for shelter animals. They might be a mutt or mix, and occasionally they are pure-bred, but through no fault of their own, they’re now up for adoption. Christmas is one of many opportunities for these animals to find their “fur-ever home.”
Unfortunately, this is also how some animals end up in the shelter. The beginning of the following year hits, the novelty of a pet as a gift wears off, they do something “bad”, and suddenly they are cast as being a burden.
True story, I didn’t get my dog Duke during Christmas, but in the spring, weeks after watching my other dog Callie (Calla Lilly) get hit by a car. I was devastated, but I wanted another dog SO bad. Months before, she picked me as her person and I wanted to feel the love of my own dog again. I made the drive and ended up with this adorable black lab/husky mix, that after a few days I couldn’t stand. I wanted to return him, even considered dropping him off at the Humane Society. But I didn’t. Instead we enrolled in obedience classes, because I needed to learn how to handle him as much as he needed to learn the basic commands. Eventually he grew out of his puppy stage (which, by the way, 13 years later I’m thankful my now old man still has some puppy left in him!), and I can’t picture the last 13 years with any other dog.
Same goes for my feline kids… though occasionally Cosita drives me crazy (and drove Zack crazy when he had custody), she’s never leaving my house.
If you’re considering giving a pet as a gift this year, make sure you’re ready for the commitment, and I mean REALLY ready! You’re in it for the long haul! And keep in mind the local shelters and adoption agencies – like the ones Jonny and Meagan feature Friday mornings with Furry Friends Friday. Shelter animals have so much love to give to the right family.
Keep in mind these groups of animals too the below list all have a harder time getting adopted in general, but they love, cuddle, protect, and can become part of the family just the same:
1) Cats older than 9 months – kittens grow up in to these cats, but for some reason they struggle getting adopted.
2) Senior pets – All they want is love for their last years. Senior pets can be the perfect addition to a family, plus is gives them the love, attention, and knowledge that someone cares as they live out the final days.
3) Special needs/medical needs dogs and cats – These can be anything from missing legs, special diets, or medicine requirements. They can be more of a financial commitment, but just like people, these animals didn’t ask to be placed on this list. If you have the means, they’ll show you just as much, if not more love than others.
4) Bonded pets – Sometimes, 2 is better than 1. If you have the room, and you notice there are 2 dogs or cats that have a bond already, they will thrive so much more being adopted together.
5) Shy pets – being  in a shelter is scary enough for a human walking in, let alone an animal that’s living there! They will likely come out of their shell after you get them home, and are occasionally overlooked for the more active/sassy ones.
6) The LT Pets – Otherwise known as the pets who have been waiting at the shelter for a long amount of time. There’s nothing wrong with them, but occasionally YEARS can go by without their “person” coming in.
Click Here for the Furry Friends Friday page with a list of adoptable pets, and to see all the different organizations that you can find your next addition.
Merry Christmas!!
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Just in time for Christmas!

James Corden has brought a ton of laughs to us in 2016 and was thinking ahead to Christmas when taping his popular late night segment.  A handful of some of your favorite artist covered Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You and the late late show host has released the video…..check it out!!... [Read Full Story]