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Rant Time Tuesday – Why Are Fur Babies So Much Money!? I Want To Adopt Them ALL! – August 20th 2019

I love having pets! It’s something that can always brighten up my day because when I come home to them, they’re just so excited to see me. I wish I could just care for all the animals but the only problem with that, is that it costs a lot of money to cover food, shots, other vet bills and toys. Why does it have to cost this much? WHY !? I need to say something about this!... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Humidity is Melting My Face – August 13th 2019

I love summertime. It’s really one of my favorite seasons because you can be outside without having to wear a jacket and you can pretty much do anything you want….but something that can definitely get in the way, is humidity. It messes with your hair, your makeup and it can even make being active outdoors, a pain! Alright HUMIDITY…take a step back…I need to complain about you!... [Read Full Story]