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Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 13, 2017

It’s the time of year when you roll down your windows when you drive down the highway but sometime you might have a bee or maybe even a deer come through your window. Today’s show will definitely give you the creepy crawly feelings. We also talked with Tess from St. Joe Today and got super excited for Easter weekend and Jonny might be writing a children’s book about the Easter Bunny. Listen today’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast to learn more!... [Read Full Story]

The Livery: Meet the Makers, Episode 6

One of the first breweries in Southwest Michigan, The Livery in the heart of the Arts District of Benton Harbor has been around as a microbrewery for around 12 years now, bringing unique beers, good food and live music to Southwest Michigan. Learn more about everything they have going on by going to We had a chance to sit down with Simon Rusk and we talked about beer, food, music and more on this episode of Meet the Makers, brought to you by, plan your route today!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 11th, 2017

Jobs have certainly evolved over the years, many people are working from home because they have kids, or on the road. The traditional office jobs is starting to go away. Also speaking of jobs we had some kids from St. Joseph High School join us to talk about jobs and how to be cool. Berrien County Parks joined us to chat about the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle event happening tomorrow at Lake Michigan College. Plus another Mom Minute helping you deal with recovery from the weekend and Harry Styles almost played Han Solo! Check it out!... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: The Numbers Game

During a recent visit with some friends, we began discussing our dating life. Of the 3, I’m single never married, 1 is divorced with kids, and the 3rd is married with two little ones. Taking turns, us single girls shared crazy stories about our recent dates. I terrified them with a scary situation that happened to me a few weeks ago, and we all laughed hearing about the adventures of the newly single one.
One thing we discussed were the importance of certain numbers. For me, age is a big deal, for her it’s height. I couldn’t help but laugh, because I’ve gone out multiple guys who have lied about both!
I get it, from an early age we adjust as needed. Remember being young and exclaiming your age – I’m 3 and a HALF! Hitting a milestone that you’re mentally not ready for (My 2nd anniversary being 29.) Or when discussing your height with friends who are taller – I’m 4 foot 6 and a HALF! Embellishing, adjusting or accentuating certain numbers makes us feel good about ourselves. Almost like a natural confidence booster.
While small exaggerations are ok, you can let them slide by, larger ones are not. What I don’t get are people who exaggerate so much that in the back of your head there’s a voice going “I call BS! Who do you think you’re fooling?” Example, I’m somewhere around 5’5″, some say I’m 5’4″, others give me 5’6″, truthfully I have no clue anymore. Some of the guys I’ve gone out on dates with claim to be 6′ or taller, but when we meet, we are almost looking eye-to-eye – which is fine! Now granted, I do have a pair of booties that give me about 2-3″, but not the 5 to 7 that is needed to be almost the exact same height.
Another example, I had a guy message me a while ago, his age was listed as being 35. Yet when we met, I called him out on looking older, turns our he’s 47! Or… the ones that say they are in their 30’s but actually are 22! Yes, that really happened, and yes when I realized it I felt like a cougar. Which, I guess isn’t a horrible thing, but wow! Talk about being at two different points in your life! 22 and ready to party, and 33 barely able to keep up! Haha!
So many of us have trust issues, and granted these are small things to embellish. But, I can’t help but think “What else aren’t they being honest about?” For the most part, I’m pretty open, there are things I don’t tell people up front (like where I work, live, or what my last name is) but I’m not feeding them a line of BS either. I don’t tell them I’m a size 2 only to have shock and awe when they see me in person.  And, I’m not just saying it’s only guys that do this either, just their the only ones I have experience with, but why lie about such small details?
Be honest! You’ll get so much more out of it, by simply being honest!
... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast – Apr. 7th, 2017

Meagan is back from her extremely short Spring Break, we talked about her adventure in Chicago at the Field Museum, plus Zack joined us to talk about Smooth Jazz at Sunset at the Shadowland Pavilion. We also talked about Taylor Swift wanted her house to be a historical landmark, Furry Friends Friday with a hot dog dog, and cats wearing leather gloves while driving a Cadillac, all that and more on today’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast!... [Read Full Story]

12 Corners Winery: Meet the Makers, Episode 5

Glen Greiffendorf is the head winemaker at 12 Corners Vineyard & Winery just off Benton Center Rd. in Benton Harbor, MI. Glen has worked in the wine industry for many years but says he is still learning every day and still experimenting with all of the different fruits this area has to offer in the heart of the fruit belt. From award winning wines to hard ciders, 12 Corners has so much to offer on the Makers Trail! Listen to the latest episode of “Meet The Makers” and plan your route at [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Lybrook Elementary School Surprised by Mystery Reader

For the entire month of March, Mrs. Rigler’s second grade class at Lybrook Elementary in Eau Claire has been surprised by a special Mystery Reader. This is something fun and special that Mrs. Rigler has been doing each year as part of National Reading Month! Well yesterday they were greeted by someone special who once attended Lybrook Elementary School many years ago……It was Jonny!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast – March 29, 2017

Is a promise ring a sign of a lack of commitment or is it the “next step” in a relationship. We covered that in today’s Ask Meagan segment. Also there is a Diaper Drive in SW Michigan with Great Start Collaborative…and something your kids use every day could soon be a collector’s item! All that and more in case you missed the show this morning, check out the Sweet & Condensed Podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Lady Gaga on Ru Paul’s Drag Race is EVERYTHING!

Okay, so, Zack is a massive fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. If you’ve never seen the show, it is now in its’ 9th season, formerly on the Logo network, and now on VH-1. The season premiered last Friday to a huge viewership to see one particular moment on this season’s show: The one, the only, Lady Gaga shows up to school the drag queens on saucy style!... [Read Full Story]

White Pine Winery: Meet the Makers, Episode 4

There is a science behind growing grapes and making good wine and Dr. Dave Miller from White Pine Winery is one of the best there is. Not only does he make wine at White Pine Winery, but he also teaches the art of viticulture. Learn more about Dr. Dave in this episode and also plan your route at and visit White Pine Winery with their tasting room in downtown St. Joseph! ... [Read Full Story]