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Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast – March 29, 2017

Is a promise ring a sign of a lack of commitment or is it the “next step” in a relationship. We covered that in today’s Ask Meagan segment. Also there is a Diaper Drive in SW Michigan with Great Start Collaborative…and something your kids use every day could soon be a collector’s item! All that and more in case you missed the show this morning, check out the Sweet & Condensed Podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Lady Gaga on Ru Paul’s Drag Race is EVERYTHING!

Okay, so, Zack is a massive fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. If you’ve never seen the show, it is now in its’ 9th season, formerly on the Logo network, and now on VH-1. The season premiered last Friday to a huge viewership to see one particular moment on this season’s show: The one, the only, Lady Gaga shows up to school the drag queens on saucy style!... [Read Full Story]

White Pine Winery: Meet the Makers, Episode 4

There is a science behind growing grapes and making good wine and Dr. Dave Miller from White Pine Winery is one of the best there is. Not only does he make wine at White Pine Winery, but he also teaches the art of viticulture. Learn more about Dr. Dave in this episode and also plan your route at and visit White Pine Winery with their tasting room in downtown St. Joseph! ... [Read Full Story]

Silver Harbor Brewing Company: Meet The Makers, Episode 3

You can walk from beautiful Silver Beach and go have a great craft beer at Silver Harbor Brewing Company in Downtown St. Joseph. You can grab a stool at their rustic wood bar and fill your glass with their fresh beer and have some delicious food or fill a growler or a crowler! Listen to this episode to learn more The Makers at Silver Harbor Brewing Company. We sat down with Christian Cooks and Ben Dahl to learn more about this new brewery! Meet the Makers is brought to you by! Plan your route on the trail today! ... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Benton Harbor Teacher Buys Shoes for Students in Need

Sean Kellogg is a teacher at Countryside Academy and she noticed students coming to school with less than ideal footwear. So she decided to do something about it. She used crowd funding site to raise money and buy the shoes. Countryside Academy is accepting donations to purchase more shoes for kids in need. They can be reached at 269- 944-3319.
Learn more about this story by clicking the link of the full article from our news partners WNDU.
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The Sarah Diaries: Battle Of The 2am Enough

A while back I was chatting with a good friend about our respective dating adventures, when she suddenly announced how she’s tired of just being “2am good enough.” I immediately exclaimed “YES!!” because that’s exactly how I’ve felt multiple times. I’m not sure I can pin point exactly when I decided I was ok with this form of “enough”, but clearly I’m not the only one. Which makes me happy, and yet super sad. I fully understand we’ve become a more relaxed society, but a girl can dream of being something more, can’t she? Now, before you say, “But Sarah, are you upfront with them with what you want?” The answer is yes. I’m incredibly open with guys and tell them I’m not interested in the casual fling, FWB, late night rendezvous, etc… which apparently makes me a challenge to them? Like, suddenly they feel the need to try and get me to cave and go back on my words to gain manliness points or something. There have been a few that I’ve strongly considered going for it. But that just makes me 2am good enough again…
(Note: As I’m typing this, my phone has dinged TWICE! from 2 guys who “Want to cuddle” or “Netflix?”… slightly ironic.)
Yet, the battle rages on…
Like I’ve said before, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
So how do you break it? How do you convince yourself, and thus others that you’re more than just a “Heeeeyyyy” after dark? Personally, I’m starting to think it starts with admitting dating right now might not be for me, especially online – at least for the time being. Ok, also the types of guys I’ve been attracted to needs revamping, and re-examining what it is I’m looking for. In the meantime, it’s me and the gym, rediscovering my religious beliefs, explore other options and adventures on the bucket list, and heck maybe just maybe date myself. (After all there is no rule that says I can’t be my own Sugar Momma! HAHA!)
Eventually I’ll start asking friends if they know someone to keep me in mind. Continue purging my “lists” maybe give some of those past good first dates a call and a second chance. Throwing it out to the universe that I’m ready, and I’m well beyond 2am good enough.
Oh, one more thing… In case you were wondering, YOU are well beyond 2am good enough too!
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Mr. Blossomtime 2017 and His Court!

In case you missed Mr. Blossomtime Hunter Ackerman and his court this morning, he joined us along with the rest of his court: 1st runner-up Dylan Catalano from Buchanan, 2nd runner-up Nick Case from St. Joe, and Mr. Nice Guy Jonathan Burton from Lakeshore! Check out the video of their interview! Miss Blossomtime will be joining us tomorrow morning!
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NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Fans Are Still Screaming

If you caught New Kids on the Block on The Late, Late Show With James Corden Monday Night, you may have noticed that even though the guys are all in their mid-40s now, their fans were still screaming during their performance.  The group performed their new single “One More Night” from their upcoming EP, Thankful, which comes out May 12th. They’ll drop the official video for the song next Tuesday.... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Slow Down & Say Sorry

By now you’ve probably realized I have a horrible history with guys. I fall fast. Like crazy, stupid, out of my mind, fast. And, it always seems like its the wrong ones. Guys that I know don’t want the same things as me, are 1,200 miles away, or the ones that I can actually tell are ashamed to be in public with me. (True story, I’ll share eventually.) So it should be no surprise to anyone who knows me that when I met a guy recently, I became excited about the potential and WHAM, true to form, everything crashed and burned. That’s part of the fun in dating though, right? While drowning sorrow that you’ve been friend-zoned after asking “What are we?”, another opportunity graces you. (When one door closes…)
For the most part I think I’m a good person, but as he (who shall remain nameless) pointed out to me, I’m not. Actually according to him, I’m pretty much a bottom feeder. After a super crazy, super drunken night on his part, I decided we should just be friends. Things were going WAY too fast, and I didn’t feel comfortable. Actually, terrified is probably the more accurate term. That’s where I made my first mistake, deciding to just be friends instead of ending it. In my defense, there was this crazy instant connection that we both recognized, which would prove to make being just friends with out any strings attached pretty impossible.
Fast forward to this past weekend, after going a few days without talking, I reached out. Yep, shouldn’t have done that – mistake number 2. Thinking, perhaps after a few days things have cooled down on both ends enough that we can think rationally and be friends, get to know each other better, and down the road see where things lead. I was so wrong… so… so wrong. This is where I turn into a bad person… I didn’t nip it in the bud right then and there. I didn’t know how. It felt so good to hear someone say all these amazing things to me that I dragged it out instead of ripping it off like a band-aid. Got his hopes up, his feelings re-involved, and ended up hurting him. Again. Jerk move on my part.
Among the many, MANY things he told me, were that I enjoy leading guys on. Letting them get their feelings involved and then crushing them like a black widow. Karma will get me, overall that I’m only out to build up my self esteem, and that I target the weak and pre-damaged only to break them even more – because I like it. Needless to say, I ended up crying, and questioning who I am.
Part of the things he said stung, because well, I’m afraid they might be true. There’s a part of me that doesn’t like admitting I’m scared that I’ll just end up hurt. So, I sabotage. Hurt them before they hurt me. I guess I just never put in perspective their feelings until him. Which also might explain why I’ve had so many bad experiences, and not enough good ones. It also gives me yet another area that I need to work on. Mostly it’s a reminder to slow down, think, and make sure I’m being the best me.
I hope if you’re one of the guys I’ve hurt/lead on, you’ll accept my apology. I really am sorry, and hope some day we can have a honest discussion about it and how I made you feel.
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