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The Daily Dish – Thursday, March 4

Thursday on Good Morning America, Chris Harrison auditions to keep his Bachelor Nation hosting gig in a taped interview.
The controversial host is on an apology tour for defending the racist actions of Bachelor contestant, Rachael Kirkconnell. She’s apparently the person picked this season by Bachelor Matt James. Yet her scandal — attending an Old South-themed party in college — has reportedly torn them apart. James, by the way, is the first black Bachelor on the show.
Good Morning America teased the interview conducted by former NFL player Michael Strahan. He asked why defend Rachael in the first place. Harrison did not offer a direct answer while taking responsibility, (quote) “I made a mistake. I am an imperfect man. I made a mistake and I own that.” (The Wrap)

HBO Max will finally tape the Friends reunion in mid-April. All six cast members will reunite for the streaming special, which had been tapped to help launch HBO Max one year ago.
David Schwimmer confirmed the shooting schedule. He told Andy Cohen on Wednesday, (quote) “In a little over a month I’m heading out to Los Angeles. We figured a way to film it safely. There’s a portion of it outside because of safety protocols.”
The rumored host, Ellen DeGeneres, will not participate. Schwimmer hesitated at identifying her replacement. Then joked, (quote) “It’s not Billy Crystal, either. I can tell you who it’s not, but that’ll take a while.” (People)

Meghan Markle is a bully, according to former royal staffers.
The Duchess of Sussex was accused of creating a toxic atmosphere for royal aides in a story published in the Times of London — and now Buckingham Palace has started an investigation.
In a statement, the Palace says that it is “very concerned” about the allegations and adds that “accordingly our HR team will look into the circumstances outlined in the article. Members of staff involved at the time, including those who have left the Household, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned. The Royal Household has had a Dignity at Work policy in place for a number of years and does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace.”
Meghan is accused of reducing staffers to tears when she lived at Kensington Palace after marrying Prince Harry. In one incident, a royal aide allegedly told a colleague “I can’t stop shaking” as they anticipated a confrontation with the Duchess.
On Wednesday, Markle’s rep called the allegations a “calculated smear campaign” orchestrated by the Palace ahead of her interview with Oprah Winfrey on Sunday night.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, March 4

Grammar Day: Is bad grammar a turn-off for you? A survey of more than 9,000 people by dating app Zoosk found that bad grammar is definitely not sexy. 72% said spelling errors were a turn-off and 48% said bad grammar was a dating deal breaker. (Teen Vogue)

When asked, most women answer that they have a tendency to try and “do it all.” And that has become especially true during the pandemic. A new survey by Conair — in recognition of International Women’s Day — found that 47% of the women surveyed said they feel pressure to “do it all.” And that pressure has only increased, with the average woman taking on nearly double the number of household responsibilities since this time last year.
The survey found that while the typical women had about seven household duties to take care of at the beginning of 2020, she now has close to 14. Not surprisingly, the average woman reported getting only four hours of sleep every night. Of the women surveyed who were in relationships, just 10% felt that their partner took on the same number of responsibilities as they did. Nearly 70% said their partner did fewer things around the house.

Do you have an outfit picked out for your post-pandemic debut? Seems lots of people do. According to a new survey, 45% of respondents said they’re planning to get decked out for their first big post-pandemic event – with more men than women saying they’re planning to go all out — 55% vs. 36% respectively. And 15% of those surveyed said they even have an outfit picked out for that day. And, again, men were more likely to say they had a particular outfit in mind. 21% of men said they an outfit picked out compared to 9% of women.
Some other findings:
  • 41% have started shopping for clothing other than loungewear
  • 20% have made sure their nice clothes still fit
  • 20% have gotten dressed up at home “for no reason” (SWNS)

Music News – Thursday, March 4

Grammy-winning electronic act Justice is looking for some justice — because they say Justin Bieber “borrowed” their logo for the cover of his new album.
The group’s management tells Spin, “Bieber’s team emailed us in May of 2020, asking to be looped in with Justice’s graphic designer to discuss a logo. We tried to set up a call between Bieber’s team and our designer, but the call was never completed. No one ever mentioned an album called Justice or a logo that says Justice.”
Justin’s reps have not commented, but the French band tossed off a snarky Instagram post offering Bieber a design job.

Everybody has a favorite Taylor Swift lyric, including Taylor Swift.
She tells People magazine that she’s especially proud of a line she wrote for Folklore‘s “The Last Great American Dynasty.” She says, “I’m really proud of ‘She had a marvelous time ruining everything’ because it’s about what happens when women step out of their cages and run. It can be a real pearl-clutching moment for society when a woman owns her desires and wildness.”
Taylor says the song was inspired by the extremely colorful life of Rebekah Harkness, the onetime owner of the lavish Rhode Island mansion that the singer bought a few years back.

Jon Bon Jovi tells The Irish Times newspaper that he didn’t think ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ was going to be a hit. “I remember walking out of the room with Richie and I said, ‘Eh, it’s okay. Maybe we should just put it on a movie soundtrack.’ Richie looked at me and said, ‘You’re an idiot. It’s really good.’ I said, ‘I just don’t know where it’s going.’ But, my God, who knew? Not us, I can assure you. It was created on a day when none of us had any ideas. We just had a conversation, and it came out of that. I’m sure happy my name’s on it!”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Wednesday, March 3

Back in 1961, Calvin Tyler of Baltimore, Maryland, enrolled at Morgan State College to study business administration. But unfortunately, in 1963, Calvin had to drop out because couldn’t afford tuition.
Don’t worry. Things turned out pretty well for Calvin — as he and his wife, Tina, just donated $20 million to the university.
After leaving school 60 years ago, he took a job as a UPS driver and worked his way up the corporate ladder. WAY up. Before Calvin retired, he was the senior vice president of U.S. operations and was on the board of directors.
Through the years, he never forgot about his experiences at Morgan State — and was inspired to offer the donation earlier this year.
Calvin and Tina have a goal of offering more full tuition scholarships so young people can graduate from college and enter the next stage of their life debt-free. (WABC-TV)

The Daily Dish – Wednesday, March 3

Dr. Oz is a tv hero to millions, but Monday night, he was truly a hero after saving a man at Newark Liberty International Airport.
The TV doc sprang into action when he saw a man in distress and showing signs of heart failure. He cleared the man’s airway, administered CPR and eventually shocked him with a defibrillator. There were no other doctors nearby, but a police officer assisted by keeping the area clear.
The man is said to be doing “OK” at a New Jersey hospital. (TMZ)

Snooki has apparently come out of retirement for another season of Jersey Shore.
The reality star had said she was done with the show back in 2019, but Snooks was spotted being filmed during a lunch with co-star Angelina Pivarnick last week in Florham Park, New Jersey.
TMZ says that “it’s unclear how involved Snooki’s gonna be in the MTV reality series — guest appearance or full cast member.”
Snooki could be on the show to promote her gig hosting Beach Cabana Royale on Discovery Plus.

Comedian Chris D’Elia is in more trouble.
This time, the comedian is being sued by a woman who claims he took her virginity when she was only 17 — and when she told him her age, he allegedly said it was “hot.”
According to TMZ, the unnamed woman is suing D’Elia for violating federal child sexual exploitation and child pornography laws. She’s not suing over the fact they had sex, because in Connecticut the age of consent is 16.
The woman is suing Chris for damages and asking a judge to stop him from possessing or taking any action regarding the alleged pornographic images of her.
His spokesperson says, “Chris denies these allegations and will vigorously defend himself against them in court.”
Chris has recently been accused of grooming underage girls online and allegedly exposing himself to several women.

The Hot 3 with Honor Credit Union – My Virtual Strongbox – March 3

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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, March 3

  • National Anthem Day: Commemorates the day (March 3rd, 1931) the United States adopted “The Star Spangled Banner” as its National Anthem.
  • World Wildlife Day: A day to celebrate the world’s wildlife and raise awareness of endangered species.
  • International Irish Whiskey Day: A good day for a shot of Irish whiskey.
  • Canadian Bacon Day: A good day for bacon and eggs.
  • Cold Cuts Day: A good day for a sandwich.

Even though 42% of high school and college athletes are women – and women make up 40% of professional athletes, they only get 4% of sport media coverage. That’s about to change. Star female athletes Alex Morgan (soccer), Simone Manuel (swimming) Sue Bird (basketball), and Chloe Kim (snowboarding) have started their own media company. It’s called Togethxr – pronounced together. (Pop Sugar)

Have you ever played the numbers in your fortune cookie in the lottery? That strategy worked out for Ernesto Sorzano of North Carolina who won $500,000 in the Powerball lottery. (Food & Wine)

The robots are coming … Some fast food places are testing out automated ordering. Basically, when you go through the drive-thru, you will interact with a computer, who will greet you and take your order, rather than a human. (Food & Wine)

How old were you when you finally felt like a grown-up?  1,700 adults were asked that question in a new survey.  And the #1 answer was . . . “I DON’T feel like a grown-up yet.”
13% of people said they still don’t feel like a true grown-up.  The most common answers after that were at age 18, 20, 21, 25, and 30.  Here are the OTHER top ten things that make us feel grown up . . .
1.  Owning a home.
2.  Getting your first a full-time job.
3.  Moving out of your parents’ house.
4.  Worrying about bills and finding ways to save.
5.  Graduating from school.
6.  Getting married.
7.  Knowing your credit score.
8.  Planning out your meals in advance.
9.  Having kids.
10.  Getting your driver’s license.

Music News – Wednesday, March 3

Mick Fleetwood tells Rolling Stone magazine that he is open to reuniting with Lindsey Buckingham. “Would I love to think that [reunion] could happen? Yeah. I’d love to think that all of us could be healed, and also respect the people who are in the band, Neil Finn and Michael Campbell. I can’t speak for the dynamic with Stevie and him. I don’t even need to protect it. It’s so known that they’re chalk and cheese in so many ways, and yet not. I know for a fact that I intend to make music and play again with Lindsey. I would love that. It doesn’t have to be in Fleetwood Mac. And Fleetwood Mac is such a strange story. All the players in the play are able to talk and speak for themselves. Somehow, I would love the elements that are not healed to be healed. I love the fantasy that we could cross that bridge and everyone could leave with creative, holistic energy, and everyone could be healed with grace and dignity.”

Super Bowl Halftime Artist The Weeknd tells Billboard magazine that Michael Jackson helped him find his voice. “I take a lot of influence from the late Michael Jackson.My favorite song is ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’. That’s actually the song that helped me find my voice.”

Barry Gibb tells the Daily Star that the new Bee Gees biopic won’t be released for at least another two years.  “The biopic could be about two years away. You shall see how I saw the world through my eyes, and there are a lot of things that nobody ever knew about. It is a million moments, you know – a million moments that change your life in one day. There are things in the book that could never be in the film.”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Tuesday, March 2

On Saturday, the Hope College women’s basketball team played a game against Kalamazoo College in Holland, Michigan.
But it wasn’t just a normal day for the team. Instead, it was Senior Day, which was intended to honor the teammates who are in their senior year of school.
Coach Brian Morehouse wanted to do something special for his seniors — so he had them on the floor to start the game … all nine of them.
Of course, basketball is a five-on-five sport. Having nine players on the court is against the rules. That didn’t matter. Brian had all of his seniors out there to make sure they were recognized at tip-off.
The team ended up being penalized with a technical foul for the stunt, which meant they started the game down by a score of 2-0.
It ended up not mattering, as Hope College won the game in the end.
But, odds are, the players won’t remember the victory as much as they’ll remember the cool move made by Coach Morehouse, who explained that their focus “is always team first.” (MLive)

The Daily Dish – Tuesday, March 2

Ryan Fischer, who was shot while walking Lady Gaga‘s dogs in Los Angeles last week, felt well enough to write an emotional Instagram message on Monday morning.
The 39-year old Fischer expressed thanks for his recovery, and singled out Gaga’s canine pal Miss Asia for some extra love. He wrote, “While a car sped away and blood poured from my gunshot wound, an angel trotted over and laid next to me. My panicked screams calmed as I looked at her, even though it registered that the blood pooling around her tiny body was my own.”
He also says he’s “humbled and grateful” for the treatment he’d received during recovery. “First responders and health care workers: You literally saved my life and helped me take newborn walks, I can’t thank you enough.”

Prince Philip has been moved to another London hospital to continue treatment for an infection, Buckingham Palace said Monday. Queen Elizabeth‘s husband was transferred to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Europe’s biggest specialized cardiovascular center. The 99-year-old was hospitalized last month after feeling ill. (Fox News)

Angelina Jolie is $11.6 million richer after selling her Winston Churchill painting at auction.
The Moroccan landscape painting went for that amount Monday at Christie’s in London. Churchill painted the “Tower of the Koutoubia Mosque” in 1943, and it’s believed to be the British Prime Minister’s only wartime painting.
The $11.6 million sale price is a record for a Churchill original, according to TMZ, surpassing the previous record of $2.5 million.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin have welcomed their sixth child together — only five months after she gave birth to their son Eduardo.
Hilaria broke the news Monday with a Instagram photo of the baby alongside Eduardo, 2-year-old Romeo Alejandro David, 4-year-old Leonardo Ángel Charles, 5-year-old Rafael Thomas and 7-year-old Carmen Gabriela.
Hilaria captioned the pic with a number “7” and a red heart emoji. That stands for Alec’s seven children, including Ireland.
Hilaria and Alec never announced her pregnancy, though the baby could have come via surrogate. Comments on the post have been turned off.

Julie from JLN Studio Invites Your Family to Enjoy ART KITS!

Julie from JLN Studio LLC in Stevensville joins Zack to talk about the awesome in-person small group classes in the studio, and great take-home Art Kits for students and adults available right now. Buy online:

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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, March 2

National Read Across America Day: Also known as Dr. Seuss Day, to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, today is a day to celebrate reading. So, read a book today. Even better, read with a child.
Old Stuff Day: A day to appreciate the old stuff gathering dust in your house … or, a good day to finally get rid of it. If you do plan to use today – or this week – to do a little spring cleaning, here’s what experts say you should toss:
  • Old bed pillows and linens you never use because they’re old and ratty.
  • Beat-up old suitcases and duffel bags.
  • That collection of cheap vases from flower deliveries.
  • Books: Don’t throw them out but donate them. There are even libraries that will take your old books if they are in good condition.
  • The toys your kids never play with: If they are in good condition, donate them. If not, toss them.
  • Exercise equipment you never use: That treadmill that you have been draping clothes over for years needs a new home. (MSN)

We’ve heard of some crazy things on a pizza, but this might take the cake, or, cereal … A pizza place in Des Moines, Iowa, called Fong’s is putting Froot Loops … on a pizza. “Making pizzas that are outside the box has always been a staple of Fong’s,” said owner Gwen Page said. “Now we’re trying things out for breakfast pizzas.” (Des Moines Register)

With spring right around the corner, and after a year without normal styling, everyone is itching for a real haircut. Unfortunately, the trendiest hairstyle for spring 2021 might have you holding on to your grown-out pandemic ’do a little longer. According to InStyle, the mullet is going to be all the rage in the next couple months — thanks Miley Cyrus. Here are the other trends they’re predicting:
  • Bangs — especially ’70s curtain bangs
  • Blunt Bobs
  • Center Parts
  • Natural Hair
  • Blunt, short, and brightly colored
  • ‘90s flip of the ends — ‘The Rachel’ is coming back!

Music News – Tuesday, March 2

Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs were found safe and sound on Friday night, two days after they were stolen by dognappers who shot the star’s dogwalker.
According to Los Angeles police, a woman who was not connected to the thieves brought the dogs to the LAPD’s Olympic Community Police Station after seeing them tied to a pole in an alley.
Gaga had offered a $500,000 reward for their return, but it wasn’t immediately known if the woman will receive the money.
According to TMZ, there’s evidence to suggest the dognappers may not have known they were Gaga’s pooches.
The star, who’s in Rome filming a movie, said Friday that she was “heartbroken” over the loss of her beloved dogs.
The dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, is expected to make a full recovery.

Taylor Swift is ticked off at the makers of a Netflix sitcom, and she’s not ready to shake it off.
The star was turned into a punchline on the season finale of Ginny and Georgia, when one character asks another if she has broken up her with her boyfriend, to which she replies: “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”
Tay wasn’t laughing. In fact, she hit Twitter to write, “Hey Ginny and Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back.”
She also slammed the streaming service, which she worked with on her 2020 documentary Miss Americana, saying, “After Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you.”

Bruno Mars is putting his fashion sense to the test by introducing his first clothing line.
He will team with classic sportswear brand Lacoste on a line called Ricky Regal — which happens to be one of Bruno’s alter-ego names. The 25-piece line looks back to the late 1970s for inspiration, with plenty of bold colors and wild graphics.
Mars says, “I’ve been very fortunate to have been asked to do collaborations in the past, but it always came with guidelines. Lacoste was the first and only brand that said, ‘Bruno, we want you to make this truly yours.'”
Right now, Ricky Regal is available in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, with a national roll-out expected in the spring. (WWD)

The Happy Headline of the Day – Monday, March 1

In Austin, Texas, 68-year-old Emily Johnson had a problem. She was scheduled for open heart surgery in Cleveland, Ohio — and needed to get a coronavirus vaccine before traveling. But, her doctors in Austin had no access to the vaccine.
Emily posted a message online, asking people for advice and suggestions.
Instead of just getting advice, Emily ended up getting the actual vaccine, thanks to a stranger who gave up her place in line.
It was 50-year-old Christy Lewis who came to the rescue.
Christy was able to reach Emily that very morning — and direct Emily to the appointment.
It all worked out.
Emily got the vaccine — and was even able to schedule her second dose.
Christy’s generous offer was a simple decision for her, explaining, “You just know when it feels right, and this felt right to me.” (New York Daily News)

The Daily Dish – Golden Globes Edition – Monday, March 1

Nomadland and The Crown were among the big winners at Sunday’s 78th annual Golden Globe Awards .
Nomadland, a low-budget drama starring Frances McDormand, was named best motion picture drama, and its director, Chloé Zhao, became only the second woman to win a best director prize, following Barbra Streisand in 1983 for Yentl.
The Crown took home best TV drama, while Schitt’s Creek walked away with best TV comedy.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which votes on the awards, has come under fire after for having no Black members. The organization addressed the issue during the broadcast. Former President Meher Tatna said, “We must also ensure everyone from all underrepresented communities gets a seat at our table, and we are going to make that happen.”
Despite that, several Black actors were honored during the night.
Chadwick Boseman became only the second posthumous best actor in a drama winner for his work  in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” The star died in August of colon cancer at the age of 43. His widow, Taylor Simone Ledward, gave an emotional speech on his behalf, saying, “Honey, you keep ’em coming.”
Andra Day was named best actress in a drama for The United States vs. Billie Holiday.
Daniel Kaluuya won best supporting actor in a motion picture for Judas and the Black Messiah, and John Boyega‘s role in Small Axe got him a win in the category for best supporting actor in a series, limited series or motion picture made for television.
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the event on opposite ends of the country, with Tina at the Rainbow Room in New York City while Amy was in L.A. at the Beverly Hilton.
The Netflix movie Mank, which came into the night with the most nominations (six), went home empty-handed.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, March 1

  • Believe it or not … It’s March 1st.
  • World Compliment Day

There’s a reason some people are addicted to social media. A new study found that social media users are driven by “likes” — the same way lab rats are driven by food rewards. It’s basically “reward learning.” Getting a like gives you that reward high — so you crave more.

Are you a double screener? Do you watch TV while also looking at your phone/tablet/laptop? You are definitely not alone. 90% of people in a recent survey said they watch TV while also concentrating on another screen. 25% of those say they text people about what they’re watching. (SWNS)

Speaking of watching TV … ACT II microwave popcorn is releasing a new flavor … mac & cheese popcorn. While some Instagram users have posted pics of the popcorn, there’s still no word on when it will be released. (Delish)

Do you like to work out alone or with other people? Seems the pandemic has led a lot of people to appreciate working out alone. A new survey found that 42% of respondents say they prefer exercising alone. The main reason: You can work out on your own time schedule – where you want and when you want. 33% said working out alone allowed them to focus more on what they were doing, and 37% said they liked to be alone with their thoughts when they worked out. And 20% said they liked working out alone because they don’t feel judged. (SWNS)

Remember the Windows XP default desktop wallpaper, that green hill with the sunny blue skies? The editor of the San Francisco Gate decided to find the actual location in the photo. Turns out it’s across the street from an alpaca farm in Sonoma, California. Photographer Charles O’Rear took the now-legendary shot he called “Bliss” in 1996. Microsoft found it and paid him for the rights, but apparently that didn’t buy loyalty. O’Rear says he’s now hooked on Apple. Ouch.

Music News – Monday, March 1

Kelly Clarkson has been trying to turn a big negative into a positive — by using her divorce as inspiration for new songs.
Kel tells Entertainment Tonight that she’s really thrown herself into writing during the messy split from Brandon Blackstock. She says, “I have written like 60 songs, it is an insane amount of getting it out. I think that’s a blessing in itself. I don’t know how anybody, I’ll just be real with you, goes through grief like divorce, any kind of grief, any kind of loss, without having an outlet like this.”
She adds that we may not hear some of the most difficult tunes. “They’re just difficult decisions to put those out because they’re so personal. I hate that I had to go through ‘Because of You’ or ‘Piece by Piece.’ Certain songs that I’ve written certainly have shaped me, but have been really hard.”

Taylor Swift is giving a thumbs-up to the LGBTQ Equality Act — and keeping her fingers crossed that it will officially become a law.
The bill, which passed the House on Thursday, would create a federal law against discrimination on the basis of “sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” It goes to the Senate next, and Tay tweeted “Fingers crossed and praying that the Senate will see trans and lgbtq rights as basic human rights.”
Taylor’s been all about the cause for a while: She ended her “You Need to Calm Down” video by asking fans to sign the petition, writing, “Let’s show our pride by demanding that, on a national level, our laws truly treat all of our citizens equally.”

Stevie Nicks tells CBS that music will always be her first love. “When I’m 90 years old. I don’t wanna be laying in my big, gorgeous bedroom going like, ‘Ugh, I’m so broken-hearted that I didn’t find the one. And then I would have to answer myself and say, ‘Yes, but you did find several “the ones” who you wrote really great songs about and that’s why you’re living in this absolutely spectacular house with everything that you want and anything that you could possibly wanna buy,'”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Friday, February 26

During last week’s winter storm in Texas, the Illuminidol candle company — located in the city of Austin — was able to help those in need by giving away candles.
Owner Gavin Inverso picked up 2,000 candles from the warehouse with his van — and then put the word out on social media. Anyone who needed a candle was welcome to one.
Gavin took things even further.
He found people with pipe issues and turned off their water. He drove to get supplies for neighbors and friends. He even opened his doors to neighbors, so they could come inside, stay warm, and use his hot water.
Gavin explained that giving away candles and helping out “just seemed like such a small thing, compared to people not having heat.” And, his mission to help also improved his mood, admitting that he “definitely left every place feeling a lot better.” (KXAN-TV)

The Daily Dish – Friday, February 26

The next time you see someone famous in a New York restaurant, it might not really be them.
New York’s famed Peter Luger’s Steak House has borrowed wax replicas of celebrities from Madame Tussaud’s of Times Square to occupy space that, for now, can’t host diners.
They placed a faux Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame, near the bar, as a novel way to enforce social distancing guidelines and limited capacity. They even have the Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon at a table, while weatherman Al Roker points at the sky with his wax doppleganger at the bottom of a staircase directing diners to an upstairs area.
The concept can even stir up memories of classic Hollywood — with Audrey Hepburn posing as her Breakfast at Tiffany‘s character Holly Golightly sipping a martini. (Yahoo News)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler return to host the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday.
The Netflix movie Mank leads the way with six nods, and The Trial of the Chicago Seven is right behind with five. The late Chadwick Boseman is up for Best Actor in a Drama for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.
The show airs live Sunday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

Adam Sandler tells the Golf Channel that he would green-light a Happy Gilmore sequel. The comedian said, “It has not been discussed. But it certainly has been discussed on the Internet, and believe me, that Senior Tour idea… it would be so amazing.” The original movie celebrated its 25th anniversary last week. (

John Mulaney has finished his 60-day stint in rehab and is said to be doing well.
The comedian had checked into a treatment facility last year for alcohol and drug abuse, including cocaine.
A source says, “John has completed 60 days in rehab and now he’s in outpatient sober care. He is doing well, although he is still not ready to return to work.”
Last year, a source told Page Six, “His fans know he’s struggled in the past with sobriety, he has talked about it openly. Unfortunately, he has struggled again during the pandemic.”

Furry Friends Friday with Bambi from Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan – February 26

Or FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY Featured Pet from The Mason Jar Cafe is BAMBI!
Bambi is a spayed female dark tiger cat with an adorable white tip on her tail. She is approximately 3 years old and was left behind at a local apartment complex. Bambi is talkative and will roll on her back to get belly rubs. Good with other cats, hesitant with dogs, would be good with children with introduction. Call Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan at 269-926-4279 to learn more our beautiful Bambi.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, February 26

  • Carpe Diem Day
  • National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Are you a night owl? It could be affecting your work. A study from Finland found that night owls are more likely to struggle during work hours and actually are twice as likely to perform poorly at work than their early bird counterparts. Why? Because they’re tired!

What sounds have you missed since the pandemic began? A new survey found that among the sounds we miss most are live music (38%), a movie playing in surround sound in a theater (35%) and fans cheering at a sporting event (28%). Another sound people miss? Conversation. In fact, 62% of people respondents said social distancing has put a big dent in “the art of the conversation.” (SWNS)

Can’t go on vacation? Bud Light Seltzer wants to fix that … with their “Out of the Office” variety pack. You may not be able to travel right now, but Bud Light wants you to act like you’re on vacation with their new hard seltzer flavors — Watermelon Mojito, Classic Margarita, Mango Mai Tai, and Strawberry Daiquiri. The “Out of Office” packs will be available on March 1. (Delish)

A scientist at Stanford University has a new theory why Zoom calls feel so EXHAUSTING.  Basically, it’s because they’re too intimate, so they’re triggering the parts of our brain that make us want to either FIGHT or MATE.  And that’s stressful.
“On Zoom, behavior ordinarily reserved for close relationships, such as long stretches of direct eye gaze and faces seen close up, has suddenly become the way we interact with casual acquaintances, coworkers, and even strangers.”
The study suggests a few easy fixes like not using full-screen mode, or occasionally turning off your camera. Even getting up and walking around a bit helps.

Music News – Friday, February 26

A man who’d been dog-sitting for Lady Gaga was ambushed late Wednesday night by a crew of creeps who shot him and stole two of the three pups he was walking.
Ryan Fischer was found “conscious but barely breathing” outside his West Hollywood home according to cops. A police report says that two of Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustavo, were stolen. A third, Miss Asia, meanwhile, ran away and was later recovered by police.
The attackers fled the scene in a white BMW and are still at large. Gaga is currently in Italy on a film shoot. (Daily Mail)
TMZ reports that Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of her dogs, “no questions asked.”  The dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, is in the hospital, but is expected to recover fully.

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and his wife, Aja Volkman, have donated his childhood home to the cause of expanding the reach of a non-profit that runs community homes for LGBTQ youth.
Reynolds teamed with a group of others that includes Apple and the owners of the Utah Jazz. The campaign’s name, “$8 million, 8 houses,” is its mission statement. It will allow the Utah-based organization Encircle to construct new homes in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada to go with the three it already operates and one under construction in Utah.
The Las Vegas home where Reynolds grew up is expected to fetch $1 million. Jazz owners Ryan and Ashley Smith will pitch in $2 million and Apple another $1 million plus “products that promote digital connection, creativity and education.” (Billboard)

Columbus Short, a backing dancer who had a brief romantic fling with Britney Spears, says the star’s parents dropped the n-word when trying to convince her to drop him.
Short, who says Brit pursued him before they got busy back in 2003, says that he was cuddled up next to her when he overheard the abuse over speaker phone. He tells the Inside Hollywood YouTube show, “I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker. [They asked] why are you [sleeping with] that [n-word]?” And that, “Britney looked at me so apologetically, knowing I’d heard it. I shook my head and didn’t say anything, because what was there to say?”
Spears’ mom, Lynne, disputed Short’s account. She tells the New York Post, “Those terrible words are not remotely in my vocabulary. I would never say that to anyone, much less my daughter. Ever.”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, February 25

SpaceX is a company that has been working toward sending civilians into space — and not just astronauts.
Well, they’re a step closer as they announced a spaceflight that will include only civilians — and one of those “regular people” will be 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux [ARR-seh-no].
When the spacecraft lifts off, Hayley will be the youngest-ever American to fly into space.
It’s actually unfair to call Hayley “regular” because she’s already something of a hero here on Earth.
She’s currently a physician assistant in Memphis, Tennessee — and also a cancer survivor, as she beat the disease about 20 years ago.
All of her hard work through the years is certainly paying off now, as she’ll be aboard the Inspiration 4 mission, serving as the crew’s medical officer.
Hayley says her battle with cancer prepared her for space travel, explaining that it helped her “expect the unexpected and go along for the ride.” (Engadget)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, February 25

Photos surfaced Wednesday of Lady Gaga arriving in Rome, Italy ahead of filming a bio-pic focused on the fashion world’s tragic death of Maurizio Gucci.
Gaga takes the lead of role of Gucci’s murderous ex-wife. Patrizia Reggiani spent 18 years in an Italian prison for arranging Gucci’s assassination. She hired a hitman after Gucci chose to marry his mistress.
Filming begins next month on location. Gaga has dreams of winning the Academy Award for Best Actress starring opposite two Best Actor winners Al Pacino and Jared Leto, plus Adam Driver. (E! News)

Simon Cowell says he came close to being paralyzed following last year’s e-bike accident.
The America’s Got Talent judge did his first interview about the incident with his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on Extra.
Simon admits the accident left him drifting in and out of consciousness. He adds, “It could have been a lot worse. When I saw the X-ray, I really nearly could have smashed my spine to pieces, so I literally wouldn’t have been able to walk.”
Cowell insists he’ll return from his injury “fitter than I was before I had the accident. I’ve never been in this situation in my life where you literally can’t move. The pain was off the charts.”
He’s also reportedly thinking about suing  the company behind the e-bike he was riding at the time of the accident.

It’s a boy for Katharine McPhee and David Foster.
The baby is the first for the couple, who wed in 2019.
A rep tells People magazine that the 36-year-old singer and the 71-year-old producer “have welcomed a healthy baby boy. Mom, Dad and son are all doing wonderfully.”
The couple met in 2006 when David mentored Katharine and other contestants on Season 5 of American Idol.
David is already father to five daughters — Sara, 40, Erin, 38, Jordan, 34, Allison, 50, and Amy, 47, from two previous relationships.

Tiger Woods won’t face criminal charges over his car wreck.
Asked if the golf star would face a reckless driving charge, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Tiger would not be charged and added that “his is purely an accident.” Villanueva said there’s no evidence that he was under the influence of a substance when he drove his SUV off a cliff in Southern California on Tuesday.
Officials say they didn’t bother to take a blood sample because there were no obvious signs Woods was impaired. He was arrested for DUI in 2017.
Meanwhile, his doctor said early Wednesday morning that Tiger is “awake, responsive, and recovering” after surgery to repair “significant injuries” to his right leg.