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The Sarah Diaries: Because I Said “No.”

Growing up “No” hasn’t been in my vocabulary as much as it probably should. Friends, jobs, family “Sarah can you…” was promptly met with a YES! I’m sure if I sat down with my therapist he would tell me it’s a need somewhere for me to be loved an accepted – and he’s probably right. I’ve gotten better about saying no, in most areas. I will admit, I’ve slacked on using it in my personal life, until recently.... [Read Full Story]

Will & Grace reunion is coming!!

Following their tease during the election, many fans wondered if a Will & Grace reunion was in the works.  Now after many months of speculation, fans can rest easy knowing that it is in fact happening.  Sean Hayes informed fans of the great news via his Facebook page this afternoon.  One of our favorite foursomes will return to NBC during the 2017/18 season for a limited 10 episode run.  Until then the official announcement trailer will have to do!!... [Read Full Story]