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Jonny’s Backyard Makeover with Culby’s in Progress

Ok so I promised that I would post some photos of the landscaping project that I have been working on at my house. We are in the process of doing some landscape edging in the front with some natural stones that we picked out at Culby’s Landscape from their wide array of stone choices. They have over 196 different types of natural stone, so it was tough to choose but my fiance and I agreed on the right stone for the front. Actually she picked it out and I said “whatever you want sweetheart!”... [Read Full Story]

Chewbacca Mom Goes for a Ride with James Corden

Candice Payne, the viral sensation who’s become known as “Chewbacca Mom,” is riding her 15 minutes of fame in a car with James Corden and director J.J. Abrams. The sketch shows Corden waiting for Payne to pick him up to drive him to work. Abrams then mysteriously shows up in the backseat. The three of them then put on their Chewbacca masks and have a laugh.... [Read Full Story]

Grown-Up Stroller?!

Every parent who’s ever pushed their baby in a stroller has thought about how nice it would be for them to be pushed in a stroller. So stroller-maker Contour created this ad to give grown-ups the opportunity to ride in an adult-sized stroller.... [Read Full Story]