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Chewbacca Mom Goes for a Ride with James Corden

Candice Payne, the viral sensation who’s become known as “Chewbacca Mom,” is riding her 15 minutes of fame in a car with James Corden and director J.J. Abrams. The sketch shows Corden waiting for Payne to pick him up to drive him to work. Abrams then mysteriously shows up in the backseat. The three of them then put on their Chewbacca masks and have a laugh.... [Read Full Story]

Grown-Up Stroller?!

Every parent who’s ever pushed their baby in a stroller has thought about how nice it would be for them to be pushed in a stroller. So stroller-maker Contour created this ad to give grown-ups the opportunity to ride in an adult-sized stroller.... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: FitBit Helps Doctors Save A Man's Life

In New Jersey, a man’s Fitbit helped doctors save his life.
The 42-year-old went to the emergency room immediately after suffering a seizure and doctors there found that his heart rate was irregular and rapid, reaching up to 190 beats per minute.
The doctors were able to figure out when his irregular heartbeat had started by logging into his Fitbit stats – and then choose the right treatment to restore a normal heart rate.
Without having those statistics, the doctors wouldn’t have known which treatment to give him and could have actually made things worse.
The man’s good fortune was such a breakthrough for doctors that the story was written up in the Annals of Emergency Medicine professional journal – and this Fitbit ended up offering an amazing bonus, beyond just counting calories.... [Read Full Story]

Furry Friends Friday: Captain

Thank you to Kasey Murphy from Van Buren Animal Control for bringing in Captain! He is such a great dog and we have been anticipating his arrival all week. We saw post on Facebook about him and so did his new family. As much as Jonny wanted to adopt Captain, we are so thrilled that Captain was adopted last night!!! Check out the video and see this amazing Furry Friend!!! ... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Girl Gets Hundreds of Books After Fire

When a fire destroyed an 8-year-old girl’s home, she found herself without her most beloved possessions … her books.
Heidi VanSumeren has always loved reading and writing and was devastated that her books and her writing desk were lost in the blaze that destroyed her family’s Michigan home.
Well, children’s book illustrator and author Bob Shea met Heidi at an elementary school reading event and learned of her loss. He took to Twitter to tell her story and ask for donations. Soon people – including librarians and authors from all over the world – began sending Heidi books, art materials, gift cards for clothes, and even furniture.
What made the gifts extra special was that many of the children’s authors signed the books and wrote messages inside.
Heidi and her family are so grateful for the gifts and are storing them all at her grandmother’s house while they get back on their feet.... [Read Full Story]