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Rant Time Tuesday – Mornings Are Just Rough – July 9th 2019

There are all types of people…morning people, night people… even afternoon people. But what happens when you’re a morning person, that does not like waking up early!? That’s me…and I’ve got something to say about that because no matter how much of a morning person I am and how much I like to get my stuff done for the day early, it doesn’t make waking up before 5 any easier!... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Why Buy The Fancy New Products When They Aren’t Up To Standard? – July 2nd 2019

I bought a new Mac Book Pro about a year ago. After only a couple weeks, it was having some keyboard issues. Took it in, they made it worse….took it in again, and they basically wiped all my stuff in order to fix the problem which now has be questioning, why did I buy the newest product if it isn’t even up to standard!?... [Read Full Story]