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Journeyman Distillery: Meet the Makers, Episode 8

An old factory which was once a corset and buggy whip factory has been transformed into one of the coolest places to visit in Southwest Michigan and oh yeah, they make some of the best distilled spirits around. Jonny and Meagan sat down with Bill Welter from Journeyman Distillery in Three Oaks, MI. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the Bill and Journeyman and also visit to plan your trip today!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 26th, 2017

“It’s not you, it’s me”, the dreaded phrase that is said in a lot of break-ups happened to Kelly, who wrote Meagan an email for “Ask Meagan” today. We also talked about some of those other phrases we hate and don’t understand. Like “that’s how it has always been” or “it is what it is”. We also talked about flying Uber and how the world will end in 2050. Find out why when you listen to the podcast.... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 24, 2017

Prom was a memorable moment for most people in High School. Whether it was a hideous dress, or a fun theme, we remember it, or we try to forget it. We talk about our High School proms and also Promposal 2017. We also launched another fun promotion in time for Mother’s Day and that is Super Mom! Learn more about that when you listen to today’s podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Furry Friends Friday: Shadow

Thank you so much to Jennifer from Al-Van Humane Society for joining us this morning for Furry Friends Friday! Brought to you by Distinguished Stone Works in Stevensville! Jennifer brought us a cute little puppy named Shadow, learn more about Shadow by watching the video and listening to the podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 20th, 2017

What is more difficult to raise: puppies or babies? Jonny thinks puppies and Meagan thinks babies. We heard arguments from both sides from a number of different callers and you can hear some of the results that we have come up with using graphs and charts. Tess from SJ Today joined us to plan our weekend and speaking of weekends, we talked with Promposal winner Rebecca from Baroda this morning about her big prom weekend!... [Read Full Story]

Watermark Brewing Company – Meet The Makers, Episode 7

One of the newest breweries in the area is in downtown Stevensville and that his Watermark Brewing Company. Three young guys who met on a sail boat decided to start brewing beer together. Chris, Justin and Dave, are 3 young guys who come from different backgrounds of education, but all have the same passion for making great beer. The awesome brewery has only been around for less than a year but the guys are already thinking of all the fun that they will be having for many years to come! ... [Read Full Story]

One Year Lost: Remembering Denise Bohn

A year ago today (Wednesday, April 19th), Denise Bohn was tragically taken from us and her family too soon. She was a beloved part of our Mid-West Family Broadcasting team, a generous and loving mother, and a tireless champion for cancer prevention, research and survivors.... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: 365 Days…

The internal struggle to post this today has been with me for weeks. Do I, don’t I. What would you do?

365 Days… 525,600 minutes… 31,536,000 seconds, and it still feels like yesterday. It amazes me how 1 year can feel like an eternity, and yet it all seems like it was just yesterday.

I remember every detail of that day, minus driving home. I still can’t wrap my head around how I got from point A to B without getting in an accident. I remember the exact outfit I was wearing, 365 days later, I have yet to wear that combo again. I remember opening Facebook that morning and seeing the initial news story, searching the pictures for clues, and checking your page and the Coast page, in hope it wasn’t you. I remember the call, trying to juggle the work phone and my cell going off. The sound of Zack’s voice, the gut feeling when he said it was important we talk, and his confirmation as I said your name… “Denise?” I can remember through the tears telling him “Zack, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry” over and over. The feeling of not being able to catch my breath, and the feeling of guilt.

I’ve found myself in multiple situations over the last year, some scary and some happy, where I’ve thought of you. The emotions are still mixed. I’m no stranger to sudden and painful loss, but you… this felt different. I can remember when I first met you, after listening to you on the air and then watching you on TV, you walked in the studio one day to promote a Komen fundraiser and I was star struck. I remember being super excited and telling my mom that I met you. Over the years we would see each other and chat at events, and other celebrations/functions. You were always so quick to give me positive constructive feedback on my show, pushing myself and other females in the business that tends to be male focused.

Suddenly, on a random Tuesday, you were gone.

In October, I had the privilege of hosting a luncheon in your honor. It was one of the proudest, and hardest moments of my life. Standing in front of over 200 people trying not to stumble over my words (which I was not fully successful at), cry, or forget anything. I remember you telling me before my first 5K “you got this!” those words, your voice, it played over and over in the back of my head that day.

When I hear people talk about your life, they always talk about your laugh, smile, love, and passion. The drive you had to recover after a car wreck, to beat cancer, to raise funds and awareness so your daughter doesn’t have to face it. Not wanting her to be a statistic to cancer like you had been.

One year ago, you became a statistic again.

“On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been victims of [some form of] physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime. On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.” – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (

I know this is not how your story was to end, or how you want to be remembered. But it’s an opportunity for us to open up dialog, empower and educate instead of keep it tucked away like a dirty little secret. Always looking for the best story, you wouldn’t want that either.

A few weeks before you left us, there was a large group of us radio folks that gathered at Santaniello’s. Thanks to Facebook, this memory popped up recently and triggered so many emotions inside me. There were laughs, snaps, and of course focaccia… That’s how I’ve remember you for the last 365 days, laughing and joking around before sneaking away during the meeting to snag the last piece of focaccia… unnoticed.

It’s fitting that 365 days later, that same group will be gathered together tonight. I’m sure you’ll be sitting there with us.

... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 17th, 2017

We have had many jobs in our lifetime and sometimes we don’t last very long at those jobs. There was one job that Meagan never showed up to. Find out why when you listen today’s show. Plus Cornerstone & Kinexus joined us for the Coast Social Network, Stephanie from Lakeland joined us to talk about National Healthcare Decisions Week and we talked to Sarah from Coach’s to find out what is happening tomorrow for Totally You Tuesdays!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed: Apr. 14th, 2017

Our critter conversation morphed into talking about how Meagan was once bitten by a 3-legged dog and a pig in the kitchen. Jonny realized that he is guilty of letting his dog sit in his lap while he drives. Plus we talked about a giant rubics cube and ice cream lip balm. Check out today’s episode of the Sweet & Condensed podcast!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 13, 2017

It’s the time of year when you roll down your windows when you drive down the highway but sometime you might have a bee or maybe even a deer come through your window. Today’s show will definitely give you the creepy crawly feelings. We also talked with Tess from St. Joe Today and got super excited for Easter weekend and Jonny might be writing a children’s book about the Easter Bunny. Listen today’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast to learn more!... [Read Full Story]

The Livery: Meet the Makers, Episode 6

One of the first breweries in Southwest Michigan, The Livery in the heart of the Arts District of Benton Harbor has been around as a microbrewery for around 12 years now, bringing unique beers, good food and live music to Southwest Michigan. Learn more about everything they have going on by going to We had a chance to sit down with Simon Rusk and we talked about beer, food, music and more on this episode of Meet the Makers, brought to you by, plan your route today!... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 12th 2017

What do you do when your teenage kids finds your dating profile and doesn’t like what they see. Today’s Ask Meagan was about a 14 yr old girl finding her recently divorced mother’s dating profile and her mom was in a bikini and even worse doing a duck face! Meagan offers her advice to a 14 yr old who wrote us to say she think her mom needs to change her act.... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan’s Sweet & Condensed Podcast: Apr. 11th, 2017

Jobs have certainly evolved over the years, many people are working from home because they have kids, or on the road. The traditional office jobs is starting to go away. Also speaking of jobs we had some kids from St. Joseph High School join us to talk about jobs and how to be cool. Berrien County Parks joined us to chat about the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle event happening tomorrow at Lake Michigan College. Plus another Mom Minute helping you deal with recovery from the weekend and Harry Styles almost played Han Solo! Check it out!... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: The Numbers Game

During a recent visit with some friends, we began discussing our dating life. Of the 3, I’m single never married, 1 is divorced with kids, and the 3rd is married with two little ones. Taking turns, us single girls shared crazy stories about our recent dates. I terrified them with a scary situation that happened to me a few weeks ago, and we all laughed hearing about the adventures of the newly single one.
One thing we discussed were the importance of certain numbers. For me, age is a big deal, for her it’s height. I couldn’t help but laugh, because I’ve gone out multiple guys who have lied about both!
I get it, from an early age we adjust as needed. Remember being young and exclaiming your age – I’m 3 and a HALF! Hitting a milestone that you’re mentally not ready for (My 2nd anniversary being 29.) Or when discussing your height with friends who are taller – I’m 4 foot 6 and a HALF! Embellishing, adjusting or accentuating certain numbers makes us feel good about ourselves. Almost like a natural confidence booster.
While small exaggerations are ok, you can let them slide by, larger ones are not. What I don’t get are people who exaggerate so much that in the back of your head there’s a voice going “I call BS! Who do you think you’re fooling?” Example, I’m somewhere around 5’5″, some say I’m 5’4″, others give me 5’6″, truthfully I have no clue anymore. Some of the guys I’ve gone out on dates with claim to be 6′ or taller, but when we meet, we are almost looking eye-to-eye – which is fine! Now granted, I do have a pair of booties that give me about 2-3″, but not the 5 to 7 that is needed to be almost the exact same height.
Another example, I had a guy message me a while ago, his age was listed as being 35. Yet when we met, I called him out on looking older, turns our he’s 47! Or… the ones that say they are in their 30’s but actually are 22! Yes, that really happened, and yes when I realized it I felt like a cougar. Which, I guess isn’t a horrible thing, but wow! Talk about being at two different points in your life! 22 and ready to party, and 33 barely able to keep up! Haha!
So many of us have trust issues, and granted these are small things to embellish. But, I can’t help but think “What else aren’t they being honest about?” For the most part, I’m pretty open, there are things I don’t tell people up front (like where I work, live, or what my last name is) but I’m not feeding them a line of BS either. I don’t tell them I’m a size 2 only to have shock and awe when they see me in person.  And, I’m not just saying it’s only guys that do this either, just their the only ones I have experience with, but why lie about such small details?
Be honest! You’ll get so much more out of it, by simply being honest!
... [Read Full Story]