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Create Your Own Holiday!

Did you know that there is a way that you can create your own Holiday? Whether it is National Stay in Bed and Sleep with No Penalty at Work Day, National Your Beautiful Day or Jonny & Meagan Appreciation Day. Whatever the holiday may be, all you have to do is go to and submit a holiday suggestion.... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Happiness Is…

I’m a firm believer that happiness can be found in multiple areas and that everyone has their own insta-happy triggers. Things like sounds, smells, pictures, textures, etc… that trigger a happy memory that automatically makes us smile. Go ahead, try not to think of one, I dare you!... [Read Full Story]

The Sarah Diaries: Opening Lines, and Pictures, OH MY!!

Dating in Southwest Michigan can be… interesting. Typically I can make one of my friends or co-workers laugh by simply reading them opening lines that guys have sent me online. The majority of my friends and co-workers are people in happily committed relationships, and most of the time want proof. After having a discussion about this very topic last night at a Young Professionals outing, I thought it as fitting to immediately write a blog about it. Because, let’s face it, online dating can be fun, and gross.... [Read Full Story]

If you are dating someone with differing political views this has probably been a challenging election season. But it seems that, for the most part, people tend to date those who think the way they do, politically.... [Read Full Story]