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Pink Tie Ball 2016 Photo Booth Photos!

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Happy Headline: Ryan Reynolds Sends Girl to NYC Premiere After Seeing Her Post-D

Ever since the legendary “David After Dentist” video, plenty of people have posted similar videos. It’s always someone still loopy from laughing gas who may or may not know what they’re talking about.
Well, Mariah Boyle was coming out of her fog after visiting the dentist when her mom Rita Miller Boyle recorded it.
Mariah was most upset that she had missed out on seeing the Deadpool movie, which she obviously wants to see very badly.
Luckily, Deadpool hasn’t been released yet. And, luckier still, Ryan Reynolds – the star of Deadpool – saw Mariah’s video, had some sympathy for her, and offered her two tickets to attend the movie’s premiere in New York.
A very cool, very funny move by Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully, the movie lives up to Mariah’s very high expectations.... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Policeman Helps Homeless Woman Survive Snowstorm

A police officer in Massachusetts is being praised after buying groceries for a homeless woman and helping her get a hotel room to weather a snowstorm.
Officer Keith Perry was responding to a call about a woman in distress, when he learned that she was homeless and had not eaten in a while.
With a winter storm approaching, Perry decided to buy the woman some groceries and help her find a place to sleep.
Perry paid for the food himself, while the woman’s distant relative sprung for the hotel room.
The department praised Officer Perry as a “class act” and an example of public service, sharing photos from the grocery store on Facebook – while keeping the woman’s face hidden to protect her privacy.... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Cop With Golden Voice Stuns Crowd

A police officer saved the day at a West Virginia University basketball game – and all he needed was his voice.
The Mountaineers were hosting the University of Kansas and the singer who was supposed to perform the National Anthem got stuck in traffic. So police officer Carlton Smith rushed in to save the day.
Armed with a golden voice, the uniformed officer grabbed the mic and belted out a rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" that left fans in awe.
Smith says he's performed the National Anthem for crowds before and has even competed on American Idol. The arena gave him a standing ovation and some of the players and coaches fist-bumped him.
West Virginia enjoyed him so much that they've invited him to sing again at the February 13th game.... [Read Full Story]

Florida Police Officers Surprise Kids with a Basketball Game

Florida Police officer played basketball with kids earlier this month after responding to a complaint that the kids were "too loud." The officer found that the kids were just having fun playing basketball in the street. He decided to play a quick game with the kids, the entire game was caught on his dash cam! Well the video went viral and Shaquille O'Neal saw the video and decided to surprise the officer and they decided to pay those kids another visit. ... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline: Texas Millionaire Rents Out Mansion to Tornado Victims

A Texas millionaire is renting out his mansions for the cost of only $1 per month. But before you start packing up your belongings and heading down to Ft. Worth, you need to know that the offer is not available for everyone.
Ron Sturgeon is opening his doors to people who lost their homes in last month's deadly tornado. He says each large home can house four families comfortably and he's only asking for $1 per month in rent.
Catherine Jenkins, a single mother who cares for her daughter who is quadriplegic, moved into one of the homes last week and says, "It is just overwhelming. We're going to be so happy just to be able to rest finally. This is beyond anything I ever dreamed."
Sturgeon, who was out of town when the storm hit, says he saw the footage on the news and felt compelled to help. "When I saw the news I realized that I'm so blessed to have these two huge homes sitting vacant – one of them is completely furnished," he said. "And I wanted to do something."
Sturgeon put the word out on Facebook and carefully vetted everyone who responded. Candidates had to agree to a background check and verify that their house was destroyed.... [Read Full Story]


During last weekend’s NFL playoff game, the Minnesota Vikings lost a hard-fought game against the Seattle Seahawks because Vikings kicker Blair Walsh missed an easy field goal at the end of the game.
Fans of the Vikings were heartbroken – and so was Blair, who was distraught after the game for letting his team and the team’s fans down.
Well, some first-graders in Minnesota did their best to cheer Blair up by writing him letters of encouragement.
Teacher Judie Offerdahl of Northpoint Elementary in Blaine, Minnesota, thought writing the letters would be a good way to teach her students empathy.
One student encouraged Blair to "keep on trying" – and then pointed out that "puppies are cute."
Another student shared a story about how she felt embarrassed when she made a mistake doing a cartwheel – and that you just have to "try and try again."
Leave it to a bunch of first-grade kids to remind us that it’s just a game.... [Read Full Story]

Happy Headline of the Day: Subway Rider Gives Shirt Off His Back

A simple act of kindness on a subway is making one New Yorker a sensation on social media.
His name is Joey Resto, a 23-year-old with a big heart and one less shirt after he gave it to a homeless man.
A fellow passenger was taking video as Resto walked up to the shirtless man and offered him his T-shirt. Other passengers avoided the man because of his odor, but Resto noticed that he was cold and hungry and decided to lend a hand.
Resto helped dress the man and then gave him a wool hat for his head. He also invited him back to his apartment in Brooklyn for more clothes and a bite to eat, but says the man curled up and fell asleep right after putting on the shirt and hat.... [Read Full Story]